Puchasing BALG Books That Are Not E-Books?

You know how balg catalogue don’t sell Book of Azazel and baneful magic should i purchase it from ebay for $1,000 each which would be the only way i know as well as Necromantic Sorcery for $1,650 from ebay as well.:frog::grinning::frog:


Yo dude I moved this here because it was a bit off-topic, my answer would be the BoA is available free as an audiobook (link below) and Necromantic Sorcery got mixed reviews, run a search on here if you haven’t already.


I honestly listened to it on YouTube it helps me concentrate a lot more then random music I put on.

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just my 2 cents. Im not paying 1000 bucks. Especially when i can listen to it for free and take notes. thats money that can be spent on other things. like supplies or rent :slight_smile:


I think books are always better than the eBooks, but spending, or wasting (it depends by you), thousands of bucks, not always worth the price.
I have to be happy from my free stuff I found on the web, but if I hadn’t economic issues, I surely buy them.
What I’m trying to tell you is, if you can afford them, then buy them.

My “mentor” (he doesn’t like to be called this way) once told me that Koettings books aren’t the same from pdf to real ones because of a thoughtform bound to them.
Does anyone know if it’s true?


It can be, but based on my own experiences with E.A.'s books and ebooks, I don’t believe that’s true in his case.

You can charge a book by empowering it with your own energy and it will radiate out of that specific book. In that way, it becomes a talismanic object.

You can also empower a thought form that then is attached to all of the books and ebooks, so that they become gateways for that energy. Again, the book or e-book becomes a talismanic object, but it’s not because each specific book or ebook was charged directly by the sorcerer. Think of it as empowering the message rather than the book itself.

Both ways work.

I know I’ve personally felt the power coming off books and ebooks from BALG both ways.

And I’ve accidentally stumbled across certain illegal copies of E.A.'s ebooks that I was “warned off of”. I could feel the curse radiating off of it. And that was later confirmed by an advisor I booked a consultation with that was close to E.A. at the time.

In other words, I feel sorry for anyone dumb enough to download an illegal copy of E.A.'s ebooks when the ebooks are directly available from BALG at very reasonable prices.

You can also find thought forms attached to certain books without them having been placed there intentionally by the author. In a way, it’s like they get infected by the unconscious beliefs or fears of millions of people who obsess over them.

Now with that said, I would rather own the book itself, but E.A.'s ebooks are not going to be gimped in any way.


Im not saying to not ever buy books i love the actual books. but i cant see spending that much money for one when there is another way.
truely the choice is an idividual one. I just know my bank accout would just laugh at me. :joy:


Completely agree with you, @Eye_of_Ra. I wouldn’t spend $1000 on one of E.A.'s books, no way. I don’t remember which video it was, but E.A. said he would never spend $800 on any grimoire. There’s so much more you could do that with that money.

And it makes no sense to do it with E.A.'s books. Just buy the pdf from BALG, take it to a print shop or copy shop, and print it out. That’s going to cost $50 maximum.

But BALG’s physical books are fantastic quality, so it’s completely worth the money to purchase a new grimoire or book from BALG for $75. They’re very well done. That’s very rare to find these days from a small business.


yes i agree and i would love to buy the set of those luciferian books. hopefully my piggy bank is growing :pig: :blush:

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I found Book of AzaZel as pdf somewhere on the net, there are some books you can find online for free…

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Well, that sounds like an illegal download to me since E.A. has it for sale under his “Complete Works of Darkness” ebook page.

Careful. That’s the type of behavior that can get you into serious trouble with an experienced sorcerer.

If your life starts blowing up unexpectedly for no reason, I’d seriously consider deleting it from your hard drive and purchasing the legal copy from BALG for $25.


and EA offers BOA on youtube as an audio for free

It’s not on my computer, it’s online on this thing called scribd where you subscribe for 8 euros a month

And I’m not the one who put it online so would be pretty unfair if someojen tried to fuck up my life just because I saw it somewhere

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I do t like eBooks as they start to hurt my eyes after awhile. My advice, keep looking at different sites from time to time. I just got Works of Darkness for a good price, and the seller was local lol Remember to, if you want a book, and it’s too pricey, do magic to get it!


It all comes down to your intention. You come to this site, you know it’s for sale and how to get it legally. If you choose another route, you get to deal with the consequences. It’s called personal responsibility.

As far as fair or unfair goes, I don’t know what that has got to do with anything.

Actions have reactions. Choices have consequences. You can choose to see them as fair or unfair, but that doesn’t change the fact that they exist.

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Well dang I don’t if scribd is legal or not the website looks pretty legit
Thought it was kind of a Spotify for books if you know what I mean

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Depends for me as to what I prefer. But never let them overcharge you on a grimoire. Format- Ebook or Book?

Well dear i have got nothing else better to do, that is why im buying books that i missed out on ive got no friends in Adelaide Australia they all only want to get what they want out of me they all use me up take fucking advantage of me reject me criticise against and they are bullies, and they all hate me for believing in Satan so i don’t want to know them and if Necromantic Sorcery going to cost me $1,650 so be it, and when i get powerful enough i am going to send half a mile billon tone Asteroid and wipe Adelaide and Yatala Labour prison and Adelaide Supreme courts, Adelaide Remand center and all the criminals off the map and leave a crater so huge nobody will get with in a mile.

I’m not really coming down on you specifically, @Seven. I’m just using this conversation with you to get people who read this topic to think about certain things.

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well, you have the money and want to buy it then go for it. I just know that would be out of my price range.