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Who is the best goetic spirit to work with for protection?

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What kind of protection? There are spirits that protect during soul travel, there are those that protect from the spirits of the dead, there are those that protect generally…

Please define what you mean?

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From a dangerous, stalker ex boyfriend :pensive:

The archangel Michael is the go to for protection. He is unparalleled in that regard.

If you want to go the demonic route, the best one would be the one you work with on a regular basis and have a relationship with. They can assign their familiars to the task. Lucifer, Belial, and King Paimon have been known to do this for those they work with.

You might also be interested in Ismaelta, the Guardian Demon, from Kingdoms of Flame, who “will find and destroy any force, person, or sorcerer that would keep the Evocator from his work. Once he is summoned, Ismaelta will guard the Operator at all times.”


Thank you!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions or need advice. That’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:


On top of @DarkestKnight. Excellent advice if you ever want to eliminate that problem hop on over to the #baneful-magick-curses-vampirism section :+1:


Thank you :heart:

hey there! i’m in a family/houshold situation that is basically this dynamic, and I was wondering if you could possibly lend some insight into how to properly connect with these spirits? I’m nervous about working with demons still (raised Catholic, hard to shake I guess) but I’ve listened to Lucifer’s enn and Paimon’s enn.

I’ve tried to summon spirits before and I wouldn’t say I was entirely successful. I was told not to give gifts bc it establishes an undesirable power dynamic that will be taken advantage of, which is kinda what I’m trying to get some protection from.

So yeah, any advice you have would be great! I’ve been doing the LIRP often and feel a particular connection with Michael, but do I really need to step up the assistance haha

If you think that’s a problem, then you always can work with an archangel. As the Knight explained above.


If you’re doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram daily, that should be enough to protect you from any sort of negative force, especially if you are doing it first thing in the morning, and just before bed. It sets up a circle around you guarded by the four archangels, so I don’t see why you would need another spirit for protection.

However, if you feel close to Michael, there’s no reason why you could not include a specific prayer to him.

Oh I’ve been doing the Lesser Invoking in the mornings. I’ll try that though, thanks.

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Sorry, my bad. I misread what you wrote.

Are you doing the Lesser Invoking in the morning and the Lesser Banishing in the evening?

I stopped the LBRP when I was doing chaos magick daily, but I definitely should pick it back up. I really appreciate the help, suppose it just feels like I need a little more firepower for the moment. But maybe I’m just underestimating the spirits?

If you are doing the Lesser Invoking but not the Lesser Banishing, it’s very possible you are actually haunting yourself because you are invoking the elemental forces and then leaving them to just linger about.

Traditionally, in the Golden Dawn system, the Lesser Invoking was done in the morning, and the Lesser Banishing at night.

Against what, exactly?

If you really feel you need extra protection, try adding this to your practice:

Oh wow! Haha. uh. That feels… right. I guess I would banish after a ritual but since I’ve been off rituals… yeah that wouldn’t be too smart to just let everyone hang out I guess.

It’s an abusive parental figure (well, both of them really) that for various reasons I am stuck living with. I will try the hymn for sure! I was also thinking about wearing a pentagram and maybe a michael pendant, possibly some black tourmaline as well?

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Black tourmaline could be helpful, but I don’t know much about the use of stones so someone else may have better advice about that.

You can do so if you wish, but they won’t give you any protection unless you consecrate them as protective talismans (you can ask Michael to do that for you).

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Within the 72 I’d use Naberius. Flauros is good too.

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Thank you! Just like, light a candle and some incense and lay them out and pray to him?

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Use the hymn to call out to him and request that he imbue the pendents with his power for protection against physical and spiritual shenanigans.

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