Public Rituals

Public rituals, like a certain holiday celebrated in the USA each summer, are used like many rituals to raise energy. And to attract energy, entities, etc. All the basic components of a ritual are there, music, candles (fireworks), and the psychic-emotional energy of the participants. Also, consider that the monuments and buildings of the cities in the country where such celebrations take place are modeled on ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman architecture.

So who is benefiting from these rituals? Who’s getting all this energy?

Lucifer. We are venerating the archetype of freedom via rebellion. We are a Luciferian nation.

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So you’re saying that this particular holiday in question is really about Lucifer, not just about “freedom, independence, and liberty.”

Interesting point.




I don’t believe nations are shaped by merely human agenda. And the spirit shaping that nation will be known by its qualities. We are of Lucifer.

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You may speak for yourself :slight_smile:

Remember intention is everything… Most off the people at these celebrations don’t share your view of Lucifer and think it’s the enemy, the father of lies and sin and ugly things, nothing to do with freedom or the country, so their intention doesn’t feed that through that avatar.

The energy goes where they will it. Mostly thier families and the goodwill for the country.

So I’m going with @Crown’s Columbia… That makes a lot more sense energetically and culturally as a good atavistic representative for the focus of peoples intent.


I don’t disagree, but cosmic beings also shape our intentions. Our intentions are often not as autonomous as we think.

I don’t agree lucifer is anything of the sort thing, and your religious hopes for him don’t fix that. :woman_shrugging:

Friendly reminder: aimed at no one in particular, preaching is against the rules on this forum.

Doesn’t matter if it’s for Christianity or Satanism we just don’t do that here.

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Its been told to me that energy with this new goddess is currently between two ancient ones trying to influence the current culture

Freya vs. Athena


One was a sex goddess, one was a virgin

Both are war ones.

Its just an interesting idea because both are from Europe that traveled to the New World like in the television show American Gods? :woman_shrugging: