Precision of intent

So recent posts over the last few weeks had me pondering on the rituals done in the last few years with the same area of life but different targets and as a result different outcomes.

Knowing what you want is easy most of the time, usually related to a long term goal or short term desire.
Expressing it in ritual for a precise outcome on the other hand is not always as easy.

For a clear an example of this the focus is going to be the differences between magick for money,income, wealth and prosperity. They all focus on areas of financial health.
The definitions of each are pretty different though.

As a result of these different meanings and the attachments placed on them the use of each will result in different manifestions.

Magic for each is usally related to short or long term goals and in almost all cases with magick the manifestaions will take the path of least resistance.

Need a few bucks most will go for a simple money spell to get a quick influx of cash.

The amount usually depends on the existing channels in your life the magic can operate in and energies used. The type of energies be it elemental,planetary,spirits evoked, ect and quantify of energy used in ritual with result in different manifestaions, usually related some way to the force or spirits involved.

With this idea in mind it can be seen that money in the case of magic represents energy. In day to day life it usally translates into hours of labor in exchange for service. But this is the same as you are expending energy for money.

The basics that pop up when money magic comes to mind are usally sigil magic,candle magic or jupitarian magic due to its expansive nature.

Now income on the other hand is for most of more importantace as it is a component in having the means to be financially independent in its various forms.

There are two kinds, active income which includes wages, salaries from employment. The second is passive income, this comes from assets that put money in your pocket by owning them. Examples include Profits from dividend paying stocks, payments from bonds, rents from property owned ect.

From what I have found it usually takes the form of seeking active income with “new job spells”.
Now if you were seeking passive income a good place to start would be look into venus the planet which rules over money and values among other things, water (flow specifically the flow of money) and earth(new beginnings/planting seeds).

Wealth. The BIG target for alot of people, both before and after they learn that magick works. But there is alot of misplaced ideas that it is easier to acquire wealth with magick than it would be without it.

This one takes work to create regardless of method. Looking at the definition this is evident, since acquiring an abundace of anything of real value takes time.

With this in mind magick related to wealth would take time. Layered rituals or stacking magick to build the foundations, establish and finally maintain that flow is the most practical way I can see to achieve this.

Prosperity. My personal target. Not hard to see why when you look at the definiton. It covers not only financial well being but can branch into almost every area of life. To date the ritual I consider to have had the most impact in my life is once that had this in mind. I posted the outline for this ritual in the lounge.

I put it there for the simple reason that the ritual used engages among other things the elemental forces involved in the creation and eruption of a volcano. As such considering just this the process of manifestion involved Chaos,destruction and creation. My hope was that those people who get involved enough to access the lounge have enough sense to not set a bomb off in their face without a reason.

This was NOT a fun process to say the least. But as a result of Alot of persistence, patience and my own efforts, not only am i working a job i enjoy with people i enjoy working with. But one that has the potential to provide the foundation for my own financial independence. I am also engaged in spiritual work with a current that is opening avenues in areas i have worked with i never even considered.

You can explore works to this end by meditating how the forces and system you work with can aid in this regard. As well as looking into gods and goddesses of prosperity for insperation.

The language used to express the intent in ritual plays a large part in determining How it will manifest. When you form and refine this statement of intent consider it like a legal document. You want to be as PRECISE AND EXACT as you can.

If you want money a statement along the lines of (I have 500$) while visualizing the cash or bank statement will get you a better result than (I want money or i will have money). Tense and time matter, the desire is for it to manifest in the current moment so making the statement in the form of the current moment help. Least in my experience it has.

Refining the intent will refine the manifestaion. Consider the words chosen for the ritual or spell as it is being formed as the routes of manifestion.