"Protection" against the "elements"

First time posting in this category but it seemed the most fitting. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. In the dead of night I was scouring out my local rural- hope to not be disturbed cemetery’s- with upmost permission of course otherwise it would be trespassing and I’m a law abiding citizen dig-. So I’m scoping out another potential to conclude a ritual. I’m pretty deep in- then I heard it- now I knew the difference right away- that’s no deer. Shined my light sure shit- fucking bear- like right there. Although he seemed disinterested in me nonetheless I don’t care what they say- whoever they are- that unless your fucking with there cubs they’re more afraid of you then you them bs- I got the fuck outta there and was nervous backing out the long trail in the pitch black of night because of narrow path had to keep getting out to make sure I was on the path. Soooo. Is there any particular entity who can aid in protection from dangerous wildlife? I mean I’m talking drawing sigil with sharpie on white shirt and preparing offering first. You see this is relatable personally because my family does know someone who was killed by a bear and mauled remains found in the woods. Rather it not be me!!!


Get a good can of Bear Pepper Spray. Otherwise I don’t know.

Black or Brown Bear? The bear spray is supposed to be good for both.

I thought you were joking haha thats real!?!?
to the OP invest in a gun then your worries are done


Black. Yeah… ummm. Firearms a problem.

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I would suggest bear spray instead of a firearm even though I’m a firearms owner and hunter.

If you used a gun and killed the bear legally you still would have to contact your state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that would open a can of worms with questions from the DNR warden wondering why you were out there at night. Also a gun makes a loud noise that carries long distances and a neighbor might call the sheriff.

a can of bear spray wouldn’t make a sound the DNR would not get involved. Just google bear spray and find one with good reviews both Amazon and REI online carry bear spray and ship any where.

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You could make a talisman for the purpose of repelling dangerous animals.

You could also contact Hass’cotor from the Book of Azazel who can harness the power of animals and help you communicate with them as higher intuitive beings. He might have some advice for also repelling dangerous animals.


This is what I’d do:

  1. Use can your own magik. As you get to the entrance of the trail, send out a call to all bear and whatever other species you don’t want coming by, and command them to stay in the woods, under the trees. Repeat it as you go in. Picture the animals leaving the areas you don’t want them, in front and behind you, an staying out of your way. I use this when driving at night to help avoid hitting deer, since there’s a lot of them where I live.

(note: don’t tell animals to ‘stay out of the cemetery’ - they’ll just get an image of the cemetery and could end up getting confused and going towards it, just tell them what you DO want them to do)

  1. In meditation before you leave the house, journey to meet the Deva of Bears, who is kind of the collective unconsciousness of bears if that works, and talk (nicely) to it, tell it what you want to to and ask it to keep the bears away during your visit.

  2. Make yourself invisible, to everybody and anything. This is a qigong intention thing, but you could probably ask any freindly daemon you know to help. You don’t actually become see-through, it’s more like, you mask your aura so seeing doesn’t register in the brain. Will yourself to be unnoticeable.


Huh. They really do make Bear mace. I would be afraid that would just really piss it off.

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Yes, bear mace is a real thing and Yes, it really works. How do I know this? I am a long time backpacker and wilderness camper and I always bring a can along even if I have a gun.

I would buy an extra can and practice with it first so that you are familiar with how it works.

The bear deterrent sprays are all made to repel grizzly bears so it will be sufficient for a black bear.

The bears when sprayed with it actually run away and stay away. It puts out a concentrated pepper spray that you aim for their face. You do wait until the bear is about 30-40 feet away and facing you before you use it. and you spray it in a sweeping motion.

If you go to either the US Forest service web site or the US national park service web site they will have information all about bear spray but they won’t recommend a particular brand. It is a little pricey between 30-60 US dollars per can. The forest service and the national park service actually recommend it.

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Yep. Don’t do that, lol. Seriously.

