Pushing myself to open up diary

Please bear with me I am a very private person and opening up to make this will be difficult for me.

Here goes.

I plan to start over with the basics. I feel like I got a little bit ahead of myself in my magick and did more than I was ready for.

I am going to start over with some energy work and psychic senses work and meditations to develop a daily routine.

I will update later what my routine is and how its going.

Thanks for reading and stay positive.


Ok my daily routine is to preform the lbrp at least twice a day and follow it with a 5 minute meditation.

Energy work check
Psychic senses work check
Meditation check

I will do this for one month daily. Starting tonight.
Will let you know how it goes.

Remember spread some positivity like it’s payday and all your bills are due. Thanks for reading.


Good one!

Energy work is good. I meditate and work on my chakras, introspection is important because energetic blockages (caused by set thoughts and unreleased emotions) keeps us from our full potential. So I tie introspection in with chakra work.

Psychic senses is also good. I’ve done an evocation to Sastan and am trying to develop clairaudience. I also read tarot and practice intuitive readings.

And yes meditation is great. Normal meditation and focus-practicing meditation, where you put your attention on one object and it strengthens your focus.

Good luck!


Thank you @Encore19 I appreciate your advice. I may add some chakra work later. I am more familiar with the middle pillar right now.

Before I sign off this time I should point out that I am a stereotypical white guy( cracker ) .

Remember to drop some positivity like it’s hot.

That one may be too corny. :rofl:


Started a routine as well, few days ago.
Personally started a current through a grimoire.
Remember if you fail to keep up, to still push through. It can be a struggle, but the greatest paths are those with the most obstacles.

I won’t wish you luck, but the Will. Take this to heart.


Thanks @FerbanMadyama I appreciate your advice.

Spread some positivity today. :point_left:

i think I like this one best.


I don’t think I’ve heard of the Middle Pillar before? Does that mean you’re grey and between RHP and LHP? Suppose I could always google the answer


Middle pillar is from the kabbalah


Well I am sad to say I have failed already. I fell asleep last night and didn’t do anything.

Time to get positive and restart.

This would be so much easier if I had a family that supports my spiritual practice.

Sometimes it feels like I’m cheating on my family with magick. I’m always sneaking and hiding it from them.

Enough wallowing time to get back to work.

Thanks for reading and as always stay positive.


I am struggling to find time and energy to stay with my routine. I am open to any suggestions. It’s not even a complicated routine. I feel like I am being tested to see my determination to commit to this.


I stayed determined yesterday. I used afformations all day at work. It payed off. After I got home my wife took a half hour nap and I did the kabalistic cross while she slept. Then later she went to the bar with some friends and I did the entire lbrp with middle pillar. I have never felt the energy so strong before.

Unfortunately my wife came home earlier than I expected and found me trying to post about my success. She doesn’t like me using this forum.

We got into a big fight.

Thanks for reading and as always stay positive.


Well the argument with my wife blew over. I decided to get some much needed yard work done instead of practicing this weekend.

Tonight I am back at it.

Thanks for reading and as always stay positive.


Am I that boring?

Maybe I should change some things.

Well I am trying to open up more. Maybe I should take questions.


You’re not boring. Diaries tend to get less answers than a thread because its a personal diary and some people prefer to only read them. Its all good! :+1:


Thanks @A_Pariah


You’re doing fine. Just keep at it and things will start to get wild.


I’ve been doing the middle pillar every day and I have noticed that I have a lot of extra energy lately. I’m not sure why I ever stopped doing this daily.

Im really excited about adding more to my daily routine. Ofcourse I still have awhile for that I am not going to skip ahead this time. I’m gonna take things slow this time around.

I am still open for questions if anyone is interested. I am still pushing myself to open up more and be more social. I just ask that nothing too personal for security reasons.

Thanks for reading and as always stay positive.


Good morning everyone. I had an amazing day yesterday and am still feeling great today because of it.

Thanks for reading and as always stay positive.


It’s fine if you have a day off or two, we all more or less do. You don’t need to burn yourself up! Just try to stay motivated.


I’ve been talking to this amazing person who makes me feel, well I’m not sure how I feel, but I like it and want to see where it goes.