Protection and warding

Greetings to all of you amaziing magickal people. As most of you will probably that a full moon is approaching. Anyone get anything amazing planned? Well I will be performing a warding and protection ritual on my home using warding sigils and an incantaion that I have devised.

Wishing all of you health and happiness. Stay safe everyone :call_me_hand::metal:

P.S. If anyone needs to know how I devised this sigil I will be more than happy to pass on my method :grin:


This seems like a chaos sigil :thinking::thinking::thinking: are you gonna charge it with lunar energy?

I devised this sigil from an incantation that I created and drew it from that. I have placed them on my doors and windows facing outwards. The full moon rose at 19:05 GMT, so they will be charged as it becomes darker

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Cool beans!

Thank you…I am practicing the small stuff first so it becomes a natural progression…I am taking my time so a year from now I will be immeresed on the LHP :sunglasses::metal:

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