Qliphot and greek dark Gods

Hi there guys, is there in the house any Expert in greek Dark Gods? To the sphere of the Qliphot i need the parallel realm of the one of the Dark Gods… Do you guys have it? Is the following correct? 1. Qliphot Thaumiel - Dark God Chronos - Greek God Zeus?

What would be the whole Qliphothic Tree then?

What do you mean by dark Greek gods? Like darker counterparts of Greek gods? 'Cause I don’t think that’s a thing.

It’s not.

There’a no Greek counterpart to the qliphoth that I know sure as has been noted below there are dark gods or even death gods. But I can’t see no real links between them. Sorry but perhaps others will prove me wrong.

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Hmmm i sense that 6 Thagirion, Dark God Erebus - Greek God Apollo

I probably have to continue channeling the Qliphot, there are mirrors like realms.

Just start with the planetary influence of each of the Qlippothic Spheres and see which Greek entities correspond, it can be worked like that if one wishes to, the demons in them wouldn’t care. But remember it’s the adversarial tree so don’t be surprised if more obscure ones begin to manifest to you.

And be sure to say hello to Typhon for me. :+1: