I need a help evoking/making a pact with Dantalion

I really appreciate this, I need to contact you on a personal level? How can I please?

What made you decide on that particular spirit?

Wow and now Crocell is new to me also, I need to send you a personal message or something please?

You’re too new to send personal messages. Just ask your questions here in the thread

Oh right… please tell me a bit about Crocell…I searched the thread but I found little or none about Crocell.

Well, he basically can improve your ability to learn…especially if its something like a university course. So you would summon him and ask him to help you ace your course. The thing is though, if the test is only a few days out, im not sure how much this will help you. But if you’re worried about failing the course, there is another route. here is a story of a guy that was flunking his math class, and he summoned Asmoday in order for to pass the class with a higher grade than he deserved based on his grades. Its worth a read.

Okay this is a very good question.

This is the post that led me to this forum yesterday

And the more reason is the whole ‘Dantalion Influence or whatever he does’ feels ‘very’ philosophical to me and this is the more reason why I feel like I’m bent on invoking Dantalion cos he is all about knowledge, mind, social skills and all.

This is what my academic life is all about, and wouldn’t you think the same too? Please let me know what you think :weary:

You’re falling slowly in the obsessive Dantalion’s game. If you are not a magician with experience, please, avoid this kind of practices, I’m just advicing, you can end regretting it.

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Please tell me what I need to do

DarkestKnight already did. That’s good advice, but no-one can do it for you. You have actually try.


You were already given an option, but you seem to be ignoring it. No one is going to do the magick for you, so instead of coming on here and asking the same thing over and over again, and wasting more time, perhaps you should be actually studying for this test that you say is so important instead of begging for something you can’t even do.


I thought I was supposed to ask questions ? Lol

You have been doing the same question a lot of times…

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You’re not “asking questions,” though. You are repeating yourself over and over, and ignoring the replies you don’t like. You have been told by multiple people, that a pact with Dantalion won’t help your situation, yet you keep asking anyway, instead of actually taking the advice you’ve been given, and doing something to help yourself.


This is off topic, but can you elaborate on this? What obsession game?

Dantalion’s a demon that can obsesse people and play with their minds, believe me. You just need to read his description in the Ars Goetia to realise that. If you are interested you can read my post about the pact that I did with Dantalion.


Thank you- I’ll give it a read!

Don’t waste your effort and resources on making pact with any of them. You will walk out of that deal much worse than you started. The only thing they have to offer is illusions and pain. It may not start out that way…but it’s certain to end that way

Based on what exactly? Many folks here and elsewhere have made pacts with all kinds of spirits for great benefit to themselves. It is not “certain” to end in illusions or pain. Not even close.


Read this

And there is much more. Just type Study in the forum search engine and you’re done.