Qliphoth cursing

Theirs a group of 50 very bad people in people on my city.They bully the kids at my old high school and community college,they stole my Samsung 8,they attempted black magick on me and my cousin,steal bikes,got me fired from my job,molested my best friends 4 yr old brother, they even caused one of my friends to try to kill himself and now he’s heavly sedated on pscyiatric meds and now im sick of the bull shit and I want to make them pay for good…I want to summon the most dangerous ancient gods from the quilipoth to slowly but excruciatingly and painfully annihilate these sick wrong doers.And I’m ready for karma for I know what im doing is for a good cause.Please someone help me.

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Hiya! For dealing with groups of baddies, you don’t want the Qlipoth, because you don’t want to spook them- you want fire and brimstone and ends, right?

Pray to the Inside-Outerer, by that name! That just means focus on talking to it when you’re alone, and recount these creatures’ sins. Include names, places, faces, even possessions if you have any of theirs!

The worse the guys, the better the Inside-Outerer can work on them. :slight_smile:


But I thought they could really mess someone up?

The who? Who is that?

I say look at the goetia, there are spme demons that can “kill by the rotting of flesh with maggots” or something like that

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Dra’talon or Norath - assassin daemons. use the search here to find their sigils and what they do. Caution: you can’t change your mind on these. If someone gets caught in the crossfire, too bad.

Djinn - the Book of Smokeless Fire by S. Ben Qayin
Angels of Wrath book.

These last two books describe themselves as weapons, not pathworkings or grimoires. Haven’t tried the Djinn myself yet but sounds up your alley.


What couldn’t mess someone up? The qlippoth is just a map, and like Qayos said, most times all it can really do in most hands is scare someone.

What does the “Inside-Outerer” sound like to you? Some things are better experienced than talked about.

There’s a part of my godform I used to take out a group before, not 50 but really after a certain point it becomes easier rather than harder. Accuracy is much harder than just blasting everything to hell.

You’ll want to do red and black.

But aside from him, yes I think the Inside-Outerer is great for this after meeting him. He seems like a very good friend and fun guy.

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Adramalech and the demons of Samael destroy the physical health of the victim, very slowly and very painfully.

Asmodeus and the demons of Golachab destroy everything benevolent and bountiful in the life of the victim, turning all to ashes.

Astaroth and the demons of Ga’agsheblah devour everything with darkness, it is thought by some that this endures even after death and the victim will never escape it’s effects.

Together these three bring the most brutal and cruel curse from the Qliphoth upon an enemy.


Hi! Qlipoth means ‘shell’, so unless you’re trying to work the shells of people, it can be outdone- castoffs, bodies, etc! :slight_smile:

The Inside-Outerer is like Karma’s older brother, more a Hammurabi sort than an ‘angel of law’. What’s on the outside, is brought in, and what’s on the inside, is brought out, and the reverse, too! He’s more of a force than consciousness. :slight_smile:

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That sounds very charming. What is your way of doing it?

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Why, thank you i do try, there’s no reason we can’t be civilized while discussing magical means of massacring people. :face_with_monocle:

Individual Evocation of the rulers of each shell/spheres first then evoking the forces they control in their entirety, using sigils from the Temple of the Black Light, most effective for these sort of workings.

Usually it went something like this.
Me: Yo! Can you send your boyz to waste this piece of shit?

Demon Ruler: Yeah, sure.

Me: Sweet. :fist: