Publication of an unknown Spirit: King Azantas

Good Evening.

I will share the first spirit with you today.
It is time for the human being to exploit the potential!

I want to introduce you to the mighty King Azantas.

I am pleased, I hope to cooperate well with you.

Demonic greetings - Galacara

King Azantas is in a Satan’s Legion. There are 32,000 powerful demons in this legion

This legion is called, Satan’s Damned Warriors

King Azantas, is the ruler of this legion.

King Azantas teaches you how to handle Magic. As you become one with magic, he can teaches you how to use the Magic to make your life Divine.
King Azantas is a Master of Magic, Spellcasting and the Architecture of the Black Alchemy.

King Azantas will drop you, until you destroy all dogmatic patterns.
He will open your doors to the infinite Magic.

King Azantas teaches you the Architecture of Nature. He can teach you the infinite depths of the Elements.

“Nature, seeing is a way to feel, but touch is the way of learning, to become, you have to let go of what makes you human, feel and reap the intelligence of nature, you will become.”

  • King Azantas

Ave King Azantaz
Resak unass duwaz King Azantaz
Inash Inash King Azantas

Favorite offerings:
Lukewarm Beer

With King Azantas you go a hard way.
“We will go to war and return as Master if you do not perish.”

The reward is great, the case is deep.!

Sigil of the Great King Azantaz


Just there FYI - I felt the need to change the title slightly, it’s clearer now according to me. Interesting post by the way. :slight_smile: