Pre-Ritual Power Potion

These are the ingredients for a pre-ritual potion that I make, it’s meant to be consumed by myself. Ever since I began to utilize this potion, my success rate for magic has increased.

Firstly, all my rituals use angelic magic, so a lot objects are geared towards the angelic current, I recommend that you change things to more fit with whatever current you work with.

  1. The semen (or Vaginal fluid, more difficult to contain) of the magician. This option is non-negotiable, there is so much power and energy present in the sexual fluids of both sexes. It is the one part of your body that creates life, and there is something sacred and holy about that.

  2. The blood of the magician. This is also non-negotiable. Blood is the life of the human, blood transports oxygen to your cells, it transports white blood cells to your viruses and harmful bacteria. Blood is a very sacred and powerful thing.

  3. Holy water, blessed by a priest. This is moldable. The water is necessary for its qualities of association with the Moon, and the subconscious mind. Water is the birthplace of all life, we all evolved from things that used to live in the ocean. She is our patient mother. I use blessed holy water by Catholic priests (Easter Baptismal Water is better, but you can only get it once a year). You can certainly do your own ritual for your water if you wish, perhaps you want unholy water instead, go ahead, make this potion yours.

  4. Holy salt, blessed by a priest. Again, this one is much more moldable, you can certainly come up with your own ritual for consecrating (or deconsecrating, I don’t care, make this potion yours). But why salt? Salt is a symbol of purification and preservation, along with spices.

  5. Holy oil (you guessed it), blessed by a priest. Make sure it’s an edible oil, otherwise you’really going to have a bad time. But, this is a moldable aspect, so you can do whatever consecration you wish. Why oil? Because oil represents abundance.

  6. Lastly, breathe on it. This is because the breath, in every ancient language, is synonymous with spirit. So, you are literally breathing your spirit into the potion.

  7. You can stir either with a wand or your index finger. And then drink the entire concoction. It’s perfectly safe, it doesn’t taste amazing, but bad taste is a small price to pay for power.

One place for improving this potion and making it your own is if you grow herbs and you want a herb that will empower the ritual, you can put some clippings in the potion.

Any questions, thoughts, suggestions? Or if anyone would like to give testimonials on results from rituals after consuming this potion, please comment below.


Drinking my vagina fluid sounds terrifying

I’d try this though sometime next week. Bookmarked. :+1:


Before I try this, I wanted to ask: on what principle does this enhance the magician’s effectiveness?

I can see making this potion and pouring it on an idol, symbol, sigil, seal, etc., to strengthen the bond between the magician and entity called, but how does ingesting this - consider, especially, that the sexual fluids and blood came from the magician originally - boost effectiveness?

Thank you in advance!

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You know, I have no idea how it does it. I did it once purely intuitively, and received a powerful result. So, I continued to do it.

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Thank you for your answer! I’ll also try and report how it works.

Also, I do need to focus more on doing than figuring out. Lucifer told me I do too much reading and not enough doing.

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