Psychiatric drugs and disconnection from magik

Yes I was quite addicted to Tool for a good portion of my life. Ended with Perfect circle Cd flying out my window of my truck. But today. Yes. I think today is a good day for Tool. Quite immediately.


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Because in order to renew tissue in the body (so we don’t die once our cells die), the body needs to create more cells, and that process sometimes can cause spontaneous tumours, that are eaten by NK cells. Infections and some mutations also can trigger it.

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IDK about more magically skilled but yeah there is a tight knit system and you’re either In or not depending on what you contribute. This is clearly shown when bidding jobs residentially or commercially those in the public with a smile and the right references will always get the job over another regardless of exp. Especially freemasons it’s such a joke actually bc they’re all linked in and it’s supposed to be a secret but it’s not. I love telling them I’ll join but I gotta go straight to 33°

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13steps used to play on repeat. Good shit mann

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Thank you for your informative response. So what causes that sometimes spontaneous process is what im getting at


Great thanks for the clarification.

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Yessir thank you just took a tool blast from the past was lovely.


The fact that the body is not perfect, when we create new cells, at the beginning all are “standard cells” (not specialised cells, like organ tissue cells, red cells, etc), and then slowly differenciate and become different.
Ocassionally, the body fails to produce millions of different specialised cells, and a very tiny amount stay “standard”. If by any chance the standard cells are defective (like it could happen when you build items in a big scale inside a factory), they start to multiply like crazy.

So technically we are fighting potential development of cancer 24/7 since we are born.


I would like to respond to the author of this thread who had the question about meds and our path. I personally, have been on several different antidepressants over the last 15 years or so. I have maintained the ability to do meditation, study anything i want, and perform magic the entire time. I also have maintained the ability to do lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. The last few years i have been on anti-anxiety meds, ambian, and seroquel for insomnia. But i still continue to have good results with magical workings and i am able to concentrate long enough for meditation. I think probably the only mental illnesses that would get in the way of a magical lifestyle would be schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. I do not have either of those. I think if a person just continues to be themselves and doesnt let the meds change their main personality traits, they should be fine.


See, I’ve taken several different meds in my time. I think most of them were given to me for they’re also mostly harmless. I was born in 1980 and they had me on Ritalin in second grade. That shit had me tweaked the fuck out man.

Dr.Bolt was just mad because I kicked him in the face when he tried to sew up my lip. He had it coming though because he sneak-attacked me with an injection of sedatives. It slowed me down some, but I leaned back and waited for him to look me in the eye. BAM He got my Spiderman high-tops in his gold rimmed glasses. Cheap shot me 'ya dirty fucker

I have a long and heated relationship with the medical industry and their disregard for consent.


Oh, more to the point.

Psychiatric drugs should be fine, if they are applied correctly. The goal is to heal and help the patient. Psychiatric drugs should be helpful to a magician just like conventional drugs should be helpful to an athlete.

If the drugs make you unable to use your mind the way you want then they might not be right. There’s always the question of safety though.

Do you have urges to harm yourself or others? Do you have seizures or blackouts? Do the drugs do something for you that is worth an undesired effect?

Talking too much is not a safety issue. Thinking about far-out poetic philosophical stuff is not a safety issue. Sitting alone speaking aloud is not a safety issue.

You should Not be taking any pills to make other people feel better. They aren’t magic like that.


As someone who takes both of those types of drugs, I can say that for me it really hasn’t blocked my path at all. In fact I feel better on the meds and am able to perform better in social situations as well as be more sensitive to people’s vibes. I think I got lucky in finding the right meds that work for me, but with that said, these meds affect everyone differently and the only way to find out is to try.


Thank you, this is quite inspiring.

I have a strong distrust for the phychiatric profession as I lived with a previous lover who committed suicide after being for lack of better terms ‘experimented’ on by her doctor. He had literally had told her the likelihood of her not taking her life was very slim, and that people like me who attempted to help her in mystical fashion were nothing but liars.
I watched as she consumed more and more experimental concoctions of new drugs that the doctor was obviously collecting data on helplessly as she died before my eyes.
The difference between me and her is that she believed firmly and only in the physical realm as was trained to do, and I believed firmly in the metaphysically realm as I had sought to.

My fear was that I too could be sent down this path to become a pale skinny drooling mess as I become poisoned into oblivion.

But yes I will take this advice; that it is the will and the mind of the practitioner that is most important. As long as I remain aware, and am consciously choosing the ‘supplements’ so to speak, to make my mind work as I intend then I am in control, and not the drugs.

It will perhaps benefit as well for grounding purposes post ritual? I did have the problem of being unable to ground and would take invocations a little more permenantly then I should… which in itself was dangerous as I found Gods and entities would consume me for weeks at a time post ritual.
At the same token it was also the fear that this ability would be taken from me. But I will accept that perhaps the drugs could just ‘dial it down’ to a level more suitable for an urban environment. (-;


I would also like to humbly apologize to darkest knight for the impolite comment. Seems there is a bit of a glitch on signup to intro I had no idea what you were talking about sir. Poor assumptions were made.

Yeah, I know that weird fear, as if they have a pill to “straighten you out” and make you see things their way. Don’t worry. No such drug exists.

You can’t sell your soul and no pill turns you into a muggle.

dial it down’ to a level more suitable for an urban environment

I know exactly what you mean and was thinking along these lines at work today.
Imagine you’re from a tribe of sewer mutants who’ve lost their sense of smell. One day, because [reasons] you regain your sense of smell. The first few things you smell might be nice, but you are soon overwhelmed by the insane stench of everything.
The other sewer mutants think you’ve lost your mind because you seem sick and obsessed with something they don’t percieve, but there’s nothing wrong with you. The sewer does stink. Nobody should live there.

Sanity is often the social struggle over what seems obvious.


Yes I agree, the world around us is insane and perhaps the insane are the ones to dare to open our senses to truths shielded by Millenia of dogmatic/Abrahamic pulverization.
Loving the sewer mutant analogy. (-:[
Interesting how the sanity produced by the social struggle dates back to the Sumerians and the wheel continues.


In my experience, some are better for the path than others. I currently use mirtazapine and marijuana frequently, and both keep me sane enough to really focus on my magic and stay feeling good. Each drug effects each person differently; but if you’re on the wrong meds for you personally it won’t be the best. On lithium I got so dissociative I couldn’t focus well enough to function, and I was perscribed seroquel while misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and that was torture. It didn’t stop my clairvoyance like it was supposed to (they thought it was hallucinations); just made me really confused and upset and wound up giving me actual hallucinations and delusions while withdrawing (alone and cold turkey because I couldn’t get anyone to help) which really messed with my magick because I couldn’t tell what was and wasn’t just in my head. That being said, I had a horrible psychiatrist who later had her license taken away by overperscribing to make money and most psychiatrists are great, if they listen to you that’s all you need to tell if you have a decent one. Finding the right meds though and getting more stable has worked wonders for my magick and focus. It’s a learning process, but once you find something that works for you it will most likely help your path if anything and is definitely worth finding what works to get to a better place in life.

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Wow thank you for sharing your experience. Yeh it would seem the right doctor as well as, the right meds is key.
Being prescribed for something that comes natural for some yet considered a disease by doctors is perhaps the clear danger. That does indeed sound like terrible torture.
So far so good with my medication, giving me exceptional focus and clarity, and meeting again with doctor in a month; so will tread lightly and aware as he intends to up the dosage and add others. Would not want to end up in a similar misdiagnosed experience.
The wealth of shared experience in this thread so far, has provided very good guidelines for me to follow and I would assume other readers. Much appreciated!