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A place to show you a part of my madness :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: enjoy.

Also just me

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A poem i was told was quite good :wink:

Looking to the skies with blood in my eyes and mud in my boots i can feel the rage of what mist be millenia of torture ready to cut through this world.
Traveling to the abyss to sit in a throne of blood and bone holding my queen with her mangled face looking at me and her veins dripping the tears and souls of those conquered by her.
Her taste for carnage never satisfied wanting to subjugate all to bow before her only to bleed their necks on the floor and lay in their blood

What am i into. This woman has shown me madness beyond the pains of the world that i know. Instead of just destroying bodies she uses them to strengthen herself and her power beyond what is known to the everyday world for her power is in her magick, her influence grows stronger with every deadly blow to the unknowing souls who worship her

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Another piece by me::

Through a forest of pain and misery i see ugly beings surrounding me

Snarling and bloody their eyes like fog, and their breathe worst then sulfer

I see a den full of symbols, i walk in and am possesed by demons against my will torn apart by their power.

I have lost my mind i have seen the ghoulish creatures and i no longer want my sight. I see a dull rock and stab my eyes carve them out with the jagged edges. Now i noticed their screams in the dark i slam my head in the ears with a rock i feel on my hands hoping to silence the demonic screams that haunt my very being in the cave

I know longer know what is real and what is fantasy the veil torn and my madness grows i embrace the sickening twisted creatures as i notice them getting closer and closer, falling down further then hell itself because i am in the forsaken realms where god forgot his abomination of creatures that now surround me.

The higher realms are my worlds now the possibilities within are endless and the sheer sight of them is beyond my comprehension

Looking at what is not known to most humanity where kings and princes abide i am speechless at their wisdom within the worlds i feel like i am in a fantasy but these worlds are truly real

Soul travel i have always known. When i do it the atmospheres around and the voices are like i am home and mundane reality is no longer interesting to me

Magic gives my life purpose where i was lost the power of god within each one of us and the tools known by the ancient civilizations are indeed fascinating there is nothing that is impossible, impossible is non existent the ancient gods only understand power in a world that we grew up in where man tries to understand everything. Everything is already available to him there is nothing you cant do with magick no obstacle that you can not tackle only the human mind that stops you: dount , fear is all human affinities that in their nature is not our origins

Act as a god and look at everyday and what you can overcome with magick. I bet if you can look at it through a true black magicians eyes as i have nothing is impossible to you or any magician who understands that he can destroy any obstacle , command armies to do tasks for him or her with respect , do not demand!! Simply talk as you would to a friend speak with authority with omnipotence act as the gods whom you call upon and do not demand and demean and disrespect but approach with an equality that you would like to hear from someone who called you into existence from other planes

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Every black magician should listen to this song and tell me you dont get pumped


Today i am looking into magickal squares they still elude me with how they work, but they do produce results i believe im using the money square in kingdoms of flame if im correct this has produced money so i will keep using it i have a hunch that it works on the principle of compounding? With the old question of would you rather get 1 million dollars? Or 1 penny compounded for 30 days? If your smart you would pick the penny option you would have 5,368,709.12 dollars instead of 1 million

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I like that song! Thanks!

Nice poetry dude!

The poetry just freaked me out!!! Nightmares use THAT to manifest!! Lolol! I mean it was good! But freaky visuals!

Thanks everyone​:heart::heart::heart:

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Today i ponder what the applications of magick are? To tackle one goal at a time with virosity and fortitude until the goal is acheived? To manifest anything within our reality to the point of madness? What validity do each of us need to aspire to be godlike and realize that there are forces beyond ourselves and the paradox of observation within our reality “things only exist once you observe them” but what of the things you dont observe ? Do they not exist until your observation beholds them? Or can this be excersized as a focal point for everything including how we see ourselves? Do you really see yourself connected to everyone in the world to the plants and dirt that you walk on everyday? Or is it all just a mere illusion until you realize it is there?

