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I am not sure if speaking of psychedelics is allowed here in terms of magick and if not please do remove but I am curios of this particular subject and wondering upon peoples opinions as these mystical compounds hold a special element of research within my heart.

Now we have an abundance of psychedelic substances within the world and some we probably dont yet know of. A common factor is they release the magickal molecule DMT which is also released in dreaming states and lucid dreaming etc. I would assume it is this that allows us to see entities within our minds eye or physically within our realm.

Now psychedelics open up the subconscious mind bypassing or even fully turning off the conscious mind and also allowing parts of the brain to talk to each other that never usually do for instance smell → sound, sound ← smell etc and under scans your brain illuminates with a whole communication of neuron networks running rampant.

In magick we are always trying to impress the subconscious through the conscious mind by using images, emotion, visualization etc and doing processes or rituals to get us into those states. Now if psychedelics bypass the conscious mind would it not stand to reason that we should be able to perform some very powerful magick while they are active in our system? therefor looking at sigils will awaken them with ease and imprint them directly into our subconscious and the same for any verbal, written or ritualistic magick work. I would also think evocations will show a strong presence as things will manifest with ease. I believe this is what shamans do with things like Ayahuasca, salvia, ibogine etc. These compounds allow the shaman to tune right into mind and see things, communicate with gods with ease and also perform magickal rites.

Now with our subconscious being open I would assume an emotional feeling would not be needed to imprint any magickal effect and visualization would come with sheer ease as it will impart itself as an actual event being lived or having being lived prior as its very easy to believe something while within a trip as sorts. I also believe the worlds and entities people see while on DMT are the very entities or realms we are communicating with only it is sending us to them places much like astral projection I guess.

These compounds are profound and have been used by magickal practitioners for a long time and now being studied for their effects on solving mental health like depression and ptsd within trial groups. I guess in essence they make your mind like that of a kid looking at the world in awe which is the mindset that gives us the strongest magickal impact.

Has anyone ever tried magickal while using any compound like this and gotten any strong results?

I think there is a profound result from micro-dosing of these compounds and the scientist who found LSD reported to have micro-dosed this for the rest of his life to improve creativity and keep him calmer etc. So even full scale dosing is probably not needed to help give a stronger and more easier magickal effect or a rich evocation result.

Like I said if this is not an allowed topic then please remove as I am not advocating their usage but the idea of them expanding your mind and performing magick while within that scenario has been on my mind for a while now.


What you are saying is correct, but my advice would be to contemplate your goals with magick. Many on here would say (and I have come to agree) that using any substance to aid your praxis would soon become a crutch if you are using them without the proper magickal foundations in your sober life.
Take marijuana for example. It can be a powerful tool to be able to sense the energies within and without your body, but the longer and more frequently you use these for magick, the less your sober mind and body are able to be aware of these things. It can take a long time and a lot of work to get to that point if you decide to be a sober magickian down the road.
Now take that and translate it to a more powerful substance like any of those stated in your OP, it will be even more difficult.
Now if you plan on microdosing or macrodosing all day, every day for the rest of your life, you could do it, but that isn’t feasible.
You could also go about it by practicing sober and high, but you would need to dial in the frequency in which you practice and the ratio of practice in each state.
This is even without getting into how difficult it is to keep focused on the magick while under the influence of these things. It is also harder to distinguish between what is really happening and not, but you could debate that everything is a real and viable result.
IMO if you can do magick effectively under the influence, do so sparingly. It will save a lot of effort down the road, and make for some interesting events when you so choose to partake.


Entheogens have been used s far back as we know to engender altered states on consciousness. I thnk there’s a place for them, but you have to be careful what, how and why.

  • For one, in this day and age where spiritual contact is getting stronger, they are not necessary to get you into trance or for you to develop psychic skills.
  • They can become a crutch that stops you developing on your own, while for others it opens senses and this is not predictable.
  • With most entheogens, you enter into the state with impaired and altered emotions and reactions, so you are not yourself and not in control… this make it more entertainment that happens TO you, not something you can reliably use for growth.
  • Chemical drugs harm the body and are not entheogens, these give fake and false experiences mixed in with things that are useful, and people get attached to these in a way that hinders growth
  • Drugs especially but also entheogens attract entities, many of which are not benign and you are not in a state to understand them or deal with them appropriately.

I think entheogens can be very beneficial to:
a) Get you started with an initiatory experience that you can then find on your own, once you know the patterns of energy involved
b) In a sacred healing or group session with an experienced shamanic guide who is trained to help you through, wards off the parasites for you and helps you unpack it later.
c) Specifically as work on the poison path to make a relationship with the nature intelligence aka Fae of the plant itself or asking the spirit to guide you.

These are how Ayahuasca ceremonies work.

But I would say not psychedelic is meant to be used long term and regularly to replace personal growth and spiritual exploration.

The subconscious is never “closed”. What you get is communication to your subconscious, but not with your normal consciousness, with a high version of you that is spaced out and not able to think clearly.

