Protection from Vodoun based attacks

Wat. I wouldn’t bank on a “simple mudra” saving you from legit hexes. Ever.


Simplicity does not necessarily void effectiveness.


Course not. Salt, sage, clapping, chanting, and candleburning are all stellar examples of very simple, highly effective magic. Mudras too. But there are limits.


Precisely. As stated, nothing is quite absolute. I wouldn’t disregard it until it’s been attempted.

Most of these are self imposed to a degree. Whether it is conscious or unconsciously imposed. From what i can tell from over the years the degree of effectiveness is in proportion to the awareness of ones own power. Which can only really be explored through experience.

As we grow in power new boundies or limits arise or are discovered and then through choices and acts mundane and magickal these limits are broken down and boundaries expanded. Thus expanding the sphere of influence of the practitioner so where a series of ritual factors may have been needed for a situation before a simple projective mediation will suffice.

EA gives an example of this in the book of azazel if i am remembering correctly. :thinking:


It is not exactly a MUDRA , but here it is. Go out and stand on the ground, rub the sole of your right feet(bared) on the ground, take dust from that part of the ground and hold it with the tip of your five fingers. Then bring it near your mouth and blow it upwards. You have to blow it in such a say that it goes up and then falls on your head. This is the most critical part. Practice few times and it will happen effortlessly.

Got it from a siddha level yogi who mostly spends time in the Himalayas meditating. But yes, there are siddhas living over 1800 years, like babaji, may be even master sunam. He is probably most junior siddha, attained his state within few decades ago. Not all are of same stature. Tried to be accepted as his discipline but it turns out he is not interested.

He said that, the right part of the body corresponds to the divine and the left part to the astral.( in a relative sense) And we live in the realm of EARTH (where solitary is most essential for life) , the physical world. So using earth and the right side of the body one is basically stopping the attack from manifesting in OUR world. He also said doesn’t matter how powerful the attack, or the attacker is THIS WILL WORK TO STOP IT.

Hope it helps.


Just posted it, check it out.

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Thank you so much for this life saving tip!

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There is really no absolute way to stop /void a Lwa attack on you .They tend to evolve with your power .For the begginer magicians they may throw around some small spell which might scare them ,this is the case for more advanced mages too. If you manage to stop one attack they’ll throw another ,as a mortal never treat Lwa’s as just a spirit to be crushed ,you will surprised at how relentless they are ,that is until you appease them.
Some/most of them have been around for centuries.
Just invoke them and appease ,make peace with the Lwa’s and appease them ,this is the best solution .
Some like Legba have all the time in the world to wage war with any mortal …no matter what you do or who you summon Legba will still be here for eternity .


That’s the issue. This person was genuinely wronged, and did not violate the caster in any way. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Either way, I am not helping this person any further. Myself and the rest of the group she asked gave her about 20 things which could be done, ranging from keeping her environment uncluttered, cleaning with ammonia, smudging, foot track magick, etc. All we got was excuses. So I am of the opinion she can deal with it herself.

Why should I lift a finger to advise someone who will not even clean their damn temple, lol?


Lmao so true

I just saw your post. Understand this though or listen.
The LWA are closer to this world then most spiritual intelligences like demons, angels, even gods. With that being said from a voudan perspective LOCO is the LWA of the earth. The only way to appease a LWA is to summon that specific LWA and work with it to end the curses


Guys please seek divination. Not from the Lwa it self first, because it could use that as an opportunity to harm you. That should be the last means, unless you are with other expirenced voudon practitioners.

Call upon aonother Lwa first and ask for guidance and advice. If that other Lwa advises you to do so, then call on the Lwa that’s being worked with against you, but only if the first Lwa recommends it and says it’s ok and a good idea.


Calling up Legba would be a good countermeasure. He can point you in the right direction of which Lwa is attack you. Unless, it’s Legba himself. Then you’re screwed.


Do a divination ritual to find out what loa is being employed for the attacks .

Once you do call that loa and ask it to reverse it course and it’ll tell you what you need to do in order to have your way.

This usually involves an offering and also specific directions as to what that person needs to do.

Note: don’t try to bribe the loa, ask how you can lift the curse and they’ll tell you how if they choose to help you.

That’s the traditional way of doing things and it’s the most effective way to avoid further confusion and pain in the long run.


This would be the best way of defending yourself :point_up_2:

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Sometimes instead of dealing with an issue apple by apple gotta go straight for the tree.

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I would like to know about that technique and mudra. Please. Thanks in advance.

Ah. Has none of you heeded our warnings on the LWA. Take it from those in the path. Like myself and others.

Hope it helps

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