Qlippoth Demons?

Is Satan aka Moloch the same like Lucifer ?

And why is Belial and who? Qemetiel standing outside/not connected to the other one ?

No these are all different beings from different traditions and cultures and points in time. Moloch predates jci, so does Belial I believe.

They’re not related except after the fact… for some reason modern occultist culture is the west seems to want to reduce everyone into a tidy box, I can out the matchy matchy game and it’s been talked about a lot on here. But history isn’t like that.

Just look at the wikipedea entries to get the basics on the histories and you will instantly see the difference in energy when you connect to their contexts by knowing what they are.

That chart is from the tradition called Kabbalah or Jewish magick, though it’s thought maybe the semites 2000k years ago didn’t invent it, the took it to heart and built their magickal philosophy around it (or moreso the Sephiroth) .

So as Kabalah is Semitic, it also is a later invention than moloch/belial.

If you read the Bible, it says the semites in canaan were horrified at the sacrifices to molich practiced of the neighbouring country. It woukd be like them equate these gods they didn’t like as “anti god” ir satan.

But Lucifer is a much later addition and nothing to do with ancient mesopotamian god at all. Search on here for discussions about the angel lucifer and “the fall”. He was never a god and his origin is questionable.

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Belial is sometimes said to rule the Abyss with a couple entities but the Abyss is not pictured here