You never need to use emotional energy to fuel a spell. There are many types of energy you can use instead. Emotions are just very easy for most humans to generate and direct, that’s all. It’s a matter of good use of resources.

Having a visualisation feel real doesn’t make it any less symbolic or more real in terms of shared consensus reality. This is where you need to be very careful, having been trained as a human to be able to fully trust the physical, when the astral feels physical it can trick you. Not all levels of the astral mean anything to other people except you.


I agree we cannot come complacent on these things. But in saying this unlike weed things like psylicybin, muscaria mushrooms, and other herbal or fungus types luckily are none dependent and build a tolerance quick that needs to dissolve for a week or more before more. I think for a spiritual endeavor it is interesting. My thought more so is as an experiment do things like sigils and generic magick works fire more quickly and more potent compared to normal. They fascinate me these compounds. I will have a try again of the micro-dose myself, I use to help my ocd on occasion as it dampens it down considerably and while I am at it try and see what effect I get through magick as with a micro-dose you take an amount that you do not feel any effect from so its working in the background. Though in true experimentation I think having some giving a slight anomaly would be interesting to compare between normal self using magick, magick with a tiny amount and magick with an amount you just about feel.

I find it crazy how shamans will use things like salvia and be normal with the power in that substance its very scary indeed. I would also love to be able to draw the shapes down you can see to find out what they are or may represent, fascinating stuff to me haha.

Do you believe the actual trips people can get on DMT are sending them past the veil per say as people always give incite to entities that are very intelligent within a world they have never seen before? possibly what we class as angels, demons, gods etc.

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Yes I have a couple times with good results. I did a banishing on it and then saw old cords attachments stuck to myself and was able to fully remove those because of this sight. For healing work in general it is handy as all will be known and shown to you and your work feels stronger.
For evocations, How I see it is that these substances open you up fully to the mirror plane, which is where spirits can manifest. So expect full visual evocations and great communication, but also emotional swings, I worked with faeries on it once and that was a little too sketchy and intense, but my dose ended up heavier than expected mid ritual.
I also swear I levitated on it, I have no proof of it, I might just have left my body swiftly which made it feel that way, who knows. You make me want to try again as it is definitely interesting.

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The things I have seen on DMT do energetically not match the angels and demons and gods I know of, it’s hard to explain what they are. Maybe just a part of us expressing itself through them…maybe not… I don’t know…they are chaotic though

You could start off on a micro dose and just simply only read occult books on them, you will notice the difference in yourself and the way you retain information in yourself and how things speak to you. I am also of the believe that emotions help with magick, I always worked that way, and the more emotion the more movement of energy…
I think psychedelics help in a way with directing these emotions and also with astral travel, it is not the same as astral travel, but to me the frequency feels same, so in that way it trains your brain to be okay with that for longer periods of time and to feel at ease and relaxed so you can work consciously from that state of mind and then the next time in astral be stronger in your work.
Sometimes people say stuff like;" if you are a good magician you could just do it naturally." I find that bs, psychedelics to me(how I have used them) are simply a gateway into teaching you how to open up to abilities in a certain way, abilities that are already there, but somehow hard to access or you lost temporary access. The psychedelic is the bearer of a key, but you are the key, it is just presenting it to you on a silver platter. You have to remember being this key and then use it on your own when you are sober. This is a matter of brain training and doesn’t make you dependent this way.

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Yes I like this that is what I believe they are a hidden gem in terms of the mind, mental health and I think magick in a fashion as a lot of magick of hold and shamanic practice utilize this altered state heavily. I think like you say it gives you that extra power and a key to see things you didn’t realize and also fight your inner shadow self to release the strings holding you down and become free so that you are better at the end of it. They always say a bad trip is never bad when you realize its message its just the brain teaching you a lesson of something you need to know and I think likewise the same is for a good one. I remember my first time I had psilocybin and part way through I had my eyes closed and entered what seemed to be a black void of nothingness all my music I was listening to stopped, my heart pounded and then faded away and my thoughts and emotions started to race through me going faster and faster and I felt like my breathing had stopped. But in that moment I was at peace I didn’t no longer care and I was at one with that moment. I was then sat within this infinite blackness with no visual colours either anymore and all of a sudden I felt a rush of emotions again and problems and that I was apart of everything and everyone, we are all as one within this infinite space and as one we are the divine. I could feel the pains and the excitements but I had no attachment to them I saw that in the end they where just a moment of a time and realized what I figure the divine energy is. Then as quick as it came I went back and the music and colours came back it was surreal but always stuck with me as it blew me away. I take that message of what I saw as the collective, we are all the divine and are all one and the same within this infinite void that I took as the subconscious space where all exists and is possible but not to stay stuck on anyone thing or feel you are disconnected because its all a moving cog that works in unison. That stuck with me and helped in various things.

What where the entities and worlds like that you saw?

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