Public praise to Duke Bune

I am Jm from Kenya,the first time i ever evoked Duke Bune was late July 2020,i had his green sigil,green candles,fruit offerings,juice and flowers and sandalwood incense,well sometimes i offered alcohol and blood on sigil and some good dark soothing music during rituals,he has attribution to copper so i ensured that copper materials were present during ritual,before invocation i would meditate and chant mental his enn which is WEHL MELAN AVAGE BUNE TASA, i would then invite him by claiming that i welcome him to my presence for ritual,during the ritual i would feel a soothing energy and some vivid meditate mental states,i would thank him for coming and i would ask him to take possession of my body for a communion , i would take a portion of the offerings as communion,on the left side of the alta i would write my request and then meditate on the end results i wish to manifest, my request were for financial stability.after several rituals i noted that my thinking changed and developed some smart solutions to problems i had,i also noted that some dead people visited me in dreams sometimes, the best results i noted were that i began to speak good English skills and eloquence in my communication and also my writing articles,I am an African and I can say i may not be that perfect but for sure i was noticed being fluent and some very offen money opportunities would come my way later my family had luck in securing a land worth enough good money.

This is a public praise to Duke Bune for his generosity,kindness,wisdom and making me better communicator to,I urge anyone who would like to manifest or need some help with money, speaking to the dead,work and invoke Duke Bune,he is very good and safe to work with,Invoking this great and strong Spirit was a very wise decision i took.





That’s very nice. Congrats mate.

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Duke Bune is really great

Thanks for sharing

Hail Duke Bune
Hail Bune