Qlipoth magic

Dear magician i’m italian pratictioner lhp.
Tre years ago i buy a book and i work with qlipoth in particular gamaliel Energy.
I open the cave of darkness and tre month later i saw a dark figure on my bed.
After some sexual desire become in my mind ecc…
After 3 years i develop obsession in my mind, period of anxiety, panic a voice on night tell me : be strong and i think i was disturbed by voice in my head voice against my work my family ecc…
Very hard experience. Now i want ti exit ti this hell , someone can help me ?

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Please tell us a little more about yourself? :smiley:

Qliphot activation should be finished in 11 months…

3 years Gamaliel ? :flushed: that can produce only obsession :scream:

Why don’t you go through till Thaumiel and finish the project??

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Hi dear thank ti the response, now i don t know really to do.
I t a hard project to complete ? Demons are personal problems, fear desire ecc? Can i exit from gamaliel Energy? How ??

If someone help me to understand if in october i have a very bad period voices in my head against my work my family ecc… Specific argoments every aspect of my live be tested and obsession come strong hard ecc… Now i dont know if they are qlipoth experience or my dark aspect become in my Life…

@Lady_Eva can i have your opinioni pls ?

You may have to do alot of shadow work. Maybe you can use the energy of Gamaliel to your advantage this way, by having it showing you what inside yourself you need to deal with to progress. Also, my understanding of the Qliphoth is that it often puts you in different strong emotional states of various kinds so that you can learn to master them. This might be a test for you to pass. Just my guess.

For the it looks like that you didn’t pass the test in Gamaliel all authors that I have read warned of being consumed by the succubi and inccubi residing in their.

I dont know abought incubus and succubus have tested me and my darkness but strong problem against my Life has passed,only obsession rest but not so strong… Now i don t know to go away from this current of work and don t work with other qlipoth, how many time effect pass away ?

Hey other ideas ? 11 month to close effect of qlipoth Energy?

What a book you used to perform a ritual?

Do you want the truth? There’s no way to banish Qliphothic energies from your consciousness. Pray to Mother Lilith for blessing and mercy. If you are a male be humble.

“She also approaches men and women in a different way. While from men she demands submission and worship, women are treated as living vessels for her power, pride and knowledge. To men she appears as a seductive lover or a fearsome mother.”

Asenath Mason- Rituals of Pleasure: Sex, Astral Magic & Demonic Possession ( **Sample Chapter: Feast of Flesh. Copyright © 2018 Become A Living God

Do you try qlipoth, asenath says when qlipoth have no effect in your Life pass other qlipoth… On the free… I open Lilith Cage tre years ago.
Effect are sexual intense ecc… Astral projection.
Buy only After tree years i live 9 month of personal hell…
I used asenath method. But the point Is another.
These energies show your darkness but what Is the benefit ? Change your Life ? In what ??

@Rav After 11 month what happening?