Professor likes bullying disabled students

@Alazif please be aware that this community runs on a “no politics” rule regarding postings:

If you’d like to discuss the political connections to your problems with the OP you are free to do so via PM :slight_smile:


If you ever need someone to talk to, hit me up. I’m pretty sure I’m autistic too. I grew up pretty rough with it…

I’ll pull some tarot cards, talk, whatever you need. I can even talk your professor into treating you like gold.

Eight of Disks says this could be a productive friendship if anything.

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Didn’t mean to bust balls.
Just gotta stick up for my people every now and again, not saying you’re throwing shade.

It’s been a while; it’s cool to see you!

There may very well be, however, it is not really relevant to a discussion about how to deal with a bully. The target’s motives don’t really matter, what matters are their actions towards the OP. We don’t need to talk about the why of those actions in order to deal with them. If someone punches you, you don’t have to know the reason before hitting them back.

Ideologies and political view points are prohibited, period. This has been the rule on this forum since 2018 and came down from on high.


I understand.
But we’re not talking solely about motives.
It’s already political if you bring up your disability or whatever.

I’m just saying it’s unavoidable.

If a Puerto Rican sorcerer said they were being discriminated against for being Puerto Rican, is that too political?

If a sorcerer has some quirk that doesn’t fit into the default hegemony, am I to understand that’s taboo for the sake of “don’t get political, guy!”?

I’m not trying to bust your balls, I’m just speaking as someone who has to keep quiet about a lot of pressing matters because “they’re political”.

How can people who don’t exist in the straight, white, neurotypical hegemony express these unique issues in our journeys without it being political?

Are our issues “Too Hot for BALG”

I do think “no politics” comes from a good place, but it’s unrealistic, especially in a forum where we all talk about how we control the subtleties of our environments.

It’s a good guideline, but it ultimately amounts to more shit on the heads of people with less privaleged backgrounds.

Besides, how am I supposed to critique something like Luciferianism without getting political?

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He sounds an asshole. You can use hoot foot oil, If I were you I would also make him impotent. Those kind of pubic lice get on my last fucking nerve. You can also ask from Hecate to show to the managent his true colours.
What is he teaching? How to be a dickhole 1.01? (I am not angry at you but I am fumming over this asswipe)


two options come to my mind.
Master curse from magickal attack book or
simple do a ritual to King Belial!

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I agree with this.

I totally understand the rules they have placed here on Balg on politics, but unfortunately we can’t get into the nitty gritty of things like this because it is too hot of a topic.

I’m a moderator for a different job as well and man, that topic can really get out of hand so it is totally understandable.

It really is unfortunate, because yeah college is definitely a place where that runs rapid.

I’m sure its contributing to why the professor is becoming such a fool, and negs are utilizing the professors current mindset and further trying to corrupt it which is probably making him act this way to certain people.

I had talked to a psychologist and I was almost diagnosed as High spectrum Autism… However she was not able to fully diagnose me as one for whatever reason. It turns out that it is actually a good thing. Autistic people can be really freakin good at something once they figure out what it is there good at, & usually become one of the best.

People just focus too much on how to take care of the problem, but what about longterm help to prevent things from happening? Well there are spells and pacts and such… But how come people continue to keep failing for a long time? Well unfortunately… It’s due to the lack of understanding & rules that are implanted in places like this make it a little more difficult have true freedom of speech. Just like every where unfortunately.

The Private message option is the best way at the moment, the only bad part is that… Other people who may be is desperate need of help on the same issue wont be able too see the conversation.

However… A skilled magician could Astral project & divinate & what not to get information… but most people are not on that level & it’s because they are constantly being fucked with and distracted making it hard for progress.

That’s why I highly recommend to learn psychic self defense, energy work, some baneful magic, & get good with your financial situation.

So then you can really focus on developing those other skills and put real time into it.


I will say though that, I prefer doing it like this based off my goals because I got big plans for the future, which requires me to be around a lot of people and go outside and this and that.

People could start learning astral projection and divination and what not however you choose do but, the way our government has structured reality, they basically force us to make money and be around people… so I think my recommendations would be the most logical imo.

Some people prefer to become homeless or travel outside there country’s to places that will provide a place to stay or whatever…

I mean you can force yourself, but… I totally understand that most people will get fucked by negative energy’s and situations along the way which make a 2 year plan turn into 4 years… and the 6 year plan and what not. That’s what happened to me… also being a solo magician it can be real hard without proper direction, we do have books and video courses and what not, but we are all unique with our own goals and problems and we usually get fucked. xD

That’s why people just want to stay home. So definitely self defense should be a main priority, I wish I started off like that.

His class is Electric/electronics projects.

I started to learn magick a few years ago because I had no other means to protect myself from the people who always bullied me at the university(teachers and staff mostly). The bullying was so intense that I got really sick and had to have a surgery. Almost died from this. At the time I started to learn and practice magick to change all these bad stuff and magick never disappointed me. In fact, magick was a key factor that changed my life in many deep ways and even saved my life many times.

King Belial has been helping me ever since with magick, my self growth and the bullying has been less intense nowadays than the past years. Belial has helped me even when I didn’t understand certain classes and asked him to teach me some really hard classes of electromagnetism because the teachers didn’t want to help me.

I got an A in these classes after Belial helped me. King Belial can teach you anything all you have to do is to ask.

Magick showed to me how to protect myself and also King Belial taught me a lot of incredible stuff.


That makes a lot of sense now that your teacher was trying to hurt you… trying to put a mental blockage on you.

What I’m thinking now is, your teacher is being used as a tool from negs to try and stop you from progressing further into learning and utilizing electro magnetism.

The electric magnetic field is your best friend when dealing with negative energy’s and entity’s in order to stop them.

There’s many ways to create an electric magnetic field.

I’m not fully trained on the terms and technicalities on it, however… I do have a lot of experience with utilizing the electric magnetic field.

Have you tried electric grounded earth bed sheets? They are amazing.

What I tend to do now a days is utilize energetic tools that I have created and program them to take care of negative energy’s now, more of a Manuel method, but very practical for daily use. However I do like to incorporate a mixture of everything as combinations can be very effective and lethal to them.

It sounds like your doing the right things. I would say just keep learning and utilizing, but be also be careful because, the better you get, the more problems seem to come to the surface that you may not have been aware of previously. It can be such a pain, but these things are smart.