Protective tattoos

So i am a tattoo artist among many things. A friend of mind asked me if there are any protective sigils that would be useful in protection from possession. This got my gears turning as i want to use my skills in tattooing to create some powerful blood magic. Now if i were to tattoo a sigil or seal onto someone for this purpose, which direction would i begin to travel. Now i know using a symbol alone may not get the job done, i feel that with a ritual structured around the process with this person understanding what they are participating in might bring a decent result.

Id love to hear every ones thoughts on this subject so fire away if you are drawn to engage.

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I have Lucifers sigil on me as a sign of dedication and protection as well as a pentagram I wear around my neck that is blessed .

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Tattooed sigils possess power from its creation and charging, since this something permanent on your body you should choose your sigil carefully, you might want to design your sigil personally from scratch, perhaps not of a deity but a symbol that is important to you.

When working with a sigil, the power comes from the actions and intent of creating the symbol itself. The process of taking an intention and transforming it into a magical symbol encodes the meaning of that symbol and it’s magical potential from your mind and should be something that you personally have created for this magical tool to be effective.

A sigil of a deity on your body will function like an idol of the deity. By repeated chanting and meditating, you activate the power of the sigil and reinforce it in this case for protection and shielding.

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The question about having sigils as tattoos have been debated in earlier threads.
There are usually 2 major thoughts on the subject.
1 tattoo whatever you want.
2 to use a sigill you should have done alot of pathworking with said entity and have a good connection.
Personaly have No tattood sigils on me but may get in the future so im a number 2(;

As for protection Well If the person is dedicated to a particular spirit/entity that sigil would do the trick and the blessing and pain involving getting it could be channels as an offering for the protection. Mantras and visualisation should be utrikiskes by both the subject and the artist.
Else there are some great Norse Rune galldrar for protection that aint directly bound to a deity but Tor or Tyr could be called upon to Grant their protection aswell.

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I have friends that do ritual tattooing. They will bring drummers and customize how they work depending on the recipient and their needs. I’ve seen them charge their tattoo inks with ritual intent.