Problems with angels

I’ve heard that angels can be picky about working with humans. Specifically that you’re more likely to get results from demons than angels. Are they really so difficult to work with?

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No. I have no problems and work with angels regularly, as do others on the forum.


Angels are not hard to deal with if you understand they don’t care about human issues. And this angel would not have even bothered with omen if his “friend” didn’t bring it to their attention by making issues.


I’m a fae occupying a human body. A changeling. It’s hard to work in angel occupied territory.


I know exactly who you are sangress. :shushing_face: I also know that it is hard to navigate this crap.

They care just as much about human issues as any other spirit does.

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I feel like I am getting some result from the couple of rituals I have done with angels so far.

Is it really easier working with demons?

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Depends on the magician. Some find it easier to work with demons, others find it easier to work with angels.


I find it easier to work with demons than angels due to the fact demons you know what your getting and they don’t alway care about the rules. Angels however have a basic hardwiring that prohibits them from action if universal laws are going to be in violation. They both are very crass when they feel their services are not being appreciated to the fullest. As with any of them though never promise something that you do not intend to follow through with to the fullest as well as the thinking of them when they do come to a call.


And I am C) none of the above. I find working with the Slavic Bogi (Gods) to be much easier to work with.


So if they don’t give a damn about humans, plants, animals, the planet then what the hell do they care about. They sound like a bunch of entitled little bitches that needs their asses kicked daily. Stuck up lil bitches.

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Angels cannot intervene unless someone gives them a command to do so. Your friend was that person. The angel didn’t need your permission. Your friend was simply putting right what they felt was wrong in their reality.

So here’s what I recommend you do: find out which angel was commanded, and then command it to stop. It will then obey you, as long as you’re 100% clear and steady about what you want. Leave your friend’s desire, etc out of that equation - it’s nothing to do with them. If you need to, you can ask an appropriate spirit to find out the name of the angel in question. Or divine the name.

Remember, it is the Operator (you) at the top; everything else follows. Apply this understanding of your reality, and you’ll be fine.

You can also bind your friend from doing more “well meaning” harm.


Demons can’t violate universal laws either. There isn’t any spirit or energy that can. That’s why learning about these laws and how to operate/be in harmony with them is so important.


For the last 2000 years, these so called Abrahamic religions took over the world. They did this not by their teachings but with brute force. Killing and slaughtering anyone and everyone in their way for their so called “God.” Destroying every single evidence they could find relating to the Gods. They burned down libraries, murdered people by calling them “witches” for practicing meditation and revering the old Gods, they abused animals and declared they do not have a soul. They burned black cats calling them the servants of Satan. They suppressed our society using fear.

Their ignorance conquered the world. They narrowed our minds so we cant look up and wonder, so we would be stuck in the mindset of a slave. After the Gods left us with their teachings, there were beings from the same race as Elders that didn’t like this idea of humans having the knowledge of their race for “free”. They declared us abominations and decided that the information was sacred to their race and their race only.

​Think in terms of humans boosting a Chimpanzees DNA using genetics, mixing it with our own DNA. Creating a human hybrid. Some people will be willing to teach them about life and society so they can one day evolve to be equal with humans and some will see these new beings as abominations and will try to destroy it with passion.

Prince Enki (aka Lucifer) and his people were the first ones of this example. They created humans and wanted to teach them how the Universe works, respecting life and sharing the knowledge.

Whole humanity can actually be summed up as a science experiment on a Cosmic level. Observing the early stages of life without any outside interaction. To see how Elders’ early ancestors have evolved in the previous Universe. To experience and observe the forgotten knowledge that comes with immortality. Or so they hoped.

However, some beings humans refer to as Angels from the Elders society, didn’t take this lightly and swore off to put humans where they belong, as slaves. Spiritual slaves more than physical that is.

They know the potential of the human energy and wanted to harvest that through cultish practices. They have the technology to harvest Astral Energy through physical means. This is why they created the early Abrahamic religions. However, Enki respects free-will above all else.

Because of this, they used humans to bring their plan into action. Suppressing the humans’ very nature limits its perspective. We are spiritual beings and if you cut the wings off a bird, what quality of life would that bird really have?
What quality of life would we have by denying the very nature of our being.

So they did. They were forced to separate themselves from the Gods society because they were no longer welcome. They were cast off and asked to never come back. Since angels couldn’t wipe us out physically because humans are under the protection of Enki and the Gods, angels started to work on the project of religion. Don’t forget, angels are from the Gods race. They hold their knowledge and practices. Before humans came into the picture, angels and the Gods lived as one society, in peace. But jealousy took over the heart of the angels and they refused to share their knowledge with us.

They put their plan to action. They wanted humans so spiritually oppressed that we wouldn’t be able to learn and practice the gods teachings. We wouldn’t be able to see our spiritual side and be bound on earth, only praising what angels taught us. Only knowing what they want us to know, sending them energy with our every prayer and with our every thought. Empowering them further so they can “feed” off of us.

They need us to be willing to give ourselves to these beings, Fear is the key to their plan, they cannot force us to believe in anything because like I mentioned thousand times, Enki holds freewill above all else. They can however suppress our knowledge.

