Psychological Warfare and the Vampiric Mind

Sooo…we all know what key weaknesses that empaths hold that make them a target. We know what would need to be said to possibly get into their head and tie them into knots, so to speak. Yes, I may be exaggerating, but I think you get the point. What would screw with the head of people that practice Vampire Magic. I know that a typical energy vampire is not the same as someone actually practicing vampire magic. BUT, IF you wanted to f with a Vampire Magician, how would you do it?


ALL humans are empathic unless they’re psychopaths. All humans are also telepathic to a degree.
I would say is the skillless psychopaths that are the weak ones, and having empathy is a strength.

I’d be careful with that, because they can also see you coming. Everybody’s different.

Me, if I see a vampire playing games I take back my energy double and hit them, I make sure they get sick and never try that again on me. I’m a strong empath but I’m also a black magician, and being sensitive that doesn’t mean I have to be nice about dirty little thieves stealing my milkshake. :slight_smile:

Poison your energy centers, so that before you even notice them feed they have sucked in millions of tiny thoughtform parasites that attack their energy and tendrils and ability to feed. :smiling_imp:

Working with the nature intelligences of mosquitoes and other givers of blood borne parasites can help with designing that setup



Vampiric magicians have the same weaknesses as any other human or human magician for that matter and even more so most vampiric magicians are even more egotistical and delusional than the standard to playing to that works well. Tend to be more telepathic so more receptive to mental hacking and you can screw with them with ideas of powerlessness and being devoured themselves. Those seem to work rather well or you can hook them to a large power source and watch as they burn out their system but for psychological purposes treat them like your standard schizophrenic or narcissist.


Tapeworm. Most energy vampires are only concerned with eating, and only do a very rudimentary purification of their food if they even bother with it at all. When something tries to eat you, they’re giving you an invitation into their being. That’s very easy to take advantage of. Once they take a piece of you, don’t relinquish ownership over it. It’s still a part of you until they convince it that it’s a part of them.


Just like everyone else - go for the weak points. Humungous ego? Almost certainly something there. All they are is ego?

A little tactical empathy, a little bit of mirroring their reality back at them (because trying to do anything counter to their perceived reality is usually unproductive), and that can placate them. An enemy less interested in attacking you is an easier enemy to have.

If the vamp is not my enemy, then I do not attack them. I don’t create enemies as people are dumb enough as it is.