Problems with the current of ishtar

Hey there. I have a problem with the current of Ishtar. I was doing the DIY video ritual o Js Garret channel with ishtar. After I’ve done the ritual, i went to sleep, and then when I woke up I thought it would be right to ask her to go to the other plane and do what was necessary to my work, and after i her presence leave the room I’ve done the Lesser banishment of the pentagram ritual as i read that in some rituals this would be right.
But barbie said to me that doing this would severed the connection with her. How can i reconnect with her and ask her that im sorry for this?

I don’t see why this would sever the connection personally, but if the person who devised the ritual said it would then your best bet is to just redo the ritual.


The RHP lbpr is shit if you are working with the demonic. Try the enochian lbpr or the demonic lbpr.

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Ishtar isn’t a demon.
OP try to google “Sumerian banishing ritual” and I’m sure you’ll find something if you want to use a banishing ritual in the future.
As for what can you do, I suppose if you have indications she’s not around, then redo the ritual? Never had such kind of issues.

I don’t see why you didn’t asked barbie what can you do since appearantly she knows.

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You’re the second person I’ve seen here to have issues with this ritual.

It’s not unusual that not all techniques work for all people.

Ishtar is a deity level entity, there’s no reason you would “sever” a connection and not be able to reopen it as easily as the first time.
It’s not just her current, she’s part of a complete pantheon.

Lbrp isn’t relevant here as Ishtar is not under the authority of xtian entities, being an ancient god, much older than their naming. At most she could be making a point that she doesn’t want you to mix her up with Golden dawn techniques. Get creative.

I suggest you go your own way, trust yourself, call again and establish a personal connection without reference to a technique that don’t work with your energy.
Maybe look into older magic, greek with her as Astarte, or sumerian with her as Inanna etc.

You felt drawn to work with her - that means she called to you and wants to work with you, just not this way, this was just how she got your attention… now you’re on a journey and you will find the way :slight_smile:

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@Mulberry i thought that also, but i was worried because when i look at her sigil, i fell this strange felling like someone is attacking me or something. But the ritual all to the way here was good, not only good, but marvelous with her. I had fell her touch since. But after the pentagram i felling this strange hostility on looking to the sigil that was make to that DIY ritial. It’s because of what you said about the point that she was trying to tell? Like “don’t call me, as i am doing work now”?

I was worried because since Belial guiding me to this work, the path was beautiful and good within, her and Shemyasa, so i was worried that i did some mistake and hurt her in any way with that, and because of this she was pissed with me.
Bu now that you’re saying about the pentagram having no reaction to her as she is a sumerian goddess, i felt so much release.
Most probably she wanted to make a statement for to don’t do this again and to reopen the gate. Thanks a lot man

Yeah it’s too early to conclude what that means yet. You could have archons and parasites interfering.

Nuuu, this wouldn’t be a problem… She’s a god :slight_smile:

I was making a guess at what this “Barbie” person could have meant by saying the lbrp would “disconnected” her. But this really makes no sense…
You said yourself, she had already left the room, and I said (and I think someone else did), lbrp will have no effect on her, because she’s a deity not a “xtian demon”, and the xtian angels have no authority over her. THey’re a different kind of being altogether, she gives no shits what they think.

I think you’re doing just fine and it’s time to stop relying on other peoples UPG/opinions (including mine), and other people’s rituals, and talk to Ishtar yourself - she seems to want you to.

^ This! This is great, do more like that :slight_smile: Make our own path.

All this does is clear lesser entities from your space. I don’t use it as I never do clearings in anyone’s name but my own, and I think it’s kind of rude, and it takes too long and is too fussy.
You could smudge with white sage, you can do white light, you can enchant water and sprinkle that, and get the same effect - your INTENTION is not to banish Ishtar, so she won’t be offended by any of them.

Intention is everything. It’s the most important aspect of all your magick. Trust it and trust yourself, first, foremost and always.