Problems with evocation, opening sigils & manifestation

Dear members, I have followed new instructions on opening sigils. Gazing at the sigil for awhile until it becomes blurry or something?

When you keep your eyes open and don’t blink sigils might appear to be somewhat blurry, appear and re-appear but does that mean you’ve opened a sigil?

Anyway, I tried that technique quite a few times recently with different entities. Each time, when I feel the entity might be present, I speak to them out loud and present my requests and offerings and ask them what else they’d like to receive as an offering.

I then let it go as usual… I often do perform the LHP version of the LBRP and Middle Pillar ritual first. I also visualize sigils.

Been at it since 2007… Yeah! Been doing sigil work since 2007… The first Goetic I tried to work with was Dantalion. Back then, I tried a method taken from the Lemegeton/Lesser Key of Solomon grimoire. Now, I stay away from Judeo-Christian methods. EA has a method of evocation in ‘Become a Living God’ that doesn’t involve Yahweh’s names.

I really DO let go of the working and take action in the mundane world. I also chant LOTS of mantras daily (Buddhist, Hindu, Satanic). But I’m always forced to ask for help, especially when I keep reading success stories.

Some (like EA and certain forum members) even aim to kill enemies through magick, they should not be judged and are not judged! I don’t see why my goals were oftentimes judged or I’m told spirits won’t help until I figure things out etc.

Been involved in heavy Buddhist practise for 9 years already… I guess I must have figured some things out! lol Being also involved in Satanism helped me a lot, made me a lot stronger.

I just need a little push, that’s all! Once the door is open…

So what are you wanting advice on exactly? Sigil opening? Structuring spirits?

Sigil opening more precisely, getting the Spirit to HEAR me and go about my request or determination since I’m also actively trying to make it happen.

there is a funny saying in zen buddhism “either you get it in 3 seconds or will take you 30 years” lol, is not a discouragement but a nice koan

anyway, for the moment sigil opening has been almost my complete magickal practice (beside some candle magick and few presence evocations) and my resultas have been both good and not good (no accuarate results or not results at all) and I’ve been aiming many aspects of my life from health, to love life, money, getting rid of people, astral senses, etc etc etc…

what have I learned:

“Less is more”… I used to put candles and offerings before, but oddly enough my best results were with sigil opening involving less ritual characteristics and also less important wishes (in terms of emotional detachment). so… my advice, don´t do offerings for sigil opening, do them either for thanksfulness after the results or keep them for more specifics works such as evocation.

Demons, angels, their offerings is their work… or lets put it this way… they’re not hokers, they do what they do without payment… and many times offerings were given -by me- not on a from of respect but as a way to deal of my own fear of not getting results… I know blood is used to create a link wich is necesary to work with the energy current of entities, but is not offering in it self, at least not in sigil opening, I don’t know about evocations.

second advice… pick an issue and stick with it until you’ve solve it… either money, love, health, ascent, baneful workings… if you try to cover all the aspects without order you’ll make a mess with your emotions and lust for desires will arise without discretion, you need to be very organized, and do one work at the time.

So figure out what you need the most and give your entire focus (during magickal work) and then move on. If you can’t then a simple way to get to that is aks for “I want to see things clearly” or something like that (I did that with both Azazel and Lucifer, the results were clear in different but related aspects of my life).

I was very not-roganized and that was like trying to climb different ladders at the same time, wich is impossible even if you have an enough large member to call yourself a “tripod”.

Also, read (or re-read) this threads: (redcirlce actually has a lot of great threads for newbies)

Sigil Opening:

for me, very simple, look at the sigil with a soft look, either focus on the air between you and the sigil or the point behind it. It will get blurry, you’ll see auras, it will flash (appear and dissapear) and then after all that it will get very weird and will “dance” or “float” above the paper, like a harry potter picture or as if you were on psichedelics.

After that, visualize what you want, then charge it with emotion until you fill with it. For example, you want a car, instead of chargin with the emotion “I want a car so bad!” you do it with the “I HAVE A FUCKING NICE CAR YEAH” kind of emotion, after you’re satured with it “send it” to the sigil, and if you want state your desire to the sigil… then burn the sigil, and observe how the energy and information of your desire gets into the other world as it turnet into ether by the alchemical fire…

after that you release the kraken! … I mean, the ashes and punch yourself in the face, or clap your hands or scream or pour cold water in your face and go to make an sandwich (or something fancier)… and move on.

also check this out… the newsletters are full of great info with detailed step by step process to do a lot of things.

Whatever is your desire make sure there are no guilt for it, fear of it, and an opposite desire, etc… because the emotions related divide your will and you need to be the nearest possible of “absent of doubt” or the entities will be like “yeah you say you want a car, but you really want a ponny” … it has happened to me (not with ponies and cars) but with woman (I want the heart of this lady… but this one’sass… and this one eyes… and this one charisma…) result… none. sad. turn the page.

and the last, and this of course is not an advice but an opinion, I’ve been or was, into buddhism for quite a while but really there are two ways of buddhism, either you find “the way” wich is zazen or inner godhood/satori/realisation/nirvikhalpa samadhi (from hinduism) wich is what zen is all about (that and laughter) wich is right here right now or the more esoteric current in wich you deal iwth invocation to buddhist deities such as I don’t know, blue buddha for healing, or the Taras for protection or Vajrapaani for strenght and power… you know… the thing is… that kind of buddhism is not about realization but about creating a live that is “worth living” …

and I don’t know about satanism but magick is also that, and maigck practice is not religion even tho it can derive to it…

and this was my own realization about the subject: take a path… a path, not many, or at least one at the time.

you can be a “guru” in a path, and bam! new path, a newbie with no experience but the skills that you’ve developed along the years of training and realizations that may or may not work in your favor in a new path


My advice on sigil opening is somewhat the same as epicgnome but here’s some techniques that help me.

