Probably my last post here - Something I've discovered

So for the most part I thought spiritual entities were just that - entities existing outside of us. But, I had my doubts. I won’t beat around the bush; I know many of you will jump and disagree with me, but I’m here to share my thoughts:

Having performed so many experiments, I’ve concluded that what we call “spirits” are not spirits, but parts of the self. Ask yourself this, “Why would an advanced spiritual being be so anthropocentric? Why would they care so much to help us even with the dumbest things like getting a job or getting laid?” That’s so trivial.

But, more important than that, ask yourself this:

“Why don’t I get SPECIFIC information I couldn’t have possibly known?”

I asked people here to send an entity to me and reveal my name and appearance. No one, and I mean no one has been successful, even the more skilled magicians. Sure, you could say “Well I didn’t get the right message” but what are the odds of EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED GETTING THE WRONG MESSAGE?!


Usually you’ll get some vague stuff or maybe some information which is kinda true but not entirely - but that’s what your subconsciousness has picked up, so it may seem like it’s something you didn’t know already. Because it’s hidden from your conscious mind. But, if you were to ask a spirit about information on some random stranger on the street, like their name, their address, phone number, or whatever, you won’t get it.

Why? Because these entities are a parts of the self. It knows everything you know - even the stuff that’s hidden from your conscious mind so it appears as though the entity is more knowledgeable.

If you disagree, then I encourage you to try this for yourselves:

Ask a “spirit” to give you SPECIFIC information about some random person you never met in your life, then try to confirm the info you’ve received with the actual facts about the person.

By the principle of Occam’s razor, the best explanation is that these “spirits” are parts of the self, rather than there’s something jamming the communication (<— that’s just a lazy rationalization, to be honest).

I think it’s important to be honest with yourself, and progress as a being, rather than be swallowed by superstition and faith (a.k.a. belief w/o evidence).


Actually I have done this with Velotak. But I can say no more about that experiment.


Have you been successful at least? Getting most things correct?

Awesome and very important topic Everyone please share your thoughts

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Yes I have never seen him in person, yet I pushed through until I got exactly what he looks like and he confirmed it.

Also other things I cannot post bc it would reveal personal information.

I even knew when the hairstyle changed.

Thanks, and I encourage people to do the same. Please prove me wrong by sending an entity and getting information about me.

Trust me, I think it would be cool if we were actually speaking to actual beings rather than mental constructs. That being said, them being parts of ourselves is empowering, really.

@Eye_of_Ra ok sure, how about you try that with me? Get an entity to reveal my name and appearance and PM it to me?

I apologize if I seem hostile, but I want to investigate rather than remain stagnant in my beliefs.

I want to be proven wrong.


Ok but give me a few days to work on it…I have company and am trying to work.

Give me say a week and we will compare notes?

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Yeah, no problem. 1 week it is.

How about this:

  1. Guess my first name

  2. Guess my appearance

  3. Guess my zodiac sign

This should be alright, yeah?

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I will do my best.

It could have been a connection me and Velotak have …
But this will be good exercise for me either way.

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Alright. I’ll pop up in a week or so to check your answers. I’m terribly busy these days as you can imagine./

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No problem :slight_smile:


How so? @Aiden_Crow

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Just is.

The exercises were way back on the old forum to a couple of months ago

@Baal what kind of spirit do you think are part of our consciousness? Gods? Demons? I don’t understand because we ALL are spirits. Us people are spirits in human bodies and we aren’t part of your consciousness.

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If I were a skilled magician, I would have told you all the information you would have wanted to know.
Thing is I am not. If I only had more practice… I have never tried to find out though…

(you know what it might be good practice to try it with you… I.might fail…but yeah…good practice, so why not)

But I have had pieces of information about some people (not many truly) randomly come into my mind through visions… and they were all right, however few they might be, these visions about other human beings…
I could not hAve known that, my subconscious couldn’t have known that…
So… I would agree to disagree with you…

You get what you expect. And you get according to your ability level. So just because you never saw them or whatever doesn’t mean they aren’t real. I have seen, felt. heard and even smelled way too much not to know without a shadow of a doubt that they are real. More real than this physical 3d world we currently reside in actually. This work is temporary and in a state of constant death and decay. They have been for millennia and will continue to be way after humans no longer walk on this planet. So doubt all you like. That is entirely your choice. I am juust voicing my oppinion, and that is my experiences are more valid than your doubt. Just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Grandpa can argue till he’s dust that duckbilled platypus are not real but that doesn’t change the fact that his ignorance of the truth doesn’t change the truth.


We are each co-creating our personal reality tunnel. From the sounds of this, you intended this experiment to prove (which implies “or disprove”) that spirits are “real.”

You got what probability, the “natural order” of things without will applied, would indicate, which is to say, you were “proven” correct that magick is just a mental game.

I’ve had information from spirits many times over that no part of my subconscious or guesswork could have dleivered. But I can’t prove that to you.

It is notoriously hard to “prove” that magick is real, for this reason.

It sounds like you got what you expected, and what you put faith and focus into delivering, which is what the entire “you, the Creator” concept that lies at the highest levels of magick is about. :wink:

^ Elegantly put. :thumbsup:


How sure are we about this? - Didn’t we just accept what we were told?, Didn’t we just believe what we were showed?, Didn’t we just lay flat on the bed they made?

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes"

How do we know the truth?
An Occultist once told me not to believe or dislieve anything, instead i should just watch, observe and learn

There’s always a thousand truths that falsifies every truth
The fact that we can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
The fact that we can see it doesn’t mean it exist.

I see,hear,feel, even smell strongly this physical reality - That doesn’t change the fact that its an illusion.

There’s always no knowing.

This applies to both parties.

However, I wasn’t agreeing to his post - I wasn’t disagreeing either.
Just voicing my opinion - What we believe to be right might be wrong

Pardon my ignorance - Are we entirely sure we fully understand and comprehend our “subconscious”
How can we understand something that has no limit?

Saying the information couldn’t have been delivered by the subconscious is like saying the subconscious is fully understood.
It’s like saying we recognize the limits of our subconscious

A side note - I do not say you are wrong/right.

I am just saying there’s something deep about Baal’s post most beings would think shallow.
He might be wrong - But not totally wrong.
He might be right - But not totally right.

If there’s something i know about this universe - It’s that no one really “KNOWS” that terrible force called the “Truth”.