Psychic weather

I used to follow an occultist on youtube and he used the term psychic weather in terms of flare ups in insane or genuinely toxic behaviour among the masses. He often used to say this was a prelude or to some major horrific event in the news and that the ‘normies’ were unconciously reinfielding creating a something of a mass pychosis amongst the populus. This idea always fascinated me.

I often notice it when the wind starts to pick up. Puzzuzu perhaps? Or some chrozonic infection. I have noticed this week in particular peoples behaviour has been genuinely unhinged and angry. Of course a lot of people world wide are not in the best of places right now and that has to be taken into account.

Go easy on me as this is my first thread.

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I get “psychic weather” as a term, that’s pretty evocative (no pun intended). :slight_smile: I think people do feel something coming, the subconscious knows, and does what it can to communicate. That can make people feel weird but they don’t know why because the communication isn’t string enough in most people.

I’ve thought something like this when you see groups of people in a subculture that has it’s emotional or mental quirks, and I wonder if they’re not kind of working something something through the collective consciousness as part of the gestalt entity of humanity.


Sometimes the collective subconscious minds of the masses as well as individuals can sense when something BAD is about to happen. “Future pulling on the present”". In the movie, “NEXT”, it was said that “to see the future is to change it”. So maybe there is more than just fear and anger at work in the collective subconscious of the masses. Maybe it is working to lessen or abolish the BAD event coming their way. Just possibilities.

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