Sit in a room with only the light of a single lit candle or as dimmly lit as possible to where you can see the sigil.Prop the sigil up on something to where it sits on an. 45 degree angle. (A stone or crystal works well) Take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds.Count in your head “1Mississippi ect”.Then let out the breath with a relaxing Ahhhh.Next close your eyes and focus on your breath.Breath through your nose and out your mouth very softly.I like to imagine in my inner vision the air entering my nose and exiting my mouth.This gets me into the TG sync within seconds.Now open your eyes and study the lines of the sigil for a couple seconds.Then focus on a blank spot on the paper.Pull your vision back and view the static rain ONLY.A couple of postures I like to do is stand with the sigil below me or lean back with my hands behind me hold me up at an angle.For me it’s easier to be further away from the sigil.Try your best to not let your eyes wonder the sigil.Focus on that one spot with a soft gaze and you’ll start to notice that the sigil not so much disapears but the static rain will begin to cover it making it disapear.It is also helpful to picture your goal in your mind WHILE your opening the sigil.This will send a pyscic link to the spirit of why you’re contacting it.I also find it helpful to chant the name of the spirit while opening the sigil.Once the sigil is charged and you have the feeling the call has been heard put the sigil somewhere hidden from yourself so you will not come into contact with it.Do not think about the goal.Release all attachment to your need for the outcome.This is the hardest part especially in emergencies,but you MUST trust the spirit and more importantly yourself.

So yeah when opening sigils there’s ALOT of mental multitasking going on but it gets easier as time goes on.


Following your advices. How can you tell you’ve truly opened a sigil and it’s not just an optic illusion?

You have to realize that logical analysis of magick is what renders it null. Stop analyzing, go back to the imagination of a child and you’ll succeed.


As. you work more and more with sigils you’ll get a gut feeling that it’s opened.Don’t think about it too much.The entity will sense your doubt in yourself.Go into this saying to yourself. “I WILL succeed”.After awhile you’ll start noticing the presence of the spirit.Don’t analyze just go with your first thought that comes to mind.

I often do perform the LHP version of the LBRP and Middle Pillar ritual first.

There is no such thing, regardless of whatever crap you or someone else pulled off some ‘Satanic’ website, and if you actually understood what the Middle Pillar and LBRP are and are doing, you’d understand why such a thing doesn’t even make sense. And no, I am not saying that Hebrew chants have to be used. In fact, the names that do make sense are those of the relevant planetary deities of Uranus, Pluto, Sun, Moon and Earth corresponding to the Sephirah down the middle pillar of the Tree of Life.

Poete Maudit, can you elaborate on that?

I think I can relate to what is referred to, but I won’t comment- but just as a general comment (of this forum), it seems it would make more sense to write “when you wrote ___, did you mean A vs B?” or just “when you wrote ___, could you elaborate- in terms of ___ aspects?”

(as just can you elaborate on “that” seems to imply all of what was written didn’t make sense- or just a vague req for more info)- whatever, I know my post wasn’t being queried for more info- so this is just a general suggestion to enhance discussion (as without it, it seems to fracture any flow or idea-devel)

thanks tao,

yeah I ment about

In fact, the names that do make sense are those of the relevant planetary deities of Uranus, Pluto, Sun, Moon and Earth corresponding to the Sephirah down the middle pillar of the Tree of Life.

Toakua can you elaborate on that?

I kid, lol.

I think in this case EpicGnome was asking for more info, unless I am mistaken.

elaborate on this please D:

I kid, lol.

you’re right lol I was, just asking for more info- practical infor if possible- in the subject

Unfortuanay I cannot provide any advice on sigil activation. I’ve never had success with the gazing method for sigil opening. The lines disaper, flash, and go 3D but the ritual or spell always fails. If anything I’ll get a headache even if my gaze is relaxed. The traditional method of blood, wine, incense etc was successful once or twice over a few years. I’ve learned not to waste my time with sigils anymore.

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What about Neptune, …, Earth ?

I was just passing through and this information is helping me understand more of what to do, the sigils, and meaning behind it all. I feel I understand better and appreciate this thread. Thank you.

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I generally use lbrotp to ensure I get the daemon I want and not any “hitchhikers”. I primarily call on Marquise Orias, also paying homage and respect to Crown Prince Lucifer and King Paimon. I use the simplified method E.A. shows in his video for lbrotp. It works fine, even tho I’m calling on demons and you would think Hebrew god names and angelic callings would hinder it. Maybe it does and that’s why I haven’t seen them yet (but I feel Oias’s presence more strongly and more often than any demon I have called on