Preparing for the Qliphoth

Since I’ve gotten into more “traditional” magick, I’ve been very anxious to get into Qliphothic work. I am, however, very wary of getting in over my head… So, I’d like to ask, if you were to make a complete checklist of things/skills/etc needed before delving into Sitra Ahra, what would that checklist look like?

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C. J. Lee advises to learn how to let go of things and not let them control you before jumping into Qlippothic work, which can be greatly expedited through a psychedelic experience.

Here’s the video where he talks about it in more detail with EA:

Also, getting your mental affairs in order is key. Any unresolved psychological issues, like past trauma or any repressed memories that still affect you, can and will be brought up during exploration of the Dark Tree, so coming to terms with those hidden parts of your personality (either through psychotherapy, psychedelics, or meditation) would be essential.


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@Nyxifer Hit the nail on the head. Your skeletons will be draggged out of the closet into the light, and then on top of that, they’ll start calling you a bitch. But, if you want change for the better, Sitra Achra is the way to go! Best of luck to you @anon27714670


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I would recommend some of Asenath Mason’s books such as her Draconian Ritual Book that lists out all the skills to work on, techniques, meditations, and chakra/kundalini rising techniques to help you out. Plus, it gives a very distinctive outlet of the Draconian Path. If you also want a distinctive layout of the Qliphoth in general. Then I strongly suggest that you check out her Qliphothic Meditations, Invocations and Evocation books on the BALG website. Dark wishes to you!


Another thing that I would probably recommend though not as an actual necessity but maybe something to consider, and that would be to book a consultation with Asenath and have her do a spirit channeling for you with either the Qliphoth in general or maybe with Lilith or Lucifer. Again, not a necessity but just something to consider. Mine with Lilith helped me out greatly and she laid the complete path for me of what skills I need to work on and which chakra’s of mine need the most intention.


I second everything said here.

If you have traumas, AS SOON as you start the pathworking they will come up. I had never had issues with anxiety or paranoia till i started my pathworking and bam im going through my girl’s phone(childhood abandonment issues) and getting jealous over the smallest things. This coming from the guy who encouraged her to post pics in her underwear to show off The spiciness.

Psychadelics definitely help(a lot) if you know what youre doing with them. We dont ever wanna promote drugs so if you have questions about using entheogens to expedite, pm me. I have methods i notes during my experimentation that can help.


There’s no rule here against talking about drug use, especially if it’s relevant to spiritual growth and development. Feel free to share! I first came to the occult at least partly through entheogenic experiences so it’d be interesting to compare notes.

I can tell you primarily about lsd.

With lsd your censor is off and you percieve things in their raw state BEFORE your mind finds details to hold onto.

An example of this is if you try to touch something warm without knowing its warm. It feels hot as fuck for the first second. This is because your mind first thinks “hot” then “how hot” so using lsd allows us to witness thoughts or perceptions that typically occur autonomically without the concious mind noticing.

This generalizes to awareness of many mental processess. This contributes to why we have crazy muscle control on entheogens.

Try this: blow o’s with a vape sober, now try it on acid. Youd think its harder, but unless yoh took a face melting dose, its easier. You feel as if you have absolute control over what you want your face muscles to do and every o comes out just right.

Now try to meditate. But instead of jumping straight into a see of stars focus on feeling the static like sensation moving up and down every muscle fiber. Focus on one spot and move your focus up and around your body. You will feel the individual muscles twitch and the static feeling grow stronger.

Experiment with this sort of thing. Study sigils. Theorycraft. Etc.

There are 3 primary uses that i use lsd for.

  1. Exploration.
    -first get into a trance(youre high youre there) now get to a quiet environment. Maybe some calm mediation music but nothing with lyrics. Lsd experi3nces are greatly impacted by environment so avoid unnecesary stimuli for this.
    -now let the first trip come and ride out the thought
    -i usually print off some pics and lay them around me to keep my mind on the right track if im seeking specific answers.
  2. Programming/deprogramming.
  • this is taking advantage of the vunlerable state of conciousness to embedd thoughts without the pesky censor deciding that they dont agree with preconceived beliefs.
  • to do this all you have to do is meditate on a strategy, thoughtform, or idea. This is useful for immersing in new paradigms and preparing for magick workings. You can also DEprogram yourself of other beliefs. I used lsd to work through some long buried trauma. It brings it back to the surface to be worked through.(be mentall keen for this, a bad trip is just an experience the user was not ready for)
  1. Integration
  • this is just to speed up change. Think of it like this. Integration is the process of assimilating all the new knowledge and beliefs youve uncovered into your very core. You focus on the things you want to intregate while visualizing yourself already having that trait and affirming throughout the mediatation
    Ex)“i do not smoke cigarettes, cigarettes are disgusting, everytime i see one i think of how gross they are”

There is also a meditation, more like procedure, that astaroth taught me involving mushrooms and merkabah activation.

The first part is to have a mirror, meditate in front of the mirror and visualize a merkaba. Stare yourself in the eyes and visualize 2 pyramids with pointed sides facing inwards, bring them together and let them spin. Then as the room starts to go dark from the corners of your eyes. Close your eyes. Feel yourself surrounded by a spinning body of energy and feel yourself sucked into the mirror. This feeling starts in your face then youll feel like youre turning into liquid and being pulled through, its am interesting sensation like youre on a bullet train or somethin.

After this youre done with the first part, i think this activates some dna or somethin. A few days later my meditation experience was completely changed. I could feel my energy ALL the time. I could see subtle energies ALL the timr. My divining became easier and more accurate. My magic became much more effective. But above all my ability to go in and out of trance and the depth of trance i could achieve had increased drastically. Also i can do basic reiki rather easily now as in i can will and you can feel the energy.

I then used the above benefits to formulate my markaba activation that is posted somewhere on my profile.

This some of my experience using entheogens for magick purposes and meditation. I will elaborate on areas i need to and answer questions if you need. I have quite a bit of experience with lsd.

Posted from work on my phone, sorry for grammar and briefness ill elaborate if i need to


Very interesting, I’ll have to try this! When you visualize the two spinning pyramids, are you seeing them superimposed on your reflection in the mirror or around your own body? How big should they be? Does it matter which way they spin?

I spin top clockwise and the bottom counterclockwise but i honestly dont think it matters.

When i did the mirror thing i imagined the merkaba at my heart chakra and expanded it so that the vertices of the markaba were in line with my shoulder chakras. This should leave the top point at your crown and the bottom point at your root.

Later meditations i expand it further. But for the mirror thing i had it as precise to body as i could visualize

So superimposed and expanding it to envelope you.

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