Professor likes bullying disabled students

There’s a professor at my university discriminating me because I’m disabled(autistic). He said that I will never get an A in his class because he thinks people like me are not worthy of an A. So now I’m thinking what kind of dark spell to use to remove this guy from school for good. Any suggestions to any nasty spells to send to this guy? I want to do a big epic spell to make this guy suffer.


Wow. That’s disgusting. I’m so sorry. You should never have to go through that.

I can’t wait to see what people recommend here!

Off the top of my head, I can think of “Bring Great Illness” from Angels of Wrath.

It’s only fair. It works, too. Can take a few weeks, or even a month or so, but damn… it works.

I have a so-called “hidden illness” so I did this recently to a similar psychopath. I think of it as “bring empathy”.


This is heartbreaking, I’m sorry you have to experience this. My 11yr old son has autism and I’m actually in the process of pulling him out of public school and homeschooling him myself because of the lack of support at his school.

In instances like this, I always call on Belial. He hates an arrogant asshole that abuses his power. I called on him not too long ago to help remove someone from their position at our school district. I have a low tolerance for discrimination…


I’ll call my patron Belial to give the professor a very “nice” treatment.


Well That is a very ugly professor

Do you have any idea of what the root cause of the problem is? Or when this started?

Is there a particular pattern you notice when the professor acted this way?


He started acting bad last thursday. When I said I was going to delay my project because I’m full of homework and starting to feel a burnout because of my condition. This guy is just a prick that has no empathy for his students.


He started to treat me strange after finding out I’m autistic. Maybe this is the root of the problem?


Ah yes… how old is he? Is he a boomer? Or gen x?


@John_John A polite reminder that politics is prohibited on this forum, so I have removed your comment asking about politic views. It has no bearing on the topic under discussion, and will only lead to other such comments.


Damnit, I was trying probe this, however I totally understand, my bad.


Whats the name of the professor?

Message me.


Awh man, I’m so sorry!

I recently tested high aut traits, as well. Probably behind social problems I’ve had over the years. A lot of people especially don’t like the need for communication to be really explicit. I have to ask people to clarify a lot. “Mr. 50 questions” They’ll sometimes see it as obnoxiousness or even a type of social assault instead of the innocent questions they truly are.

Or they see “getting to know you” questions as interrogations… Nah, they’re just questions! Thorough questions, sure, but harmless…

The irony, too, is that some aut traits such as honesty and straightforwardness are talked as positive traits in society. Yet when you actually have these traits, for some reason people object or outright discriminate. It’s a strange source of friction.


Avoiding burnout is very serious.

You asked for accommodations and he actually rejected you?? That’s quite illegal. You could probably make some $ here with a lawsuit. That’s can ruin his day in a productive way for you. Win-lose. Not the most ideal thing normally, but ideal for someone like this.

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He’s 29 years old.

I talked to a lawyer about this. He is eager to file a lawsuit. I’m thinking about a combo here: filing a lawsuit and sending the worst curses to him. I already sent a few curses to him after this and I’ll keep sending till he gets fired from the school and completely broken.


File a lawsuit, and sic Belial on him. He hates people who abuse their power.


You can visualize grey/black death energy on him, entering his feet, through the body, or into his head, a chakra, etc. IF you can get away with it, and if appropriate, you can tell him he will die before he is 21, 24, 30, 36, 40, etc. My art teacher did this to some high school punks. They died at 20. He told another guy he would be paralyzed before 21 years old. It happened before 21. He was well versed in at least some occult stuff. 30 years ago.


Belial is my patron. He was the first one I called to curse this guy. King Belial told me he’s going to give a “special” treatment to this teacher.

Oh man that’s weird, a 29 year old should be more opened minded than that.

What I’m thinking right now is, you probably need to work on your root chakra.

Whenever weird stuff like this happens, is that there is probably some sort of parasite trying to mess with you through professor. In an effort to break through areas of energy body that are not fully protected.

Not all teachers and coaches are created equal.

Every coach or professor likes to seem great and smart & everything, but a lot of them are susceptible to manipulation from negative energy just like many people are.

Be careful on how much respect your willing to give… Unless your confident that energy body is developed enough to withstand potential angry outburst from these people that you are willingly opening yourselve up to by listening to them.

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How is this conversation not political anyways?

I’m in a group very important to me that also has a no politics policy, but let’s be real; recovery from addiction gets political, being disabled in OP’s world is inherently political.

I’m not trying to make your job harder; you are awesome. I just think there are political factors to OP’s topic that shouldn’t be ignored.

Though I literally came here to ignore my political climate lol I also have similar issues that I put a “tough-guy” coat of paint over because it was even shittier back in the day, people tried to prey on me.

Now I make people nervous. I became a monster to scare monsters away.
Maybe OP needs to hear more from me than you, but…

Being disabled is going to be political whether you want it to or not, my Homie. Word is Bon Jovi, it’s political.

Maybe you know some tricks to circumvent how political it gets to admit you have a disability?

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