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yesterday i went to the causal plane for about an hour as i drifted into theta state what felt like sleep was not and its effects within my mind showed me memories i had lost because the soul purpose of going to the causal plane was to look at the akashic records book regarding myself and as i flipped through its pages an alienic language that i could not even fathom was on its pages, this reminded me of the first time i truly called to azazel and he answered me within a dream like bael and lucifer have before but the visit from azazel was 3 years ago but the memory is clear as crystal diamonds now i dreamnt of him inscribing symbols on my body and giving instructions to me like he was marking me at the time. When i was looking at the akashic records of myself i saw a flawless similarity which would only make sense to a madman. Not like the madman in movies or sensationalized television but one of nightmares. This inscribings are marked on me and it shows in my physical body having symetrical markings on both sides of my body left and right. Energy centers that may or may not be opened i do not know truly it has been years and im still practicing the basics trying to make sense of the journey but one thing is for sure i have always soul traveled. I have several memories 1 inpaticular of going to heaven, 1 of hell, 1 of me watching my father race into my old house as i was injured and needing hospitilazation from a seizure, several more over the years all feel natural some i was able to project at will others more often then not are excruciatingly hard due to my mind needing to be quiet. All pointing to soul travel. I enjoy my journey i know it well and i am still trying to understand it as if looking through it with fresh eyes.

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under those i serve now have shown me their power, and majesty. In the beggining of my journey i see the dark bloody viciousness of the dark ones i call down to this earth. To give me their power, to show me their ways, their realms of war and indifference, the obsession with the dark self.
Mutilated bleeding steaming with power as i look to a city which is beyond a gate, that seems like a black hole,and swallows you to the left. swings you in a city of blue lights and dark skies where the sickly and weak seeming would fool you into thinking you could crush them because their darkness is formless yet concentrated.

within a sphere their ideas are for the elevation of the self through fear, and madness ,and chaos and malignant torture to test you to see if your worthy of their precense still not knowing why they are there it would be easy to mislead you into thinking you could subgigate such powerful beings their mear flicker of their energy makes your nervous system go into shock and your mind into fear and all they do is walk closer, you never look at them in the eyes with wonder? Your preassumptions of their faces do not fit the human idea of comfort or pleasure but of reality, all seperated but all functioning for their own reasons

I wonder what wonderland is really like? Is it your bones being ripped from your muscles and your very body exploding with so much energy that your brain tells you to faint but you cant because the feind wants you to know what it is like to be like him/her? Keeping you poised and at attention but the only thing you feel is panic, your muscles ripping and growing flexing 1000 times a mind while staying stiff and your very tendons snap while you try to think but cant because your very organ of mass called a brain is bleeding and your head is filling with pressure that your skull cracks open like a walnut but for some reason you cant black out because the feind wants you to know what its like to hold so mich power within the very thin fabric of an organ you call your skin? What would your soul feel as far as agony? If you no longer had your organs to hold you within such a small space a 4×7 foot space of flesh? With 216 bones several organs and trillions of nerves. What if your soul can feel pain?

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Today i was simply concentrating on my third eye. Spontaneously i would hear this loud white noise within a room full of about 80 people which the sound is like an old radio going out when its on a channel, seems this is hapoening a lot more i did my curse removal with legba.

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Today i called on Legba mentally and asked him to speak through me if he had any instructions, words of wisdom, advice. I will try to recollect everything but here it goes.

Legba: you have doubt that is your problem. Not fear,but doubt. You have enemies that are unpunished that are hindering your progress and you have been living in the mundane reality without thought to the spiritual. You must live in the spiritual everyday to progress you must punish your enemies who are interfering with your world. Your doubt is becoming like a waterdrop falling in a pond rippling and effexting your mundane reality. The ancestors hear you but you must dedicate yourself more to your path. Once your doubt is destroyed and you have hexed your enemies you may focus on yourself to become better then you are now.

Do all of this to reclaim your kingship and begin the journey

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So april 18th i called on ogoun to destroy my enemies. I called on him by name and not by veve. Since my last interaction with legba i actually felt his power and asked him to destroy my enemies.

Now onto my other summonings.
So i called on ayizan who is one of the loa in the pantheon. I asked Ayizan to possess me to show me what i need to ascend. This is the result.
“Many many voices, as well as a complete audio sensory consumption with the loa” meaning i heard nothing and felt nothing but what im assuming to be the dead that serve the loa. It was an interesting experience but im teying to make sense of it all.
On to the next task.

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