Qlippothic energies bringing to light things i hate about myself

Ok so i need help…i have decided to dove ibto the qlippoth and holy fuck…these dark twisted disgusting desires deep down are surfacing and i literally want to end my life because of how disgusting i am deep down, on top of the humiliating exposer that i have endured knowing my disgusting secrets have leaked out to thousands of people. I am well read enough to know that such a thing was to be expected but fuck dude…i sincerely regret embarking on this path now. Anyone else have similar experiences? Maybe just someone who can relate and talk to so i dont feel so fucked up in the head would be appreciated. Like i literally hate myself so much right now i legit deep down feel like i deserve to die. I know if i can transmute this however i will be more powerful than ever just please helpp


Qlipphoth workings are about shadowwork and learn to understand discover and love oneself in order to become stronger


What @Rav said… it does seem a bit too soon to give up, you’re only just out of the gate. I’d say give yourself some time, first. Take a pause and stay with the current sphere for now.

You’ll be processing on multiple levels of your being and not all of then are conscious. Consciously you can loo into why you have these desire, where they could have come from and why you’re ashamed of them. Try doing some side research into the psychology of it and get other perspectives as well, so you have a very well rounded understanding of the desires in question.

It sounds like there’s something deep here that will be incredibly beneficial for you to really understand. That’s “doing your inner work” in spades. Good on you! and I say, keep going, onwards and upwards. :smiley:


Stop gossip spells should prove useful, hot foot anyone close by that’s harassing you, and if all else fails, curse them head on. Fight them.

You don’t deserve to be punished for this.

You’re only a man, or a human, maybe a woman, but you look like a male human being in the photos, and men have filthy baggage inside, sexual impulses that others wouldn’t approve of. That’s just the nature of the beast within the qlippothic spheres.

It’s that way. I’ve been there and done that, and I wasnt mature enough to handle my newfound lack of inhibition. No one is. Welcome to kabbalah

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This is important friend, because you’ve mentioned self harm. Don’t let those thoughts linger, and you have to learn thought replacement self help therapy.

Replace thoughts of self loathing with depolarizing thoughts. You’d never be able to accurately replace those polarizing thoughts with their polar opposites. It’s just not possible.

Don’t try to think, oh everything will get better. Think instead, this is under the power of God.

God is whatever you define it to be. God could be the demons of the qlippoth if that’s what God means to someone like me.

This will strengthen us. Trust me. I’m recovering from this very same type of experience.

Take things easy. Don’t rush with the qlippoth.

Focus on learning new skills and working your spells.

Focus on the solutions. This can be undone.

You will be at your accusers by proving them right. You’re a sick fucker. So am I.

I’ve wanted to kill people before in cold blood. I have had thoughts of homicide just as often as those thoughts of suicide have surfaced. They’re spirits losing their group of control on the unconscious.

The qlippothic spheres have activated an upheaval of suppressed desires and/or repressed memories, emotional spirits living inside of the unconscious have nothing left but accusations to keep them filled up on negative feelings and harmful emotional climates. If you disagree with the thoughts you’re having, they’ll stop happening in due time.

Your focus is on correcting your outward circumstances with magick while the qlippothic self initiation has to run it’s course, which can be a bit of a struggle emotionally.

Focus on the solution. Your problems are adding to those feelings of self-dread and emotions. If you start to feel more in control of your life by learning some practical skills with magick, then those selfish thoughts aren’t going to feel so powerful anymore. You will have learned from habitual experiences that those thoughts will eventually fade into nothing.

For example, while I have said things that were inappropriate and even done some reprehensible things before, I’ve learned from those mistakes and I’ve grown as a human being since that time. I don’t have to keep accepting the punishment others wanted to heap onto me. They have to move forward with their own selves and leave me the fuck alone. They have to move on and stop bothering you too. Make them pay for everything they do. Curse them all. Make them stop doing this to you. They’re moralizing you while you’re undergoing the processes we’d like to call demoralization. You’re doing shadow works which means evil things are coming out of you, and you’re embracing that darkness in kind, but hopefully not being consumed with and destroyed by it in the process of rediscovering who you are inside.

Make them believe that your personal growth was your own responsibility, that you’re learning from your self initiation and that you’ll get to a better place without their input and that if they will not stop bothering you, you will hurt them in rituals, and not hesitate to do so.

Side edit: while I have thoughts of physical harm from time to time, I’d strongly advise not to cause harm with violence. That’s not only illegal, but it tends to cause more of the same things. Violence creates more violence, and using magick has that potential. But it’s less than likely to return on you if you’ve been uncrossed. I’d get away with physical violence so long as no one was harmed beyond repair, but I just have that kind of luck. You may be still living under bad luck.


You only hate yourself because these energies showed you that you are something that society didn’t condition you to be. The Qliphoth are the excrements of the universe. You will face your deepest darkness, and I mean all out Freud style like incest and shit. You should however remember that EVERYONE has this inside. Its part of every human being. The only difference between you and those who judge you, is that you brought them to light. You should chill down and let everything settle so you can process and integrate it all until you proceed. But what tradition or book did you do the work from?


No one tells anyone this part until they’re already seeing that shit.

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the depths of being are manifold and nothing in line with the pleasant docility that society engenders.
confronting such in a truly deprivatised arena can be savage but it leads to great strength and the shedding of all regard for what society and others think/want you to be.

all things are within us all. all things serve once you come to see them as they are, separate from worldly conditioning.
but to harness all in balance and control you have to develop your own principles and parameters for your inner and outer worlds.


Hehe yeah, I noticed :joy: I was disgusted with myself first, but then I found some sources that talked about similar things. After that, I knew that we all carry this inside and I gained new insight about the nature of the Qliphoth. It reveals things about us that are mind-expandingly disturbing. But this is necessary, as these things control us from the very deeps of our psyche.


I’m not. I just blame Sigmund Freud for everything like he’s a god or something


To answer your question, long story short i resonate very well with asenath masons descriptions of the qlippoth, but im using my own meditation techniques to work with them.

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Thank you everyone for the replies. Tbh i didnt check it for the longest because one of the things that came up was just feeling like everything i said and inquired about just aounded dumb :sweat_smile: but yeah looking back at all the replies i really appreciate everyone. I knew that it would be rough but damn…the self hatred goes so deep in so many ways i had no idea…but since then i stopped doing qlippothic stuff and am focusing on more mild spiritual practices for the time being. Ive made a lot of progress since this post and hopefully should be somewhat regulated within a month or so


And one thing that’s happened to me is just by being around practitioners who studied the qlippothic kabbalah, you’ll sort of become their initiates.

You’d experience mild Kundalini awakenings as well just by being around someone who’s doing that form of magick.