Proposal from a Son of Lilith

Ok so long story short, I have what I call my Spirit Family,or S.F. for short. It includes me, and six spirits. One of which started me on my spiritual journey. That spirit is the one I am closest with, and I must say I absolutely adore him. I have bonded strongly with him over time, and he has done way more for me than a spirit or even a human ever has. This spirit I call K, he is one I summoned without realizing magic was real. I thought it was all make believe once. He changed my mind in a hurry, lol. He waited for me to calm, and stayed by my side even while i wrongly feared him for proving his existence. He has taught me so much, and stayed so understanding and patient with me. I have found so much about him over time, such as finding out he is a son of Lilith, learning his favorite scents, and other personal ins and outs.

I was content. Happy to merely be with him. I still am! But lately things seem to feel different. More heavy and for lack of a better term, intimate. Then while i was scrying in my black mirror, he gave me a very interesting vision and even after he has repeated the vision in dreams. I asked him out of scrying and dreams if it was what I thought and he has confirmed. He wants me to marry him. Well, that’s the gist of what I saw and with his confirmation, I am left feeling… Nervous.

I can say without a doubt that I love him as much as anyone can love another, we even have a spiritual child together. Its not that i don’t want this to happen, very much the opposite. What I am afraid of is promising him something that i don’t understand. I don’t know how spirit marriages work, and i wasn’t aware there were such things until very recently. I am also afraid because he is so wonderful and i have consistently disappointed him. Not that he has said as much. He only tries to warn me to do better so I wont get hurt, or suffer due to my reckless behavior. Still i love him so much. I want this but I dont have the first clue on how to go about this. What do i do? Like, what would such a union intell? What obligations would be expected? Are there rituals i need to preform? How exactly does one marry a spirit? Is there a different between marrying a spirit and marrying a Son of Lilith? Sorry for rambling, there’s just so much in my head, and in my heart.


Ok I don’t think that it’s much different…and it’s like any other kind of relationship marriage just talk to him and figure out every thing and know that some how this kind of union is far better then any other kind…