Probably not making any friends here, but

Yeah I think if you aren’t serious you would be like “meh, I don’t care anyway”. Whereas if you do and you’re newish you’re kind of like “oh shit, did I do this by accident?” And then just try to explain what it was like for you.

A lot of people did in fact have issues with what I write because my views are vastly different. I do however stay upfront about my own biases and reasons for writing the way I do. I have stated several times why I write like I do, which is to provoke thought and discussion so much so I exaggerate certain aspects.

I do however welcome anyone to enter into my writing with an actual debate. I ask people to give reasons why I am wrong if they think so as well as provide definitions for certain terms and ideas to avoid misunderstanding.

Nobody gets pissed off because I’m honest about how I write unlike a typically journalist or debater.


Indeed it is. Suffice to say I had a few names definitely in mind, and none of them have weighed in. Like I said, I WILL NOT name names.


I was about to say, but better to hear from the man himself.


I spend enough damn time posting suicide helpline numbers (and I know some other members also take this on :+1: ) when someone mentions that, and the T&C’s of the site basically state if someone runs into trouble, to see a psychologict/doctor (words to that effect, I’m not up to speed on the latest) so I can’t really go there, so in the absence of a solid case to debate whether some advice was wrong and what/how it could be changed, I can’t comment on this except to say it’s a bit of an extreme example of a thing.

I do know more people have become depressed and damaged by newage and lightworking stuff than seem to be by demonic work, though. :thinking:


I was more referring to the fact that when people debate with you they do it in a much different manner. I mean no disrespect, but I half suspect it may have something to do with who you are as much as what you are saying.

All I did was point out that there is a growing trend towards falsity, laziness and the metting out of risky advice to strangers. For that I have been labeled smug and have had some fairly obnoxious replies.

It boggles my mind why people would argue against that, but then again this whole existence is unique to me as much as it is unique to them.

And to be fair, you are more polite.

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I have seen both, and it is never pretty either way.

lol, yes. Yes you do.

The problem is that you would not know if the advice was bad if the person was not around to tell you. We don’t know what we don’t know, right? Like I said, if I must make a mistake I prefer it to be on the side of caution.

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Didn’t know that, learnt a few new things the last couple of days. Like did you know Chuck Norris is dead?

He actually died in 1979 but the reaper has been too scared to tell him. :rofl::rofl:


For which I put in a polite reminder to not go there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on, all debates can get a bit heated when people are really passionate about the topic, if they’re going nowhere they get locked, this one IS though so I requested people ignore the goatfuckery of the cretin they’re arguing with :rofl: and keep it on topic.

Ish… this IS a black magick forum, some of us on here do some pretty batfuck insane things, it’s how to steer people right that we’re better off debating, IMO, and I’m just drafting some stuff for that now. :+1:


Agree, things can get very heated very quickly especially if I feel respect is not being shown, but as long as there is respect shown for someone elses viewpoint we can walk away and actually get along on other areas. I know I have had discussions with @Woodsman81 before, I can’t remember over what now but we came away still able to converse on here about other things. And I would probably defend him anywhere if I thought he was not being shown respect. Or flag the comment now I know you can do that. Much easier :slight_smile:


I do know more people have become depressed and damaged by newage and lightworking stuff than seem to be by demonic work, though. :thinking:

There is a channel on “Bio-spirituality” where a commenter wrote the Channel owner basically saying that he was exploring the new-age current for secret, empowering spiritual knowledge only to get fucked up and sent into severe anxiety because the New-Age concepts caused him to undermine his sense of reality altogether.

I’ve grown distrustful of the whole “spirits are going to fuck up your life if you aren’t a Grandmaster of the Order of Effluviant Jellybeans” because it gives the impression that the act of calling spirits to act for you is dangerous in itself without pointing out where the danger really comes from.

I’ve read the Book of Azazel and done sigil magick from plenty of the Demons there without having my life turn into silly putty or having them fuck me up. All I did was give them my requests and asserted my expectaton to have them fulfilled. When I feel that “lightness” in my chest, I know that they’ve listened.