If you do not want bears approaching you mid-rite here’s a few tips:

  1. DO NOT bring food offerings of any kind.

  2. Fire is your friend.

  3. Black powder rifles are better than nothing and almost every state allows it, even if you have ‘circumstances’.

  4. Don’t mess with that bear spray, lol. If a crackhead can soak it up than how good do you think it is going to play out against a BEAR.

Honestly, though, you really should have no issues.


Also very good advice especially the

As for black powder I don’t know that method. I know that black powder does NOT explode unless it is in a confined space like a gun barrel. It does create a flash fire. I remember my Dad showing me that when I was a kid and I was helping him reload (as in bullets and shot gun shells.) I suppose you would need a fire proof container flat enough for the bear to see the fire and get scared off by it.

I’m assuming that a black powder rifle may be a no no do to your living arrangements ie: family members that get freaked out by guns and don’t want them in the house. If it’s legal considerations check your local State laws.

The"DO NOT bring food offerings of any kind" is excellent advice.

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Hi Woodsman81,

I am curious.

What do you know about Bear Spray that I don’t know?

What on earth do crackheads do with bear spray and how do they do it. WTF ??? You would think whatever it is it would be awfully painful.

I guess I am naive.



I miss read your post and accidentally skipped over the word “rifle” It makes more sense now. I thought you had a method for scarring bears away just using black powder alone.

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Not sure. But I will say from experience that mace is not a very good solution in many cases. Bear spray is mace, just a whole load of it and compressed at a higher psi for longer range and thickness of stream.

I was bouncing a drunk from the bar where I used to work one night. He grabbed his girlfriend’s mace and sprayed me right in the face and up my nose. Did it hurt like hell and make me go functionally blind? You bet. But it did not stop me from charging the guy, grappling him, and trying to strangle the prick with my eyes closed. He’s lucky I didn’t crush his wind pipe. The other bouncers on with me that night ended up saving him from me, and I was the one that got maced, lol. Now I am just a human, albeit a large one. What do you think I could have done with an extra 150 lbs of solid muscle, a massive frame, and pointy teeth and claws? Adios muchachos, let’s just say that.

I also saw a crackhead (possibly meth head) literally eat the stuff from a cop just before he got tased. The guy was screaming like a nut and the cop blasted him in the face with his spray. His aim was accurate, but the guy was so worked up it didn’t even make him squint. It did nothing.TASER worked, though. Again, if it did not work on a crackhead, I would not want to rely on it against a pissed off bear.

I’m sure it works most of the time, and could possibly work on some bears, but who wants that chance? A .50 caliber black powder rifle, on the other hand, will take damn near anything off of it’s feet and it will stay there, regardless of species, drug use, or rage. That one is a show stopper.

I figured as much. But you do raise a good point. Two words: pipe bo…nevermind. I don’t want to encourage improvised devices, lol.

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Bear spray works (on bears) about 98% of the time; that’s pretty reliable. Also, comparing bears to humans isn’t the best fair comparison. Bears don’t do drugs, they don’t go into altered states that allow them to shrug off the irritant and pain, nor do they have the focus of mind to think “I’m gonna kill this guy no matter what” (unless you’re strangling their cub or something). They’re animals, and driven by instinct. If there’s a big cloud of burny-ouchy spray in this direction, an animal will not go that direction.


Aptly put woods. Ok I must confess I was not always the law abiding citizen I am today :grin:. Seriously though Fire- excellent No food- never crossed my mind. All of it good advice. I’m much more relaxed about the whole thing now that time has passed.

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I play in the Berkshires a lot and I have had two bear encounters. Both involved food. One time in (ironically) Beartown forest I got hammered and was too lazy to stow the food. About 4 AM we had a bear come right into camp while we were in tents. The other time was on Mt Greylock right on the main trail. People always discard food and some assholes litter, so the bears there know to hang out in the vicinity for snacks. I looked up and it was about 30 yards ahead of me, crossing the trail, and kept moving; it just looked at me for a second. In deeper woods incense and a good cigar work great for offerings. The incense keeps bugs off, too, especially frankincense and copal.