Protection circles

Good evening everyone!! I hope everyone is well, & the universe has been, & continues to smile upon you all!!

I just wanted to open a discussion on everyone’s view points on protection circles when casting spells.

As time as gone on I have refined my spell casting, & it has led to stronger results, that also come to fruition much quicker than before. I have also gotten much more patient, & have bettered myself when it comes to withdrawing my lust for the results.

However I feel I may be take this also a step further. I read on another post that working with a demon more directly has helped even more. I have been wanting to interface, for lack of better terms, directly without the 4 archangels present.

What are all of your thoughts on it??


I have heard from some that protective circles are a waste of time, some say they work.
The nay sayers say that the Demons are just toying with the sorcerer, when it comes to protection circles.
Maybe true, maybe not.
If you do have some problems with Demons just ( request ) them to “Go into jbkbmz” .
( Me ).
I prefer to be nice and respectful with entities, especially Demons. No controlling them, just asking them.
Safer and more positive this way.


I have always find them useful, I now cast my circle using the nine demonic gatekeepers and the seed of darkness, something I devised with a group of friends and works well for me.

I tend not to work traditionally and prefer to create my own rituals with what feels right and guidance from the ancients. I have found them not to steer me wrong ever.



If you feel the circle would protect you. You should use it. Otherwise not…


@jbkbmz I agree I’ve used them had no success and been time we’re I haven’t used them and had success, and vice versa…You couldn’t have said it better


That’s defaintly interesting!! Thank you for offering!! I typically don’t ever have a problem when working with demons, but I will keep that in mind!!

I as well stay very respectful to demons it does help a lot. I give them tasks for rewards during evocations. When I’m performing an invocation I don’t use protection circles at all & I tend to get very intelligent responses!!


Very interesting!! Where can I learn more of the 9 demonic gate keepers??


I do feel protected, but at the same time I feel safe with the demons I tend to work with


I don’t know your background but start off easy if you are there’s no rush, find your path and what works for you, I’m Luciferian and I do practice the goetia , I usually ask my main source Lucifer for the right daemon to Work with and he’ll send the right daemon for my situation at the time depending on what I’m going through in life, I’m recently working with Azazel , this king is very powerful and intelligent, interesting entity to work with , shows a lot it’s been a few weeks and our relationship is just getting stronger as he is now answering my partitions and appears in my dreams and when I call him he stands at the southwest corner of room


There are some spirits that will only respond if evoked in a traditional way. They expect the magician to be within a protective circle. If he’s not, they will either leave, or attack him for his disrespect.

Yes, some spirits may see no circle as disrespectful because the lack of a circle might give the impression that the magician thinks the spirit is weak, and thus not a threat.

Contrary to the belief that “demons are all lovable and fluffy” which seems to permeate this forum and the LHP in general, there are many demons (and angels, for that matter) that are NOT all rainbows and unicorns, and they will kick your ass if you do not evoke them properly. I learned that the hard way.

A lot of the more religious minded magicians seem to have this impression that a protective circle is offensive to the summoned, but, in my experience, it is not. It’s main purpose isn’t even really for protection. It’s to separate the mind from the every day, centre the magician in Eternity, and act as a show of power.

When I evoke, I generally use EA’s Universal Circle, and cast another circle around it (I also have a shield around me, thrown up by my Greater Self when I was a child, that is basically a permanent magick circle. Any spirit I evoke appears within it). Some of the spirits I have summoned have even tested my circle to see if it was a solid boundary (Belial did so when I evoked him for the first time, if I recall correctly). Sometimes I will enforce the circle with the archangels, sometimes with the familiars of Hecate (when using Jason Miller’s banishing), and sometimes with my own Will and authority as a Divine Being. No matter what method used, I’ve never had a spirit complain about it, or whine that they felt disrespected. If anything, they seemed to see it as an acknowledgement of my respect for their power.

A lot of modern magicians want to get rid of the trappings of ceremonial magick without really understanding their use or purpose. They want to immediately get into summoning every demon they can, without even knowing the basics of how to do it properly. There’s a reason banishing rituals and setting a circle are usually the first things taught, and, the yattering of fear mongering whitelighters aside, it has little to do with “safety.”

I’ve evoked with and without circles, and I have not noticed any appreciable difference in my connection with the spirit called. What I have noticed, however, is that the evocations with a circle were just all around better for me. I felt more powerful, more in control, and the spirit manifestations were much more solid.

In Evoking Eternity, by EA Koetting, the last thing he teaches, once the student has experience with every permutation of evocation, is to step outside of the circle. It is the final test, and the only way to pass it, is to truly understand the purpose of the circle to begin with, so that when you do break it, you truly know the significance of that act.


I tend to use a circle of flames that could be called a protection circle. It’s main purpose is to ward off imposters with the intention of burning any that get too close though. As far as personal protection, I take time to charge the runes that are scarred on my chest from a past rite before ritual begins my focusing on my power flowing in my blood merging into them and pushing their influence outwards. A little less traditional but it seems to work in most cases.

As @DarkestKnight said, having some form of protection does not offend spirits necessarily, at least not in my experience.


This is the best place to start in my opinion, then of course there are EA Koettings books and you tube videos too.

From there you just got to learn by communing with them personally.

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I’ve been practicing Magick now for about almost half a year, I typically look up demons that are able to preform something that I want to manifest into reality, then cross reference my search with Goetia guide app. Currently I’ve only summoned demons of the Goeita. I’m reading through the Necronomicon currently. When I cross reference with the Goeita Guide, I can see what skill level they like to work with, & judge from there. If I believe I can work with them, & I feel drawn to them, I’ll invoke them, introduce myself, & talk to them for a little while depending on how the conversation goes. Some are quicker others are longer. There’s been maybe only 2 real times so far that I haven’t gotten any response from a demon.

How do you communicate with Lord Lucifer??

Congratulations on your success with him!!

May I ask you a few questions about luciferianism??

Could this be why I don’t get a response from Duke Dantalion?? He’s one of the Demons I was referring to in my latest reply. For some reason I can’t feel his energy when I invoke him or even when I try to evoke him.

That’s really interesting to read, before I envoke I typically speak with the demon in question, & if I use a slightly modified ritual which I’ve been doing recently, to increase my power, instead of following the demons of Magick ritual only, I make sure it’s okay with the demon prior too. I’ll say that this new way of casting is much more effective. I’ve gotten results faster, & more geared to what I wanted. But I always keep the highest amount of respect in my rituals. Thanking the demons, recognize their power, & dismissing them properly & with respect.

Which demons in particular would you say are a little more stern, & not so loving?? The ones I’ve worked with, & work with regularly have been nothing but respectful, & kind. King Paimon I understand isn’t one to have his time wasted.

I’m going to look into this!! Thank you for the new source!!

Is there a way to tell if you have an imposter before you?? I thought more so the protection circle was to keep the imps from personally infiltrating your spirit

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I’m definitely going to look into EA Koettings books, Im interested in expanding my knowledge even more. I’m back & forth with buying the books of Solomon. I’m probably going to do it. After I finish the Necronomicon

Usually asking what they are able to do/teach you is a good sign (the real deal will often surprise you). Asking them to write or spell their name is another way. The last way is to for them to show their power (I don’t recommend this often as it is more subjective but imposters tend to be weak). I tend to rely on the first two upon first meeting of spirit. After that, it is pretty easy to tell

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Thank you for the advice, I’ll keep this mind!!

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That was like politicians.

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I could not agree more

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