Protection from energy vampires

How can one protect himself/herself from energy vampires so that his/her energy is not drained? I always have a ward up and do shielding regularly but it seems to be ineffective against it. Any suggestions?

A simple and effective thing to do is to use a ring made from pure iron. Another potent protection is to made an amulet of pure iron ( any shape)and surrounded by an alchemical capacitor that increases the properties of iron ( need to learn basic alchemy for this subject in order to learn to enhance any substance). On the surface an insulating resin can be applied but only on one part or no resin at all. The resin leaves the iron in contact with the skin on the other side. When this kind of amulet is put on the skin there is strong side effect as the body need to attune to it.
Alternatively try to find a pure iron nail or 2 nails welded in a cross chape then consecrate it with St Cyprian of Antioch ( this saint has a strong left handed side). Very effective and I think that vampire doesnt like that this trick is given to public.


Add an element to your wards and shields that they can’t handle. For one who doesn’t work with entities, darkness can work but I highly recommend fire, ice or Sun instead. Both fire and sun can burn away at their tendrils while ice can freeze their attack.


We are talking about humans right?

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Yes sometimes they use tendrils and these methods protect against their tendrils which are problematic.

If they’re vampire you via actions or words you can visualize the element protecting you.


I tend to take a case by case approach. When an attack comes in, grab the tendrils, take your energy back double, follow the connection back and attack the person. They don’t come back for seconds.


I agree with @Mulberry

The best way to protect against vampirism is to be a vampire yourself


Well, you don’t want to be a vampire, that’s a terrible condition that you have to compensate for, where you can’t generate enough of your own qi, can’t easily convert it from nonhuman sources and have to live parasitically off the dirty qi of other people. The only upside is it forces you to do energy working to survive, so you get good at it.

Being able to use energy working techniques to balance and cultivate your energy and if necessary fix energy thief issues like this, isn’t vampiric and the benefits are well beyond basic vampirism.


I remember when this happened to me and you recommended this method. It worked really well! Though in my case they were persistent.


Thanks for the advice i used the sun’s energy to burn down the tendril which took about 3 minutes to do even when doing other things at the same time.


I know it is an old post but I need help at the moment. How do you do that? I have never been on the astral plane.