Putting affirmations in my music

So I was wondering what you guys think about me putting affirmations like

“you love this song” or “you listen to this all the time”

In the back of my songs at a really low volume, I mean almost inaudible.

Would the subconscious pick up on this? I mean they do it in subliminals, it’s there, you just don’t hear them. So why can’t I.

You can do that. You can also distort the sound so it’s not consciously recognizable to hide it better.

I would suggest just affirmations that make the person feel good and bring luck, they’ll associate feeling good with the song and play it more for that.

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That sounds good, can I ask a spirit to enchant the affirmations so they penetrate deeper and resonate? is that even possible.

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Like piggyback astral vibrations over the subliminals like a verbal sigil bomb? Don’t see why not, I think that’s a great idea. :slight_smile:

May be you could hide enns in your music?