Psionics/Radionics experience

Being recently inspired by Uncle Chuckie’s books and the interview EA did with him, I decided to create my first radionics box. The materials were gathered during the week and it was constructed yesterday built into a shoebox.

I got a feel for the dials during the day but I didn’t exactly use it, I just got familiar with it. The funny thing is, when I entered my temple/room that evening to tinker with it, I decided to sit down and meditate instead. Here is what happened;

*I closed my eyes and because of my visual familiarity with the box I had constructed earlier I visualized it in my minds eye. I thought of the idea to place an imaginary piece of paper on the witness plate in the center of the amplifying pattern which said “THETA GAMMA SYNC”. I began imagining the feel of the first dial until I tuned it in to this request. Immediately felt like I got a sticking point and I sunk deeper into relaxation. Went on to dial two and again found the sticking point with substantially more relaxation. Finally after a bit more time I found the sticking point of the third dial. After syncing the three dials to the request, my third eye opened right up and two things of interest happened;

  1. I saw a visual of my Mother in my minds eye very clearly(which is very unusual and does not happen at all) which lasted up to a minute. Now, mind you she is at this time overseas in a country on the other side of the world on holidays. A minute or two later I received a text message on my phone which was next to me but I ignored it and didn’t see who it was until after the meditation 30 minutes later and guess who it was? It was my Mother giving me an update on her travels. Wow!

  2. A planetary spirit I have been working with appeared very clearly in my minds eye after the other telepathic visual in a form which was very crisp, clear and a total surprise.

It’s like Chuckie said in the interview that even visualizing the radionics instruments can make psionics work. I may see if I can get the same results tonight with the same THETA GAMMA SYNC request. This worked so quick that I thought it would be something worth sharing with you all.


How clever, I didn’t realize the devices could be visualized and still work. Could you explain to me how using radionic machines differ from traditional rituals, i.e. do the laws of reverse effort and such still apply?

From what I understand, intent is still the key with radionics. The amplifying pattern in the photo has a real life of it’s own I’ve found and just opens up the connection to the ether much quicker in my experience so far. I will tell you this; I tried using the actual box last night for the same goal, though because I haven’t yet constructed a psionic helmet I just plugged in my headphones to the left jack and dialed it in. I got results, however not quite as strong as visualizing the machine which is strange. That may be because I’ve not yet found a comfortable position to be in while using the box. In both cases I could feel the subtle tuning of my brain/mind to the desired outcome using the dials. It seems to me that detaching from the outcome may be a bit easier with psionics because you are kind of letting the machine do the work once you have chosen your intent. It feels more like an experiment rather than an emotional attachment so the chance of reversed effort may be lessened perhaps, but I suppose it would depend on the individual as well.

Virdon Djinn, brilliant! I’m definitely going to have to try this. Very creative and it sounds extremely effective. Keep us updated on this for sure!

Oh thanks, DK and Darkness! I will definitely keep everyone updated as I keep up with the experiments. This is really exciting for me as it is so totally different to my normal practices and I can only see it enhancing things. I keep thinking of the endless variations and strategies that are possible that could be used for different intentions. I mean add a helmet in the mix and that really opens this radionics box right up. Not to mention the use of sigils and such things like that. :slight_smile:

To my Aussie comrades. Go to Jaycar! They’ll have everything you’ll need.

Update: Creation of a Psionic Helmet.

I recently built a 3 dial psionic helmet with a 1/8 jack input. 1 pot dial on the back and two on the front for aesthetics and practical layout.

Probably cost me around twenty five bucks for the materials and a few solid hours to mod it to suit my purpose, and so, after a bit of a trial run over the last few days I’d say it has been a worthwhile project and is giving good results.

All the wiring from the series circuit for the pots run back to the foil in the middle of the amplifying pattern on the inside of the helmet. The wiring also runs out from the foil to the 1/8 input jack which can be plugged into the stick pad for tuning or into a radionics box. I included in my helmet a foil circle that sits on the top of my head as seen in the photo as well as a brow chakra foil circle, both running back to the foil circle in the amplifying pattern. The 1/8 jack is on the back along with another tuning dial. Hope you guys like it. I will post some of the experiments I’ve been doing soon. I think the helmet really adds a needed boost of power as well as being majorly useful and adaptable to different operations but more on that later.