Now, are there dangerous spirits and parasites that will become attracted to your power? Yes! That’s why you banish and learn some basic energy manipulation, but you don’t need to set it up in artificial stages where you only start evoking once you have all your shit together.

As to the New-Age thing, I think that too many people get fooled by the “love-light” thing and assume that it’s totally harmless, when the point is to diminish anything that helps a person derive an identity so that you let go of your ego-projection and realize your true nature as the infinite. To do that requires literal ego-death…


WOW I missed a crap ton!


In this context, it just means someone is making shit up to impress everybody.


I saw your deleted comment, and you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you, Brock :wink:


Well, you made lots of statements in your OP of being amazed and shocked about what people aren’t doing…So how can anyone not interpret this as a demand on them by you to act as you think they should?

And on the heels of that when Lady Eva gets in to specific things that can be done about it, you then basically come back with is it’s not my job…Laziness indeed. On to larping, what exactly do you think this “community” is, and i’m talking about BALG, First and foremost it is a business and it’s forum is open to all, so larping is and forever going to be a side effect of that.

Now i want you to know i have no personal beef with you or this thread really, and if your unset and needed to vent that’s cool, but all this seems like a mountain made out of molehill to me and if anyone has a problem with how this forum is being run or who on it then the only two people they should take that up with is E.A. Koetting and Timothy, you know because they own it. Other then that i don’t see what the true problem here is or what can be done about it besides turning BALG into just another forum filled with prima donna control freaks who do nothing but circle jerk their own egos off all day (Cough Wizard For-Cough) :man_shrugging: :grin:


I learned what LARPing is today. I’m sure that there is a lot of it that happens, but some of the posts are funny. Seeing a post such as “Help, a demon keeps using my bathroom and won’t courtesy flush.” or “What demon is best at getting wrinkles out of clothes.” or “I need 2 million dollars in the next 27 minutes and I only want it in nickles, who should I call upon.” makes me shake my head, but yet I’ll read it anyway.


I agree with almost everything you just posted bro, but I don’t really see the problem with evoking a Daemonic king early on?

And a question, not to be rude but why do you seem so triggered?
I can’t help but point that you seem upset at newbies finding themselves already conversing with spirits intimately.
Granted maybe their making shit up, but come on it isn’t that impossible these beings are trying to make their mark on this earth not leave everyone in the dark.
They wanna be noticed obviously.


It was not a demand so much as I was pointing out the fact that very few of us go their magickal careers with everything rosey and awesome. I was alluding to the fact that it seems like some folks are FOS. I’m sarcastic to a fault, though, so maybe my sarcasm was lost.

Yeah, I see where you might think that, but I meant it more in the context that I am not a snitch. That is how I feel about flagging on any platform, not just here. The fact that I took the time to create a fairly lengthy post should be proof enough that I am not as lazy as you might think. On the LARPing end, I think this group here has a good amount of true, well meaning individuals with a growing smattering of outright liars. I am not here to LARP, and neither are most of us. While it is a business, it is a business focused on magick, not theater group at the local high school.

To a point. I saw a thread the other day that royally pissed me off because of how goddamn irresponsible it was in terms of advices given, and a solid handful of LARPers ate it up, so I had to get it off my chest in a general way.

Yeah, those WF guys are insufferable, lol. I pop in every once in a while just to see if anything non-passive aggressive has developed. It has not. As for the owners, is that not why we have our awesome moderators? They have it under control, but I felt compelled to speak my mind.

That’s why I ended my rant with ‘let’s go do some magick’. That is exactly what we can do about it. After enough people have some real experiences, more and more will be able to sort the wheat from the chaff, and I believe the problem will sort itself out, even if on a personal and internal level.

I appreciate you breaking it down for me, though.


Flagging is NOT “snitching,” anything I say to further emphasise this is likely to become flag worthy through sheer frustration at that concept though, so dropping it for now. :laughing:


I feel your frustration lol! You know my experiences so now I just try to shut up unless it really pisses me off :smiling_imp: