Preventing another mid-invocation freak out

Ok so background, I’ve been trying to continue invoking and otherwise connecting with Lucifer and I did a petition with him which had a positive outcome and was fulfilled a day before I did this, and was my first time working with him on something tangible, which I am really proud of.

My general method had been just sigil gazing and then chanting his enn, I follow instructions from a youtube video which I can link last night to try to be more intentional about invoking him. Normally after awhile I say something like “help me see, guide me, etc etc etc” but the specific line which was added last night was “manifest within me” and then I just go off of feeling so I was saying “come to me” and on my second or third repetition the candle popped and then dimmed, A LOT. It startled me so much and I could not calm down afterward, and therefore had to end it. I am wondering if anyone has any advice.

His sigil basically kept disappearing completely while I was gazing at it after. I think everything I’ve been able to temper about working with spirits reared it’s ugly head and I worried if it was even him I was contacting or something which could do harm which I didn’t have protection from and the whole mood changed.

Otherwise I’ve been having a bunch of spiders show up only in my room, saw one as I typed this, and it’s getting to be a lot. Also last night before this I did the LBRP and the middle pillar ritual but before that I just knew his candle really wanted to be lit and it burned a really bright white compared to the others I was using which appeared almost yellow-ish instead. I ended up putting it out for the banishing ritual because I wasn’t sure he’d appreciate me like almost banishing him? So then I relit it after.

So basically I know that I am getting somewhere but I am wondering if anyone has been able to remain a bit more level headed when something like this happens? How do you approach stuff like this? It was rather overwhelming and I know to advance I can’t shy away from that. Also, just to add this, if I am looking into his sigil and chanting his enn, is it fairly safe to assume I’m contacting him? I feel like based off posts I’ve read the answer is yes but want to double check.

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If you’re wanting him to contact you and seeing signs of something happening, then why are you shying away from what you want? Swallow your fear, face what’s happening, and accept what you’re being shown. There is no other way.

Stand tall, stand proud, and face what comes.


I had heard a magician saying that, when it comes to invoking. one should have at least one way of communication to verify if it’s the spirit, you wanted to contact.

As far as I know, magicians would all ways tell the spirit to reveal it’s name and sigil (once manifested) .
Even if they used the spirits sigil and/or enn.
@anon48079295 once told me that the Goetic seals could have egrogores or parasites attached to them. Because the seals are widely known and used a lot.

So all in all, keep your head permanently on a swivel.


Sounds like I might briefly retreat back to Modern Magick for a bit LOL


I don’t know if you already came a cross this…,

Additional information about the Seal of Manifestation provided by the creator of the seal.


I have not! Ah. Will give these a look. Thank you so much

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Enns aren’t typically to contact but to immerse yourself in their energy prior to evoking them.