Protection spell from physical harm

Is there any spells that I could do that don’t involve invoking a demon I wanna be protected from being bothered by cops any thugs or people trying to cause harm to me in general

Yes. Search for ‘witch protection spells’ - probably not here, we’re all about our daemonic friends here - try in a general search engine.

Aegishalmr - Norse magik runestave for protection
Jar spells from voudun
Witchy herb spells -
Get a piece of black tourmaline or obsidian and keep it on your person to absorb unwanted energy

Is there an interesting story or two behind all of those categories?

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people around me dying

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Because of the connections these people have or because of the location?

Sometimes it may be wiser, to change some of these things to be more protected, if this may be the case, and if somehow possible. Maybe, rather than asking for protection, it may be an option to ask for a change like this benefitting your protection too.

Also, prayers can help for protection. I see them as something equal to petitions. This is what I use, rather than some ritual for being protected. Always, when I leave home and such. And, often asking when starting my day for such protection. You can direct it to what your beliefs are, ie. to angels or (some) God.

Say prayers to Archangels or demons , or simply use your common sense , because what’s to say these thugs and cops don’t have spirits protecting them in the first place ? We all have spirits protecting us , one type of spirit , or another .