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Totally cool, I have also been reading Uncle Chuckies books and thinking about building a few devices but alas when it comes to spending money there or on some new ritual implement this will be taking second place for a little while yet.

How do you find using the psionic stuff feels compared to say performing evocation?
I find that the feeling of the energy I raise during ritual is reward enough regardless of what ever else I am trying to achieve with it

It’s taken a few attempts to “get it” so to speak. What I was finding tricky was using the stick pad. I was using my thumb to gently rub the plastic pad but it just wasn’t working for me but once I made the helmet and plugged in the stick pad I found that using my index finger worked much better for me. Now I have found the stick it has made it much easier to work with psionics.

One thing I’ve noticed is each experiment taps into and strengthens the ability to feel and see the etheric field around you. It is nothing now to look at my hand and see my etheric double instantly especially while tuning in. In fact, a couple of days ago I was tuning a witness sample into the FM radio amplifying transmitter that I’m using with the helmet and I had the same energetic/visual effect that I had with my last evocation. My entire visual field turned gold or yellow like a film negative and I saw the etheric field of every object around me, myself included so that was really cool. Tinkering and experimenting seems to bring on the desired brainwaves fairly quickly and I’m guessing this only gets more pronounced the more experience one has.

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Great work Virdon. What exactly is the FM radio amplifier? I was aware you could use a walkie talkie to transmit psychic messages, how do you use a Radio?

In Psionic Mayhem Uncle Chuckie gives the setup for the use of the FM radio transmitter
via a diagram so check that out if you can. You plug the helmet in to the witness plate and from the witness plate using alligator clips at each end of the wire, you attach one to the witness plate and one to the antenna of the radio. Then from the headphone output of the radio or stereo you plug in the stick pad. Dial a contact rate for your target via the tuner dial and/or volume dials. Once you have the rate, flip the switch so the radio is on and your intent/ thoughts are sent via the radio wave with the added boost of the inbuilt amplifier of your radio/stereo.

My radio has a 5 band EQ as well so I’ve been using that as a means to dial in specifically to the desired effect after I use the tuner and volume for the contact rate. It really can be as creative as you’d like to make it.

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Thanks. Do you know if you can you turn it on to any station? Come to think of it, it might be a bit distracting.

You’re welcome, Darkness. Plugging the stick pad into the phones jack eliminates the sound so that isn’t a problem. I think it’s best to dial in a rate for the specific target via the tuner by means of the stick pad. It shouldn’t matter if it lands on a station or white noise. The frequency specific to the target sends the intent along the radio wave that is acting as a carrier wave just like the flashlight acts as a carrier wave.

Just finished ‘Elementary Psionics’. Surprisingly fast read. I whipped through it in less than two days. Now, onto my first radionics shoe box, and starting ‘Psionic Warfare’ :smiley:
PS: I head we can connect all of our radionics boxes - we should do a group experiment when enough people have a box. It appears that connecting them through a sort of ‘operation id number’ is a somewhat popular method.

That’d be awesome, DK. I would definitely be down for a group experiment. Maybe we could call ourselves The Shoebox Assassins or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell ya!
I actually really dig that … The Shoebox Assassins… fucking epic! :smiley:
Or, in Latin, The Order of The Shoe Box Assassins:
Ordinis et Calceum Loculo Sicarii
O.C.L.S. :smiley:

Hehehe, man, the latin translation is fucking cool!

O.C.L.S… hell yeah! I love it! :smiley:

Just say the word when you have your shoebox built, DK and anyone else who is keen and let’s do this. I propose the goal to be something that can be validated via the global media. Perhaps an influence over some group movement or social subculture’s leader or maybe a combined thoughtform to push an outcome a certain way that we deem suitable. It will take some thought but I think we could choose from a short list of ideas and focus on that one thing until results are achieved that might be the way to go. I’ll try to think of some possible goals in the meantime.


Maybe you could get Uncle Chuckie to join in on this to get his input…although not needed…he may be able to give some small pointers to fine tune the exercise…he might appreciate the fact that he would be the primary beginning of all of this…lol.

Uncle Fester

I like! Maybe a few of us should hit him up on fb?

Well, I should have my box built by the end of tonight - so …
Ordinis et Calceum Loculo Sicarii FTW!!! :smiley:
What should our first project be? Suggestions?