Systematically forcing us to become fanatics, living in the world that they created for us. Keeping us ignorant, making us believe in a “Almighty God” watching us all, seeing our every action, and if we disobey, scaring us in to getting back in the line with hell and pain. This is no different than a government suppressing its people to a point that they are too afraid of acting against them.

But the Gods’ are here for us. We have freewill, meaning we the have right to choose, like all conscious beings of the Universe. However, this means we have to live with the consequences of our choices. Good or Bad. Everything falls down to us. If we turn our backs from them, refuse to be slaves, they hold no power over us. We are already learning and experiencing how to be Gods, we hold the knowledge of technology (which humanity takes for granted, but can be used to understand/practice meditation), and ability to comprehend & practice science. Understanding the laws of the Cosmos and the nature around us. Use our technology and be the guardians of Earth. Find the fine balance between spirituality and technology. Then leave everything behind and evolve, but enjoy the life in the process.

There is no God, it’s about power and fear, it’s about control, but this “control” mindset is idiotic and actually this so called “elite” are their own slaves. They are stuck in a reality that they fashioned around abrahamic religions and the one God concept. Since those teachings are from the angels, it is programmed to control you and keep you spiritually oppressed, they are living in their own lie.

They are too blind to even see that the thing they think they control is actually controlling them and consuming them in the process. They are not true followers of Prince Enki. I see the “Elite” and the cults of hollywood as an extremely confused group of people. Only children would mistake the toy for a real thing. They have nothing to do with the Gods’ and Enki.

These “organizations” are delusional, corrupt and has nothing to do with any of the teachings of the old Gods. I cannot stress this enough.

It requires brainwashing to get into these cults, they are getting conditioned and they are performing “rituals” under the influence of drugs.

​None of the Gods’ have any affiliation with the so called elite or the cults of hollywood! They are too getting manipulated by teachings of these angels.

​So it comes down to this. How do we educate these people that has been under the influence of this parasitic energy of abrahamic religions and the angels for thousands of years? How do we wake up these souls that continues to reincarnate on Earth and cannot find the truth; because their past reincarnations only consisted of angels teachings and “God”?

​These souls didn’t experience life and are very fanatically ignorant because thats the only reality they know. We know higher-selves need experience to evolve, but if the angels teachings are the only reality one knows, when they discover their reality is a lie, they shatter and cannot cope with reality of the situation and perish. Look up “Plato’s allegory of the Cave”. This is why systematically teaching them the reality (over the course of their reincarnations) is important. So they too can continue living. We cannot blame them nor get mad at them. We can only offer our guidance for them. Us making the world a batter place, helps these souls to experience life as it should, reincarnating in to the new world that is to come.

​ Restoring humanity to the place where we belong. With the Gods. This doesnt mean you have magical powers or abilities, this means you have the ability to understand and practice meditation and relearn the abilities you’ve forgotten when you decided to come down to earth.

The human body cannot hold our entire higher-selves so we had to compromise, mapping our life before coming down here and believing that we will follow what we laid down. However, the choice is ours and no being or person can be blamed of your choices. Do you choose to be a slave or do you choose to wake up? It all comes down to this. Remember, fear is what they use.
One can only see through their lies without fear

Now…now…I know that there are many who work with angels here. They’ll tell you what you want to hear, and you’ll tell other people what they want us to hear. The gods aka demons will tell you what they want you to hear as well in regards to the angels. They know you walk both sides. Being sworn to devotion to them opens up a whole different world you all aren’t in the know about. IJS…Angels aren’t all they’re making themselves out to be…bet.

Anyway, that’s my two dollars worth.


Not sure everyone has a higher self and pretty sure there are those with no other incarnations. If I had a dictator higher self and or lower self I’d would probably hate them and actively seek to destroy them upon death of this meat suit.

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Not everyone is in touch with themselves, Keighn.
You are in a state of perpetual cynicism so the world looks bleak to you. I guess you just have to wait and find out. HUG.


Actually angels are trying to intervene in my life and practices in both my spiritual awakenings and no one have asked them to. The first time they succeded through fear and I gave up, thinking it was the demons. The second time I came back not stronger than before, but more decisive. I embraced and faced my fears, and guess my surprice when I found out that it wasn’t the demons or a lesser being, but the angelics who got angry with my awakening.

I have repeatedly complaint here in BALG how angels are harassing me even though I have made clear I don’t wish to work with them and I’m very polite when I turn them down. They even tried to stop me from my initiation. Do they have something personal with me? Maybe. Do I trust them? Not even in a million years.


I’ve had angels grab onto me in the realms to prevent me from going to places they cannot even go. Literally grabbing me and demanding to know what I’m doing, where I’m going like I owe them an explanation. Pfffttt.


Would you happen to know the incantation to Pandemonium?

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I wasn’t always a cynic. When I was an optimist I was basically raped by opportunists Now that may be financially, opportunities, socially and esp spiritually. It tells me survival of the most aggressive must be the only way for the outcast and unclean. TOUGH SHIT to the rest now imho.