Public Praise and Recommending Lucifer

My Public Praise to Lucifer.

I highly recommend working with Lucifer to climb the corporate ladder and promotions in jobs.

He is a POWERHOUSE. I feel so at peace when he comes and everything feel balanced.

From the 1st day i contacted Lucifer i have been going UP UP UP UP UP!!!

Next chair is litterally of the CEO who is currently Training me PERSONALLY!!!

Do expect that he will shine his light on the dark parts of your life and remove them.

In my case a dead relationship that completely dissloved the same day i met him.

If this doesnt give you confidence or motivation to change your by working with Lucifer and Salas’ash I dont know what will.

Hail Lucifer, my Mentor, my Companion, my Emporer, my Friend and Teacher.

Below are the pictures of my Offerings and Celebrating my promotion with Lucifer and Salas’ash.

Love and hugs,


Please do not make threads simply for thanking spirits. It clutters up the forum. We have a mega thread for such things:

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I am sorry about this. I agreed to make a “separate post” for Lucifer and did not want to make him angry by changing my agreement with him.

I will be careful next time.


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Well, you also just did a “separate post” for Salas’ash as well, so just please be mindful of spamming the forum with such posts. We have the mega thread specifically for this purpose.


I accepted, apologized and explained i will be carefull with my agreements so this does not happen again.

Spamming is not the correct word, its Clutter.

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It’s all good :slight_smile:


Lucifer has been very kind to me, as well. He’s one of the first three demons I decided to work with, and he’s been very helpful. Hail Lucifer! May the light of your wisdom, and knowledge shine upon, within, and out from me! Ave!


Congratulations on ur promotion buddy
Praise lord Lucifer

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