Public Proclamation for the Demons of Magickal Attack

This is to formally give thanks to the demons Shaz, Sabnock, Raum and Glasya-Labolas for endlessly tormenting my enemy.

They have been making the life of my enemy continously miserable even after months of casting the master curse from Gordon Winterfield’s Magickal Attack.

If there are people treating you unjustly just because they can and you want to bring peace back in your life, I encourage you to call on Shaz, Sabnock, Raum and Glasya-Labolas and you will not be disappointed. You will get even and more.

Hail Shaz
Hail Sabnock
Hail Raum
Hail Glasya-Labolas


We have a dedicated thread for things like this so they do not clutter up the forum every time someone wants to thank a spirit.


…thanks and sorry about that. How do I move my post to the proper thread?. Thanks in advance.

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You can’t move it, but don’t worry about it. Just keep in mind for the next time :slight_smile:

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Only a very small amount of people I’d drop this on and that’s out of the few I’d waste good gnosis on cursing anyway. Glad to hear it’s rocking for you!

Have you been able to find a sense of justice afterwards? A sense of balance? Peace? I don’t get all karmic bullshit on anything but I usually only throw an operation like that if I can’t let go of something.

… thanks, I’ll surely keep this on mind. I still have few demons to give my gratitude to.

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@Norski one main benefit of the master curse is bringing the caster a sense of peace. Yes it brought peace and sense of justice to a point that I don’t really care what was done to me in the past. When I see this person sometimes I feel pity but this person doesn’t change ways so I just brush the thought and move on. More importantly this person doesn’t seem to want to harm me anymore but keeps getting violent to other people.
I agree with your point, one should really consider carefully before dropping this curse to anyone. But that’s that and I won’t reverse what I’ve done.

Peace :v:

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I did this Master curse on someone who is enjoying bullying me and making my life miserable for years now. I can’t wait until the curse takes effect. It’s hard to wait when you need spiritual intervention like yesterday. I am trusting the demons will work though. I know it’s different for everybody and it depends on the situation but do you mind saying how long the curse took to work for you and did you only have to perform it once?


@DragonLady I know how you feel. What I would suggest though is to let go of the result, it’s okay to think about it from time to time but don’t become obsess with the result and how the result would/should be. For me what I did when I get reminded of the ritual is I smile and imagine my prey engulfed in dark energy suffering, I then feel gratitude to the demons and do about my mundane task.
What I experienced is, at first nothing seems to be happening, little by little I sensed my prey becoming weary and looking tired most of the time. Then this person would sometimes show kindness (as if that will stop the curse).
Then my prey faced different kind of misfortunes, family problems (legal problem faced by one family member) , financial problems (caused be said legal problem), overwhelming workload, general fatigue/weakening and even boils in the armpit and groin.
Just be patient, get out of the way and the demons will deliver.
I only did the master curse once. After the 12-day ritual I focused on other areas of my life.
Wait a bit and see what happens, I feel that doing the ritual for the second time would be an overkill (in my case at least)
And sorry for my english, tis not my native language.

“Devour those who would devour us”


Thanks for answering my question @wintrygaze. I’ll take that onboard and do the same as you. My challenge is that that I’m doing the curse because of an ongoing issue that is relentless, to curse this person for the malice and bullying they are still doing to me. If it was only a revenge curse for past wrongs, I would be able to release the need to see results.

I’ll try and see it differently as it’s already being taken care of and that the spirits are working on it. When I did the curse, at the time, I had a dream that this person was being nice to me. It was as if they were being nice so I wouldn’t carry out the curse. I completed it anyway.

I like your quote there at the end because it’s very fitting…and your english is wonderful!

Just curious has there been any updates with your master curse?

Was the question for me @DaniWonderland ?

I repeated the master curse and have done some things in real life towards helping the situation. There is some movement but it’s still early stages to say yet because there are litigation issues around it and these take time. It has been a tough situation to deal with. I will post results when I think it has sufficiently come to pass. I did the master curse for the target but then also for 2 people assisting the target in his wrongdoing.


I see. So you left it alone since then?? Or did you add anything more since then??

@DaniWonderland if the question is for me, I have not used the master curse for the second time, after completing the curse I focused on improving my life situation… I used “end bad luck” spell from GOM and clearing meditations. I noticed that when I’m more centered my previous spells seems to work much better, normally I wouldn’t notice results but when I’m centered my intuition would kick in and would see the series of bad luck pestering my “mark” and I automatically know it is due to my dark work. I feel no remorse just peace and relief.

