Problems with women

Im attractive … and their are women all around me that express this to me . But i cannot take things to the next level and have not had success beyond mutual attraction. Its so frustrating. Does anyone have a solution or advice please help . Thank you .

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Not really magickal advice so mods feel free to delete this if you want.

OP literally just talk to women and find the one that you find attractive, that you can have meaningful conversations with, and that’ll stick around without getting sick of you.
That’s literally it. When you think you’ve found the one just ask her out and hope she doesn’t just think of you as a friend as you’ll have to start the process over if that is the case

Also i’d recommend paimon or lilith if you want to take things to the next level
Check out the search bar for love magick


on a higher level than i am


Whats the problem here? You can’t find hot enough bitch that fills in all of your checklist boxes?


No . Im having trouble taking them to bed with me. Or just starting a relationship.
It goes , attraction … talking … awkwardness . Then poof , its over and im starting over again . No relationship , no sex … i must be doing something wrong . Im not being picky at all

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Then stop giving a fuck. Work on yourself. Bitches aint worth shit my dude. Women now and days is a fucking joke (so are most men too). Most people are confused and living their lives retarded.

Humans keep things way to hard. Keep it simple go make your money and then find a young sugar baby in 30 years to own.

Be an interesting person. Be funny. Have your shit together. Model yourself after real fucking men from the past. Dress good. Feel good about yourself. Build a amazing nest and the right bird will come along.


Well being attractiv is Hood it makes things easier but if thats all one can offer then it usually will not be enough.
As stated earlier be an interesting person, be someone they wanna be with. You need to have something incommon else Why would you benefit from being together. Do you both like comics great an interest, do you both like extreme sports perfect go rock climb together, you both like Classic music Well ho to the opera. Being attractiv is a help in giving you the chance to present yourself nothing else.
I can recommend reading Neil strauss the game the techniques in it aint that via le today but the talk about being an interesting person may be of service for you.


Female here. I agree with @Purple about people being confused and not knowing wtf they even want.

My personal advice to you: instead of asking why you can’t get women to get involved with you, ask yourself who you want to be, what you want to be proud of in yourself. I was very depressed for years, whining about why I couldn’t find a man (unlike you I’m picky as hell) until I finally asked myself: what do I bring to the table? Would I, as I am right now, even attract the kind of man I’m looking for?

Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows his worth. It also helps to know your own ego and see women as flawed beings like everyone else, not some rare gem you desperately want to get a hold of. True respect starts with understanding and realizing your own self first, and then extending the respect you have for yourself to others. As soon as women smell lack of confidence or desperation (and believe me that’s pretty much a matter of seconds) they will lose interest, no matter how nice you are. I won’t get into the ”nice guy“ topic…just this: women don’t respect men they see as harmless and submissive, period.

If you’re looking for a meaningful, lasting relationship, then become the kind of man who could attract a woman of a finer caliber. But first and foremost, have a healthy relationship with yourself.

If you haven’t already, you should check out Jordan Peterson.


Well my first question is “what is it that you are looking for?”
I get the impression that possibly you are desiring not just casual pursuit but companionship. In this case I would say think about not only those who express their attraction to you but also seem to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually compatible.

I know this is kind of a vague “fortune cookie” type of response.
But possibly you are having trouble meeting someone in the “now” because on a subconscious you are still searching to find someone whom you feel truly compatible with.


If taking the women to bed is all you want then I just might have the right spell for you. Then I would recommend the Simon’s Necronomicon love spell since it will caused a girl to have such inflaming attraction for you that you might be in shock by it’s power.


Don’t waste good looks because you’re scared.


Which is why I pretty much gave up on women and accepted that I will most likely be single for the rest of my life. Basically I say that to myself as a coping mechanism of being a realist. I got sick and tired of people (mostly women) saying “oh you are only young you will find someone one day”. I’m good at smelling comfort bullshit, and it is the worst kind of pain a guy can experience. I ask to myself and to them (I’m 34 and going to be 35 at the end of the year) When is oneday? Is it tomorrow? Is it next week/year/decade? How long do I have to wait because I’m going to be dead oneday. I’m potentially autistic and it really fucks with my ability to communicate in general.
To me it is better and comforting to be realistic and honest. What I want to know is why do people do that comfort bullshit thing? Is it a way of trying to be nice yet knowing that person hasn’t got a hope in hell, or is it something more sinister?


I think most people believe they’re not complete without a partner, and pity singles in a way, not necessarily with bad intentions, but they have this idea of finding your soulmate or love of your life deeply ingrained in their consciousness.


Well thats a cynical view. Usually when ppl say that they mean well and mean what they say. Everyone have had hardship and thought there is no way for life to be good again and then guess what life got better.
Then again one cant wait for the right one to drop into takes some effort on once own part aswell.

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I know what you are saying. But i have to be this way otherwise i will self-destruct. I think on a conscious level they may mean well, but subconsciously it could be something worse.
Like i say, i’m potentially autistic and have a lot of trouble with communication, so the cards are stacked against me. I find it easier to talk to and become friends with women online because 1)Most are witches 2)Most are from another country 3)all of them are with someone. However outside i have to be somewhat cold towards women for my own sake, if i fall for a woman outside it will definitely 99% end in misery for me. Like i say, it is not how i want things to be, its is the way things have to be.
A choice between getting close to a woman or buying a lottery ticket? The lottery ticket wins everytime because there is a proven verifiable chance I can win.

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Thankyou for your insights. Much appreciated.


I think this is a huge part of the problem . I have social anxiety / general anxiety and the more im attracted to a woman the harder it is . Because the stakes are higher .

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Tell me more …

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I know what you mean. . I think it may be them sympathizing with you . Trying to comfort you. Idk , i get so socially uncomfortable sometimes that i feel like i may be autistic too . But im not. Somedays , im a social genius , somedays im absolutley not .

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Providing more details about this spell sounds fine with me. The love spell is called the: “To Win the Love of a Woman” from the Book of Calling section on the pages of 110-111 (or pages 81-82 if it the online version of the book) of the Simon’s Necronomicon where you need to chant out a group of Sumerian phrases over an apple or pomegranate three times in order for the Sumerian love goddess call Inanna or Ishtar to help you find love or at least lust.

The best and most fool proof way is just to get her to eat/drink as much of the fruit you cast the spell on as possible. Getting the girl to eat the fruit works even for people not well versed with the occult, magic, energy work or whatever you want to call it. You can also work with this technique by smearing the fruit’s juices on a sigil representing the woman you want, or on an object that has a link to her – this may be a preexisting link or one you made through occult workings.

I’ve also heard of people using this creatively, making a perfume out of the apple they cast the spell on and having their target smell the scent, supposedly it worked well for them. Works either way but best if there is more than trivial contact. You don’t need to make the juice - just use regular apple or pomegranate juice available in stores.

Even carrying the apple around or just dabbing some juice on yourself helps in a club scene. Touching (i.e. infiltrating the aura) discretely (i.e. not groping) helps too. Generally, it’s not great for instant fixes (it can work though) but better on longer term contact situations e.g. someone who takes the same bus as you on a daily basis etc.

And what I want to do with this spell is merely gain more research in finding out what it has done to others that have tried it out. Have already talk to two people that have tried it out. Where the first is the guy who I learn about the spell from originally and the second tried it out after he ask for spell suggestions and I suggested this particular love spell for him to tried out.