Prophecy Of The Nine

I have been intensely walking this pathworking of the nine demonic gatekeepers and I wanted to know the end of it. I wanted the answer I had been searching for since I started on this path, where is it all going ?.

What am i and the rest of us being led too and I saw it … FUCKING HELL I SAW IT.

What they are making us into, what we are, what we were, what is and will always be.
It made me cry actually breakdown, I was in awe at the vision granted to me, from the gatekeepers of outer darkness.

The prophecy/revelation of what I will be giving to the final compendium, surpasses what I thought possible.

This is something I wish I could talk about, it cannot be spoken off until the work is done.
Once it is done, once the final gate is truly opened, then it shall be.

Literally guys this is a game changer and I literally cannot fucking wait.


Lets walk into the path of darkness brothers and sisters

we can and we will be.

Alash tal alash tad ashtu


I get what you’re saying, I think one of the reasons it so difficult to share the journey is because it has to be experienced.


“You cant understand until you go through it” Belial.


Ironically Belial and I agree LOL


Even just now my seed of darkness in my root and third eye tingles and vibrates intensely.


So this thread is basically a teaser/preview of what’s to come?


Correct …


Then I eagerly await the end of your working, because I am now curious and this sounds exciting.




You said so much with such few words. I am curious to see were this is all leading for you and all us…


So vague great practice for salesmanship. The 9 are referring to the 9 Egyptian kings not the 9 demonic kings. Why are the other 61 demons ignored? Because of their ranks and weakness? Seriously your sounding more and more like E.A by the day


What can i do to help and how can i walk this path?

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That’s called psychological manipulation as well.


Or marketing :woman_shrugging:t2:I’m guilty of it on social media for my own purposes.


Belial said since it all started “the true master is at the 9th gate”. He also said that his revelation was only the beginning and that Lucifer had another and so on.

So I don’t know where the surprise is coming from.

You can start with Belial’s revelation @Nephenthe (the Black Alchemy).


Okay …

Firstly yeah I’m aware of the number nine being referenced with the nine Egyptian kings, also I’m not doing work with the nine demonic kings atm.

I’m also aware that the number nine represents spiritual law, it upholds the laws of spirit as well as breaks those laws and the nine headed beast surely breaks those laws. Just like the black magician does when they perform rituals.

Secondly I don’t ignore the 61 other demons neither should anyone else, I’ve worked with them in the past and they surely are powerful and knowledgeable entities.

Thirdly “your sounding more and more like E.A by the day”. This is interesting you say this since I do a lot of work Eric doesn’t do and he does a lot of work that I don’t do. Some of our gnosis may be similar, yet we disagree on a few things.

We have techniques which differ also, as well as our style of magick sometimes differs.
Just because we have similarities doesn’t mean someone is copying another.

I am a firm believer in do what works for you, for example my techniques and style of magick and spirituality some of it is original.
Some of my techniques come from Kurtis Joseph, Asenath Mason, EA, Asbjorn.
So what’s the reason behind that, because if you understand these individuals they present their work as a template. It’s adaptable and changeable, a lot of what I do has been taught to me by spirits themselves. A lot of my work is influenced by my mother who’s a LHP practitioner herself. A huge part of my spirituality is borrowed from paths and things I’ve done in the past like my energy work for example a lot of that is influenced by my tai chi days when I was doing Kung Fu.

Your taking my work at face value, however a lot of what I do is different. I have a upcoming book all of the rituals, meditations, exercises etc.
Are all things I’ve learnt from the spirits.

Maybe you don’t like my style and that’s okay :slightly_smiling_face:, I’m not here to impress anyone.
I am merely here to share my work, gnosis, techniques and discuss with others similarities and their opinions, I am also here to help others, I am cause this is a badass and interesting occult community.


All this damn drama over a fucking book.


There will always be drama I suppose :man_shrugging:t2:.

All this was is me sharing my experience and excitement for what’s to come, didn’t realise it would bother others so much, but oh well :roll_eyes:.


Pay no attention dude! Do you, because that’s who we love.