Qayin Ben Samael

Hi S. Ben! You dedicated the Book of Smokeless Fire to Qayin Ben Samael and I always wondered what sort of encounters and experiences you’ve had with him. There aren’t many books or texts available on him aside from the materials like Liber Falxifer and its sequels. Would you be willing to share some more info on this mysterious spirit?

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Qayin is my patron deity. I can work with many different systems and spirits, but at the end of the day, my altar is for Qayin. I don’t have much to say regarding him. Was he really a person ? Did he actually exist ? My response is, “Does it matter ?”. There is an energy there that I resonate with. Qayin’s magic works for me. He is as a brother, a teacher and a deadly ally. I take the title ‘S. Ben Qayin’ because I am of the holy sinister bloodline that stems from Qayin. Ben Qayin translates as ‘Son of Qayin’. S. is my private magical name, I do not reveal. It is not an initial for my first name. Therefore, I am ‘S. son of Qayin’. One does not choose the path of Qayin, they are born to. It is the thorny path of Nod. If you are of the spiritual bloodline, you will know.

Et Facti Deo,
~ S. Ben Qayin


Thank you for the answer! I’ve always wondered about that. I’m too damned nosy. In your experience are the Liber Falxifer books accurate on their description of Qayin?


The Liber Falxifer books are very informative and contain a lot of great material that I drawn upon. However, I do not believe any system that was created outside of the self could be accurate or 100%, because it was not created by the individual. As with all systems of magic, it is important to make magic your own.


Thank you for the answers!


how we know if we are of his bloodline? you said this,and i asked myself,how… if you are not busy,can you explain a little bit?

i am from brazil,and here i know many ppl that know u!



How do you know?

Is it okay to use a printed image of Qayin for beginning contact?

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I’m sorry but that member is not here to answer you, they have not posted since 2017 and are no longer a BALG contributing author at this time.

If you tap the avatar, you can see that kind of information in their profile.

If you want my opinion, if you have an image that works for you why not? I think you would be better off using the name written in Hebrew though. Popular culture has added a lot of what I’d call astral pollution around this character that would be ideally avoided for magickal purposes.

As the author said though:

I agree with this. Ergo, do whatever works for you. Try out the ideas you have, and you will find out what that is.