@DragonLady maybe it could work to hasten the result for you too if you could clear your energy field so any residue and blockage from your dark work would move towards your target completing the cycle.

Thanks @wintrygaze I think that’s very good advice that I will take.

What I have done so far @DaniWonderland and @wintrygaze is while I was doing the Master Curses for each target (main target and his helpers), at the same time I started doing the sword banishing and then went into the Damon Brand Master protection ritual for 33 days. That was for myself, this ritual is supposed to remove things like crossed conditions, curses, negative energy and give protection but you can repeat it if you have difficult conditions around you. The sword banishing has a similar effect as LBRP but is simpler and it’s done daily or several times daily. It’s also from Damon Brands Magickal Protection book. In that time I have done more magick to move the target away out of the state. This is where I applied strategic magick for the situation.

I did a bath cleansing as well in that time towards the end. I saged the house and did a floor cleansing with herbs. At the end I did another protection ritual for myself, because my target is an out of control bully, liar, troublemaker and manipulator. He also doesn’t have much regard for following laws and rules and that’s the part where I have taken real world actions and there is some movement happening.

I am keeping up the daily sword banishing and I’m going to do another round of the Master Protection ritual again because of the litigation that isn’t over.

Separately, I have two operations on the radionics devices to help me get the positive outcomes I need in the situation.

As for the Master Curse, when I repeated it for the main target, it just kind of felt like it was done and would be effective and I didn’t need to add anymore significant cursing because I was sure that I opened the sigils/seals to do the work. After I did the Master Curses for 3 targets I put those rituals behind me. Looking through my journal, I have also done some additional work to make 2 of the targets fight with each other, to throw a spanner in the works for them.

I felt peace a few days into starting the 33 day Master Protection ritual which I started around the time I also started the cursing. I did it because I thought it would be beneficial for me while going through the difficult situation that required cursing of the targets.

I think if you just had someone who wronged you or another person and they deserved the Master Curse, you should just do it and forget about it. But if they are still involved in your life in some way and causing ongoing trouble you may need to look at what other aspects of the situation also need to be dealt with magickally.

@wintrygaze Do you rememeber which book the “end bad luck” spell is in?
Also can you recommend something in the way of clearing meditations? Thanks! :smiley:

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I’m looking through my books and I found an “end bad luck” in Adam Blackthorne’s book “Sigils of Power and Transformation”. Is that the one you used? Thanks!

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Still causing ongoing trouble, abusing my most vulnerable weakest place now to exert even more power and pain over me, leaving me in the dark intentionally, lost, hurting my child day after day, using mental tactics to keep me and my child in the loop without executing any plans and completely under the whores ass worse than ever before, complete silent treatment after 5 min phone call telling me he is now moving across country with her to start a family, my biggest fear I worried for 4 straight years, it cant get any worse when hes already been causing us hell for 4 years destroying our stability and sanity and becoming completely enslaved now by this whore who’s completely taking over our lives, in losing hope I cant do any ritual anymore I just give up I wanna die , I fuxkijg give up.

@DaniWonderland I don’t know the situation but …What kind of outcome do you need to see happen? Revenge on him or her or trying to get peace for yourself and your child? Do you need to bind him to you and your child and get rid of her? Do you need him to take financial responsibility?

It sounds like you’re exhausted and drained and have been through a lot. Sit on your own or take 15 min in a warm shower to just calm and regroup and have a think about what you can do right away to improve your life with or without him. Money? Support network? I was in a similar situation and my head was a mess until someone told me very clearly that the only person I needed to think of was myself. Sounds like everything is revolving around what he/she/they are doing. You need to flip the script so that you’re at the centre. This is the FIRST thing that needs to happen or you’ll be spinning in circles. You can only control what you do but not others, for that we have magick but first you need to know exactly what you want to influence and you need to do it with conviction but you need to plan calmly. This is your life, you’re living this life for yourself and now also your child. Detach from the situation for a day and clear your head first before you make any decisions or try and manifest anything. You need to be number one as well as your child.
If you need to curse or get revenge, you need to be able to do it with ice cold malice in your heart and have no regard whatsoever for the target.

What’s the best form of protection from such powerful curses?