Principle of Rhythm & Keeping Polarized

According to the Kybalion, specifically the principle of rhythm, everything goes down and goes up. You can see this applied principle to feelings, seas, and many other things. The other principle, the polarization implies that there are two opposite points between the rhythm is flowing. A simple example of this will be feeling happy during 5 minuts, and later feeling sad 5 minuts.

My question are various;

  • Does it affect to desires?
  • How can I keep myself polarized in one point and resist the movement?



So, you have a specific desire? Like, sya, “I want to lose weight”…? And you find that you feel the desire strongly at times, then others it ebbs and you lose motivation to work towards your desire?

This means you don’t want it enough. The pendulum swing isn’t from -100 to 100 on all thing all the time, it might be 80 to 100, if you want it enough. The trick is, to make the low point, still high enough to maintain the desire.


Is that proved by you? It seems interesting. So the, it is only the strength of desire that keeps the swing between the desired interval at the end? Have you any technique to gain awareness about the swing?

This has been Calle the cycle of samsara in Buddhist and Hindu texts. It is the fact of balance. The univers is in a constant state of flix after all is a relative universe. This to preserve balance. Thus when one grain tilts the balance that grain has to go back where it came to preserve said balance. It is why any money we get through magick is usually enough to cover a necessity and restore balance. Rare indeed is a millionaire magician. Even Koetting did not made substancial money performing magic this he became an educator of magician to make money. In a way he sells to his competition and that’s brilliant business.
Now in the case of polarity this goes along with the relative nature of the universe. In other words nothing can be absolute thus polarity or graduations of one state to another and then return to previous state. In magick this is what happens when you push to change something if the change is too drastic then the pendulum effect ensures following rhythm and polarity.

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