Protection from love spells using ingested menstrual blood

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I have always wanted to increase my defenses in whatever ways I can and this seems like an incredibly difficult magick to protect oneself from on the physical. Are you or anyone else aware of the potency of this magick? I know that at its core all magick can be resisted with a strong enough will but there are tons of ways to subvert that and I’m just doing my best to build up my defense to avoid being used or manipulated.

I thank you and everyone else for any advice you have :+1:


According to Sun Tzu, those who know themselves and know their enemies shouldn’t fear the result of a thousand battles. Or what’s the same, always look into your own thoughts and actions and be sure to understand when you’re acting out of character. If you can detect the first step you don’t need to ward, just act the opposite way, which is always a choice. It can be done with obsession, so I’m sure it applies to magick. After that you can take all the magickal counter measures you want.


Damn, thank you man. I’ll keep that in mind. A strong mind is one that is aware of its strengths and weaknesses after all :heart:

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…doesn’t mean it won’t be a horrible pill to swallow, mind you. But if you can identify the process when it starts, you’ll be able to do something about it.

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No, but I’ve learned that when shit starts to suck you can usually find a way to grow massively from it so there’s that at least lol

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Someone tried to put a love spell on me.
It took over a year, but I resisted that thing to the point it had to just drop off.

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Not that I have any practical experience in this but you could always go through protective measures whenever you start and end a relationship? Whether it’s just romantic, just sexual, both, or something else.

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