Psychonaut Trip Tips? - Taking Shrooms

Ill be taking shrooms in a day and im really excited but also rather nervous. For best results ive heard one should be in a comfortable environment as well as headspace. Have an empty stomach and have a trip sitter or plan in case it turn into a challenging trip.

I plan on brining a notebook with me (going to the dessert to take em) and maybe a sigil (dont know who though).
I plan on setting an intention before i take them, asking them to heal me, teach me sacred knowledge, and keep me safe.

If anyone has any other tips on how i can maximize my experience/lesson please let me know!

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Apart from deciding your dosage, it seems like you have it figured out. Also, account for the fact that you will be impaired for the next six to eight hours so make sure you have nothing going on for the rest of the day

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From what I’ve heard, surrendering to the experience itself works wonders, letting it do stuff without trying to shape the experience if that makes sense.

Otherwise I would say you got it.


Being absolutely comfortable and safe is most important. A bad trip sucks mucho monkey balls, speaking from experience. I did it once in a park I’d never been before, with friends and unknown people. 0/10 don’t recommend. I’d always get a little nauseous at first, peppermint oil is great for that. Lavender oil for if you get anxious.


Is your trip sitter someone with experience? Not saying it’s necessary but it’s nice to have someone who can stay calm and guide you. I have a psychonaut friend who does acid every once in a while (I never messed with it) and I sit him and make sure he doesn’t go the wrong way and calm him when necessary. Last time I held him like a baby because he was crying his eyes out. It was an incredible healing experience for him but it could’ve gone wrong easily if he hadn’t been with someone who he trusts. Anyway have fun and please share your experience.


I belive so. Ive had many bad trips on my Cali weed so i think ill be fine either way. And yeah ill be sharing my experience

Good luck with that :grinning: i’ve found that mushrooms and sclerotia lead to ‘thick chains of endless thoughts’ (that was the only way I could describe it) During the trips I was never able to write anything down. Maybe it’s better to use a speechrecorder on your phone or something. And enjoy the visuals!

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Paint paintings.

best advice - take them on a day where you Feel Extremely Comfortable. Any negative feelings you may of had before you took them WILL BE BROUGHT OUT.

Dont take so much at one time . Sounds NICE (i know) but if its your first time it can leave you feeling pretty UNCOMFORTABLE. ALMOST SICK

I ususally ate a small meal an hour or so before. My reason was because i wouldnt be able to eat until pretty much the next day. A long amount of hours without food is very bad especially when Your body is Using alot of energy trying to fight off the shrooms HAHAHA


I like my shrooms steeped in rose wine, I can’t handle eating them without other flavors.

Im depressed so this isnt an option

Dry boomers only. Grind to powder in a coffee/spice grinder. Encapsulate. Usually 1/2 gram or so can fit in a double AA capsule. Dose accordingly. No taste. Too easy.

That’s an excellent idea, capsules. I love portabello crimini soup, thinking about adding magic shrooms with shiitake next time I make that soup.

Do a whole elaborate ritual. :smile::+1:

Watch Bob Ross. You’re welcome


Try watching something funny as youre waiting for it to kick in. It always helped me with the nausea and help calm down any uneasy feelings.

Try to laugh as much as possible while youre waiting for it to kick in. I think that always turned my trips into some really great FUN experiences.

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Shrooms will treat everyone a little different each time you trip. Make sure you have a mind that’s flexible and open to anything, literally anything. You may have experiences ranging from a sense something is simply different to full out of body, out of mind states that fade from memory as fast as they came. Whether good, bad or indifferent I value every psychedelic experience I’ve had because every experience is an opportunity to grow and learn, no matter how gratifying or terrifying it may be. That being said, you won’t be in your right mind so having someone there or at a minimum making sure you take precautions you don’t do anything like use the car or go somewhere or do something you wouldn’t let a child go or do alone. I know some people also like to record thier trip, I personally feel that this would diminish the experience. But to each their own.


I didn’t want to make a new thread but I’m in a few moments going to try and experience shrooms, I’ve done the research and 3g is suppose to be the proper dosage for a new person. However, that’s based on weight and I weigh 176 (currently as tend to take on water weight often and I just drunk water lol) but I’d like more input before I go through with it.

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Dont know if that is 3g wet or dry. Nausea and vomiting is a possibility. Also, muscle weakness and chills. Prepare to be impaired for around six hours. Just some side effects I went through but my dosage was higher

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Dry yeah, I forgot to mention that. I have been reading on experiences as well and I’ve been in a good mood for most of the day just post jitters that comes with trying something new but no real fear