Problem with a spirit and sleep paralysis

Hi. During the latest year Ive been having spontaneous sleep paralysis very often and during these episodes there is always this entity in my bed. Ive never been able to see it because its always located behind my back, it “scratches” the back of my energy body causing a very unpleasant sensation, while at the same time sounding like a wild beast, hissing and growling. The spirit feels very feral and viscious. Ive tried to just “let go” and relax but then it instead goes for my throat giving me a choking feeling forcing me to start moving to wake up from the paralysis.

To give a little background I can add that I used to have spontaneous astral projections and lucid dreams throughout my life. Earlier I always easily left my body and never experienced any negative entities while astral travelling. Nowdays tho this spirit is always present behind me as soon as I enter the paralysis state. I rarely feel well rested when I wake up in the mornings, so its obviously draining my energy.

Communicating with it seems hard in that state because it feels very feral and beastlike, and its extremely aggressive, visciously clawing my back and choking me.

I dont even get very scared of it anymore, but extremely annoyed since it disturbs my sleep and has been with me for some time now.

Im not that experienced with occult practices but have alot of experiences with astral projection etc like I said.

Can anyone help me get rid of this?

Sorry for sloppy writing, Im very tired since I just had a sleepless night due to this problem.

Mentally project a banishing pentagram at it.

Phil Hine mentioned, in one of his books, something similar happening to him when he was first dabbling in magick. It took him a couple of tries but eventually he was able to focus his energy enough and hit it with a pentagram.

You could also perform a banishing ritual like the LBRP before going to bed.

Thank you, I will try that. Also been thinking about burning sage in my room, think that could help?

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It could, as sage does clear a space. However, the smell and energy of the sage will eventually fade and the entity will be back because there is nothing to keep it out. A banishing ritual, on the other hand, draws a circle around you, with guardians at the cardinal points, making a boundary the entity cannot cross and it generally will last for at least 12 hours (that’s why students in the Golden Dawn were earnestly told to perform it in the morning and again at night).

Another option, is to open and charge this sigil and place it above your bed or next to you when you sleep:

Alright. Any tips on how to perform the ritual successfully? Is it enough to just do the steps and it will work automatically even for someone without experience of the ritual?

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Yes: Tutorials for the LBRP are plentiful on YouTube, but if you are pressed for time, or under attack, projecting a banishing pentagram at the entity will at least knock it away from you. And the sigil I linked can set up a vibration that it will not like and can keep it away.


Thanks alot for all the advice man. I will try it tonight and report back any progress :slight_smile:

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Good luck. I hope it helps.

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Banish and protect. While there is nothing wrong with the LBRP, I find it to be a bit tedious and actually use rituals from Ben Woodcroft’s Angelic protection magic- shorter and easier to memorize for me- as well as have two servitors I’ve created- one for banishing and warding, and one for returning attacks.

I also use the Raziel sigil that @DarkestKnight shared in the top corners of my doorways and windows and I’ve shared the servitor for banishing and warding with the forum- and there’s quite a few replies talking about how she’s done for people and if you search by her name, I think there’s a few notes in journals here and there too.

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