Problems with angels

Due to the idiocy of a friend, I have angels watching me and my favourite demon is now imprisoned. I am sick of having those angels around me because they disrupt my dark energy and magick use. I have two questions, how do you banish an angel and what are the weaknesses of said angel?


Which demon?

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If you can make desecrated water, use that and sprinkle it around your house in every room. That should be able to get rid of the angels from hanging out in your house.

As for freeing your demon buddy, you could tell me which angels, because I work solely with the angelic current, and I may be able to talk with them. Or, you could go and soul travel and free Omen by yourself. If you are going to do this, I’m going to PM you a phrase to say so that you can be protected.


Zachael, the purifier and angel of Mercy. Is there a guide on how to make desecrated water?


Woah. My angels have not intervened with me working with LHP.

Or have they… could explain why I never get molested in dreams, even though I wanna be


A friend of mine asked an angel to intervene to stop me working with a particular demon.


Maybe you shouldn’t have worked with him.


Okay, I’ll go have a chat with him and get him to release Omen. I’m going out right now, when I get back home I’ll commence it.

No, I recommend doing it intuitively.


If you really think that, that’s the case. Normally he can’t, the Angels have to have your permission. Call them and say that this Omen is your friend and that they have no permission to intervene in your life. Only if you ask them too.


I’m at my Dad’s now, and I can feel my incubus and other demon energy better here. Because at my place I pray to my angels a lot, and my bedroom is just whoosh with angel energy. It seems brighter in there.


Alright, it’s done. I got Zachael to bring me to the cage that he had imprisoned Omen and together we had freed him.


Thank you. Omen is my best friend and lover.


Awesome to see people helping each other here :+1:


Greetings brother, this really fascinated. What insights do you have of angels?


Like, all my insights? That’s extremely broad. I have learned that that angels take a top down approach to ascension, where they elevate you to their level; instead of demons which descend to your level in order to cause your ascension.

I have found that angels respond very well too holy items which have been blessed by the clergy of the four Churches which trace their lineage back to the apostles of Jesus Christ: the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox Church, and the Churches of the East. Even though angels do not associate themselves with the Christian god, Yahweh. In fact, angels predate religion, and I believe that a great number of angels are the ascended bodies of ancient shamans.

I have found that there are not any true distinctions between the abilities and capabilities of demons and angels, all that is different is frequency and their essence.

And there has been smaller revelations. Because almost all of the angels are not known to possess sigils, Gabriel, an angel of revelation, and I have been working together to receive the sigils of all angels. Not for my benefit, for I long ago learned how to evoke an angel only by knowing it’s name, but I intend to author a book which will be an angelic grimoire. Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish it with E.A.'s publishing company.


Neat! I’d read that book.


I do not see how this is problems with angels. I find these “problems” more of a human issue with angels than actually angel problems. Omen would know better than this.

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That post was a looong time ago.

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