Psalms for multypurposes.the satanik way

Hi,do anyone,has,practice,the psalms,for moey,sex,etc,? Like changin certain way,no like hoodo,way,or voodo,the satanic way,i did star one,a multipurpose,one,the chick i like she nust stare on me,3 days later,just tat,but i hear,sme plz,included demos,circle,or anothers things,i staring whit basims,at full moon,and reverse tbe psalm,.any ideas.plz share,tanks,

Nope, and also I don’t practice the Aztec - well, whatever the Aztecs did, because whatever one culture does for their religion is nothing to do with me.

Sorry if that’s rude but psalms? Are you Jewish? If not, you might as well find out what the Aborignals did and try that too.


I use the psalms a lot in my magic, prosperity, live etc. I don’t use it in a satanic context so I don to know what kind of help that would be. A google search of psalm magick and psalms in hoodoo would give you plenty to read on.

Same sects,use,twistdE,add,or change the psalms names,to attain,gin wathever goals as need,voodoo,hoodo,use them,as xtians pleopls,do.but i mean chance lord for satan,& lucifer,etc,tat is my point,or backwards pray,circles,candle,but not,black mass.

Nobody “twists” the psalms in hoodoo. I practice it and you recite as is from the bible. But being that it’s attuned to the celestial forces, I don’t see how it can be used in Satanism. Do your research buddy.

Exactly - don’t just use something on the basis it’s “widely taught in churches” - NOT that I’m saying you do that, but know what you do and don’t believe, and what you will and will not violate - and then, whether the paradigms you use have prior history, or whether you’re willing to take the considerable risks (most of them being, reinventing the wheel) involved in operating outside of any known paradigm.

there is no satanic way to use the psalms, they’re jewish kabbalist magick.

if you want to use bible magick then get the lesser key of solomon for catholic type magick, or the 6th and 7th books of moses for protestant type.

the books of moses have many seals in them that call on infernal spirits. there is a section in them called the spirit commando that is faustian and the sefer shimmush tehillim which has psalm magick. there is also the sword of moses which is pretty powerful. but all of that is celestial not infernal and none of it is satanic.

I did talk to a satanik/ luceferian guy,he say,did twisted,to gain goals,mostly my inghlis messup all.nice guy,he gime tips,but it was a email thing,

hoodoo workers and hexmeister are NOT satanists. they work with the psalms all the time. psalm work is sefer shimmush tehillim from the books of moses as i said above. it’s kabbalism using gematria, temurah, and notarikon to find the numerology of names and requests in the torah and tanakh. you are not dealing with any kind of satanism at all and i don’t know who that guy was or what he told you but it’s probably wrong.

if you want to call on infernal spirits from the books of moses you can. there are plenty in there. but they’re not in the psalms. the psalms use angels for good and bane. it doesn’t call on demons in general (although there is a psalm to bind satan to an enemy, that is not the satan of satanism. the word satan means accuser in hebrew - that satan is actually the avenging angel samael).

I don’t understand Hoodoo. can somebody send me a link so I can educate myself. I need to broaden my horizon.

catherine yronwode has a hoodoo correspondence course that you can take. google hoodoo magic spells correspondence course. it lasts 52 lessons and can be done in a year or longer depending on how long you want to go at it.

I will check that out thank you Fool.

Or you can save yourself the money and read up the lucky mojo site.

cat gives more value when you do the course, but whatever works for you.

i recommend her because almost every good hoodoo i know rates her course very highly, including some of her enemies. you know your work is good when even your enemies give you the thumbs-up

You can save money but the added benefits of taking the course and graduating like free apprenticeship programs, being a part of a well rounded, knowledgeable community of workers is pretty valuable. Sure you can learn to make oils and powders at any real deal shop but the experience of learning from some seasoned workers is priceless in my opinion.

If you don’t have the money then by all means read up on all the free stuff and build from there. Most of her books are like 9 bucks you can easily spare that not eating out twice a month. If you want information you’ll find a way to get it.

exactly. and her husband nagasiva is a satanist. they yronwodes know their stuff.

Twf, I meant as a beginner. Read all the free stuff before deciding to get the course.

Oh yes absolutely. I waited 3 years before even attempting to take the course just to make sure my interests and practices wouldn’t shift elsewhere. I read through Cats stuff a few times as well as some of the other big names Conjureman Ali, Dr. E, Balthazar etc before I even made a purchase from Lucky Mojo.

That free content is there for a reason, make use of it and inform yourself before investing into the course and required purchases to take it.

Cat Yronwode is amazing and I’m a big fan of Conjureman Ali. I recently got Yronwode’s"Hoodoo herb and root magic" and it’s one of the most useful books that I own.
Hoodoo is so accessible and simple but really powerful.

You can approach the Psalms outside of the Hoodoo tradition.