Project Lucifuge

Ok, here’s the plan for anyone wanting to work on this.

Evoke or invoke Lucifuge, ask him to send you a sum of money it can be small to large.
Tell him it’s for Arianna’s Lucifuge project.

When the money arrives do something for a child.
Either donate it to a trusted organisation to help feed a child or to something like children’s miracle network.
Or do something more local. If you know a child that needs something, clothes, a meal, even a nice toy … then buy it and give it to that child.
Make a child have a brighter day …

Please post your story here and share with us.

Arianna :rose:


How sweet! Princess @Eye_of_Ra is such a sweet lady.


Aww thank you :blush:


I’m in. I’ll also probably do the same for a leukemia group as well.


That’s awesome I think there are some good organization’s for that …

I’m thinking there’s children’s miracle network
March of dimes

And some others. I will have to look into what each one specialise in.


Initiate phase one


Does anyone have the sigil for lucifuge? I’m would like to join!

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Hold on I might have one

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This should work


Thank you! I try to evoke him once before but I didn’t have the right sigil plus I was wayyy to emotional for it, at least it seemed.


No problem :slight_smile:

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If i may ask, Do you work with Lucifuge often?

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I do yes

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I’m very interested in him. I share some of his values when it comes to packs and excesses. Can you tell me more about him and what its like working with him? And how to go about working with him?

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Have you searched?

Search for him and then if you don’t find what you are looking for either ask the question on a thread about him or create a new one to ask.

This is a working project Thread, so it is for people who are participating in the project to communicate.

Best of Luck to everyone. Wonderful idea. I hope y’all have success. :black_heart:

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I would evoke him and go from there.

You have his sigil now so you should be able to make contact.

He has no fucks to give, but he is awesome and makes the work fun.


I’m not trying to be rude but it doesn’t mean they can’t ask questions. It seems there wasn’t an issue with that and there certainly hasn’t been before.

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Of course. But they might not have been aware of the distinctions between the types of threads and there’s a lot of information on here that can be combed through so I felt it was worth stating .